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  1. Nope, this is a different one. This one was out of a Cyclone
  2. Selling a Euro Swivel Chair in NEW condition. The chair reclines and has a footrest as well. This chair came out of a new Cyclone and has been sitting around the garage. Located in Lake Elsinore. Asking $200obo.
  3. Well decided to bite the bullet and buy a new Outlaw 110 for my son.
  4. This chair is Brand New condition. The chair reclines, swivels, and has a footrest. The chair is dark brown in color. I am located in Lake Elsinore for pick up. $200 Cash!
  5. What dealer did you use? I’m also looking for a 110 but may need to go down to a 90. My son just turned 9 so still prefer getting a 110. Seems the dealers want around $4200-$4300 OTD on a 110
  6. Sale Pending..... Glad to see it going to a fellow GD’er
  7. Lippert Swivel/Reclining Euro Chair in Great shape. Came out of a Grand Design Momentum toyhauler. $150. Located in Lake Elsinore
  8. Thanks for the advice. Ya I was tossing between the Suzuki 90, Raptor 90, and Polaris 110.
  9. I should have mentioned IPrefer to buy new
  10. My son is wanting to sell his TTR50 and go to a quad so it’s easier for him to ride in Glamis. What quad do you recommend or have for your kids that are age 9 that will do good for around camp or to ride around the small dunes near the washes? Maybe one that will take a paddle as well. My 12yr old may end up riding it at some time as well
  11. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement sensor at Autozone or Napa? Mine has a slow leak that I would like to fix. I just had the tranny rebuilt at Rancho so maybe they put in a bad one. I don’t know. I’ve tried tightening and it’s in there tight. Almost looks like it leaks where the black plastic meats the nut. I don’t use this sensor so even if their was a plug to put in would be fine.
  12. Have any of you used or have the Hercules Tires on your toyhauler? How do you like them? I'm in need of some tires and was recommended I get the Hercules
  13. This is the technique I did to get the old set off. Just wasn't too sure with the amount of torque needed if it would bend the studs with a bar across 2 studs. I think I will most likely use the tool JT recommended as I like that its able to be up against the hub at the base of the studs vs a pipe that will put the torque on the end of the studs perhaps creating them to bend or tweak a little. I must say these Pro Am kits seem pretty damn stout with the Wilwood Calipers. Look forward to seeing how they do.

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