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  1. Hey bud! Yeah been busy with life that I don't goof off on the internet like I use to. Plus, its a pain to browse GD on my phone. Are you on IG? if you're on there. iamlouieee12 Ive kept in touch with some GD members on there and FB.
  2. WOW! Full custom chassis and here I am debating whether to buy a Porterbuilt Fab drop member for my 68 C10.
  3. If its popping, check the plastic gearbox on the motor itself. My blew apart twice. I upgraded to twins after this last time it blew the gears.
  4. DO NOT TAKE YOUR RV TO WARRIOR LIFESTYLES for any service!!! I took my 2008 Warrior to them for frame repairs (outriggers) among other things a few years ago and their repairs failed. I called them when I first noticed cracks around a couple of the outriggers and walls beginning to bow and they said I shouldnt take it off-road it. Its a toy hauler! It's meant to go off-road and I use it maybe 3-4 times a year if that in the desert! I ended up rewelding some of the outriggers so they wouldnt completely break off the frame until I could afford to have them redone. So earlier in this year, I took my trailer to VIP RV to have different work performed by Jim and had him look over what they did while he had it. He ended up having to cut out and redo everything they did. The bracing was completely done incorrectly and I had paid WL to repair water intrusion in the rear walls as well, but the windows were installed wrong....they were falling out. Needless to say, my trailer had to be torn down again but now i'm confident it was done correctly. I'd recommend Jim from VIP RV for all repairs needed. He prides himself with the work he does and it shows. My trailer is solid now, you can feel the difference when i tow it. This just my experience with Warrior Lifestyles. There is a lot more but I'll refrain.
  5. Im thinking its time to upgrade from my '13 Walker Evens 900! Nothing really had me wanting to in the last couple of years but the game has changed enough to make me want to.
  6. Ours sits majority of the time but when out, she still rips it. Engine was rebuilt (465cc) 3 yrs ago but has maybe 50hrs on it. Will still keep it maintained, taking it out for Halloween. Quad market has pretty much died but still see the Guetter bros freestyling on them.
  7. Gibbz Arms makes some of the best components around. I have an upper, side charging receiver from them...very nice stuff.
  8. Or go used. My 2008 doesn't have DEF, just a DPF so no fluid to add. I believe 08-11 were the years. I was very hesitant replacing my SRW DMAX for a dually but honestly, I've never been happier. Towing my 40' WW does feel more stable but not by much IMO, however I don't have airbags to fill anymore.
  9. You can call Extreme Performance, they built an extension for another member so he could fit a sandcar into a 14' garage that required minimal mods. The guy that has the same trailer as you cut out the partition from the garage to the galley and made his toy hauler a non-garage model essentially. I'd go the extension route unless you don't care to have a garage.
  10. Cage rendering of what I'm going to try for. Roof tubes will be radius to follow the bug shape. I omitted some items so it will be easier to see and not appear cluttered.
  11. Yup but was has since been painted red. Im sure that pic of her to show appreciation is around somewhere.
  12. LOL. Actually the bucket is wife's, she got it IDK where. I'm a Bud Light drinker when around the house.

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