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  1. Hey all, We recently got a 2018 Stealth Hauler with 2 couches, both in brand new condition. Selling one of them. Take your choice but they're both the same. Super soft brown leatherette. Works as a couch, lays flat and folds up. Willing to trade for two newer captains chairs. Ping me at: sbrubicon@gmail.com or 760-522-1218. Cheers!
  2. As you should my man, as you should😕 He's a great guy and I know he'll love it as I have. Cheers!
  3. Sold her today to a great guy from Santa Clarita! So glad to see it going to a good home. Enjoy it A.! Lots of years left in that truck. Huge props, and grateful thanks to GD for allowing us to post here. Get more out of this site than any other!
  4. Thanks my man! Really hate to sell it but getting back to the sand/camping is more important right now. Cheers!
  5. HA! I had a 05 LJ for years and loved it! Appreciate the offer but need a LB Diesel for the toy hauler and carry the wife’s sxs. GLWYS!
  6. Talk to me guys. Priced too high, ad written poorly, more/less pics? Much appreciated!
  7. Check out the 2008 Supercharged Tacoma I just posted. Towable!
  8. IT'S A NEED, NOT A WANT! $20,000 Takes It Home! Hate selling my Super-Tacoma. We got a toy hauler to get back to the sand and I need a long bed diesel . I get it, $20k is on the high side of KBB but read below and find out why. Will also consider partial trade for a 2010 or newer RAM Diesel, 4x4 Long Bed. Long bed, Crew Cab, 4x4 Tacoma with factory installed TRD Supercharger! Just the specs: 2008 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Long Bed with 104k miles 1. TRD Supercharger, factory installed from new 2. New paint – Front clip (hood, fenders, bumper) Jack Herrera Custom Wrap (Cars & Stripes) 3. Custom built (not your normal aftermarket) Morimoto Bi-Xenon HID headlights 4. Remco Quick Disconnect Driveshaft (can be flat-towed behind a motorhome) 5. New Toyo Open Country (about 5k miles) 6. Fully integrated Kenwood sound system with Bluetooth and Sirius 7. New front CV joints 8. Brake and coolant system just completely flushed, and fluids replaced 9. New rear leaf springs (factory recall) 10. Oil serviced with synthetics every 5k miles I’ve owned the truck for the last 6 years and have loved every minute. Incredibly reliable, strong and fast. On to the details and pics. Need more, just holler. 1 - Factory installed from new, TRD Supercharger. Can’t get these anymore! 2 - Paint's in great shape with custom wrap from Jack Herrera at Cars & Strips. Hood has a carbon fiber layout New rubber at all 4 windows. 3 - Custom made Morimoto HID headlights are extremely bright. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/2005-2011-toyota-tacoma-headlight-package.html 4 - Balanced Remco driveshaft with quick disconnect to flat tow behind a motorhome 4 - New Toyo Open Country (about 5k miles) 5 - Fully integrated Kenwood sound system with Bluetooth and Sirius Interior Pics: New TRD seat covers Overall this is just a damn solid truck! We bought a toy hauler to get back out to the sand and to carry both SxS’s and tow the hauler, I need a long bed diesel. This truck isn’t for everyone but it’s sure right for someone! If you remember my motorhome post, you know I take impeccable care of my equipment and stand behind everything I own. First $20,000 becomes the new owner. Pink in hand, clean title. Ping me at 760-522-1218 or by email at sbrubicon@gmail.com I live near the coast in Carlsbad. Thanks for looking, Steve
  9. Sold it today to a great family of riders. Thank you all for your overwhelming kind posts and we'll see you in the dunes, someday soon! Cheers!
  10. Friends - I really appreciate all the great comments! I put a lot of thought in to writing an ad that expresses how much we care about a rig that's given our family many great times! Thinking through the challenges of financing an 05 coach, let's get creative. Just a thought for now but I might consider $50k down and a 1 year note to pay in full, to the right person. I would write a simple but comprehensive agreement and hold the pink until paid in full, Interest would be negotiable based on my risk, your credit, etc., but does that spark anyone's interest? Another thought for all is to take a second on your mortgage. Why? This qualifies as a second home if it's at your property. We've written off on our taxes every year as a second home. Just trying to provide options. Sure miss being out there with everyone! Cheers!
  11. With three receivers on the hitch/rack, it will definitely hold it secure and keep it clean. Easy ramp loading as well Bouya!

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