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  1. Lepimpster

    Any tips to torque rear axle nut??

    This is the technique I did to get the old set off. Just wasn't too sure with the amount of torque needed if it would bend the studs with a bar across 2 studs. I think I will most likely use the tool JT recommended as I like that its able to be up against the hub at the base of the studs vs a pipe that will put the torque on the end of the studs perhaps creating them to bend or tweak a little. I must say these Pro Am kits seem pretty damn stout with the Wilwood Calipers. Look forward to seeing how they do.
  2. Just picked up a set of new Pro Am rear brake kits. They recommend the torque specs be done when the vehicle has no weight on it. The problem with that is how do I torque to 185-200ft lbs when I can't have weight on the wheel to prevent it from spinning? If my son holds the brake pedal will that force hold the rotor enough for me to get on that axle nut hard or is that putting too much tension on the caliper? Any tips on how I can torque this or if their is a tool I'm not aware of that would help me.
  3. Lepimpster

    Hows Your Attitude?

    I've got an '18 28ibg Eclipse Attitude and the quality of workmanship has been crap on mine. Should have kept my Sandpiper. The upper tail light housing has a crack on the top near where it meets the rubber roof. I know other owners with same issue. The opening for my oven was not cut correctly causing the ovens outer frame to wedge against the glass top making it difficult to lift up. The heater duct is not connected to the register in my front bedroom thus only blowing 1/2 the hot air out. The deadbolt for door has never worked. It leaks water in from both slide outs. Also water leaks in from inside the wall coming from rear window. The little round touch lights have a mind of their own and more times than none don't seem to want to turn off. The generator was toast and needed totally rebuilt from day 1. The wall paneling near the fridge bows outward obviously from not cutting the height of panel right. If anyone needs pics on what to look for I will share with you. Not saying you shouldn't buy an Attitude but definitely want you informed on what to look for on walkthrough so you can have them fix before you take delivery of your unit. Many have stated having frame issues, I have not had this issue but will definitely continue to keep my eye out for this issue. Goodluck!
  4. Lepimpster

    Disc Brake kits? (Which one)

    Ive got a 5 seat sandrail that I want to buy new rear brake kits for. They need to be 930 microstub. What do you guys use? I thought about the Jamar Pro X
  5. Lepimpster

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    So I found this drip. I’m thinking it’s either a crack where the drip is sitting that it came from or it’s coming from at the top where it looks like a hole. Not sure if their is supposed to be a bolt or why the hole is there. Anyone have an idea what the hole is? Or if they have had a crack where the drip is sitting?
  6. Lepimpster

    Sweet Deal On A Mattress

    They also have a pillow that is supposed to be GREAT! It’s made by bed gear(I believe). I have not tried it yet but my wife says she would like to try it out.
  7. Lepimpster

    Sweet Deal On A Mattress

    Sorry, been off for awhile. The store is located in Lake Elsinore on Central across from Target. I believe they opened another store in Murrieta/Temecula area. The owners name is Adam.
  8. Lepimpster

    Disc rotor servicing

    My disc needs replaced. Looks like the previous owner never checked the brakes and pad is totally worn down where the metal has made my disc look like it’s been rubbed way too many times on a cheese grader
  9. Lepimpster

    what oil to run in LS1

    So I have a ‘98 Camaro LS1 motor in my buggy. I used to run just a Mobil 1. I had sold it and repurchased the buggy recently. The old owner was using this synthetic. Should I continue with what he was using or what would you recommend? Its a stock LS1 with a truck intake and bigger cam. I thought I heard once you use synthetic you shouldn’t go back to regular oil. Got me
  10. Lepimpster

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    So mine is leaking in the same place. Seems very worn with a lot of play. Was yours easy to get out? How easy was it to get new one in? Did you use any kind of lubricant or sealant to get it in and not slip out?
  11. Lepimpster

    Toyo Open Country Rt Vs Atll

    Well there goes that idea, the RT's don't come in my size tire. I've got 265/70-17. Thinking its time for a tire brand change Pfft!
  12. Lepimpster

    Toyo Open Country Rt Vs Atll

    Well I've got a slow leak in one of my AT2's. Took to Costco and they said they couldn't repair it as it was too close to the sidewall. I don't feel 2-3" from sidewall too close but whatever I'm about due for tires anyway as the tread has very little left. I bout the tires about 3yrs ago and have put only around 30k miles on them. Didn't quite last as long as I figured they would. My thinking is because I drive a '08 2500HD 4x4 Crew Cab truck. So its a big truck with a lot of weight. I'm thinking the ones that are getting good length out of the AT2's are not driving big trucks. They do specify on Toyo website that they are meant for light duty trucks. So anyway the reviews online didn't sound so good on the CT's. Are the ones who drive the Duramax trucks happy with the RT's? My truck is stock with close to 98k miles on it so I am wanting something to last longer than the AT's did for me. Most of my driving is 80% Freeway with occasional offroad. I did feel when I 1st put the AT2's on that my truck felt like it wanted to drift from side to side. After wearing the tires in for a month or 2 they finally felt better.
  13. Lepimpster

    Genny Hours on your Toy Hauler? How many?

    Just dealt with my generator not too long ago on my old toy hauler. Spent over $1200 to fix it. It was a 2001 with only around 500hrs on it. I thought I was doing myself a favor by not using it much to keep the hours down. Big mistake. The repair shop said the gennys LOVE to be ran. You do more damage by not running them and letting them sit. As long as the seller has kept up on the maintenance of changing oil, and filter I wouldn't worry about the hours. Honestly you need to worry more about the rigs that are older with low hours.
  14. Lepimpster

    San Diego July 18-20 Hotel suggestions

    I would recommend the Hotel Del in Coronado. Especially if its for an anniversary. Coronado is a Great town, and if your into Mexican food Miguel's across the street is excellent. Probably wouldn't do that for your fancy anniversary meal but maybe for lunch or the following night. Get the white sauce. Chicks love it. If your into Baseball I stayed at the Omni during the Allstars games last year and loved it. We had an unbelievable room at the end of hallway that from the balcony you could see the bay, pool area and convention center and from our HUGE bathroom window the Padres stadium was literally right there. Guessing your probably SF or Oakland fans though.

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