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  1. Someone make an offer, im not going to use these
  2. g-mo

    2012 xp900

    2012 xp900 bought bran new at southbay motorsports. It has 308 original miles on it, all stock exept for soft top, alum front bumber, 8" dwt wheels and 4"intake. I would like to get $8,800.00 Clean and clear az. Title, located in yuma az.
  3. Bump for added pics, make an offer im looking into a ford ecoboost..
  4. 2020 new style can am x3 8" beadlocks with 30x11x14 rear tires and front 7" beadlocks $500 obo Located in yuma
  5. what is the price on 2 rear 30"s on 10" wide 5x5 offset picked up in your store? do you recomend beadlocks for these?
  6. Where is your store located? Do you stock these?
  7. they look nice but i thought they were the prowedge copies, i must have confused the number there calling them
  8. do you have any pics of your new paddle combo? i really like that tire, it reminds me of the prowedge tires from the 80s that was a great all around tire that had good traction in the sand and was able to go through the harder stuff
  9. yes, they worked really good and they were very accurate. they were my favorite ones for the price.... ive had good luck with the tk105 its the 3g version and has a 5000ah batt that last about a month
  10. does the tk102b still work for you being 2g, i have a couple that just quit working. they would reply once and then stop. i figuered it was because all cel companies are 3/4G now
  11. thanks for the replies, i may not get paddles until i run it with the bighorns for a while but if the bottoming out gets out hand i may go to a 30" bighorn though since i already have them, i wasnt really sure if it was a good idea to go that big vs the stock 28" but if it has the same clutching as the 72" x3 i might aswell use them...
  12. yes thank you, i did that a few days ago when i had it jacked up to change the wheels. from the store it was like 12" ride hight. its now at 14+
  13. i have a 64" x3 turbo r and comes stock with the 28" bighorns, i see people saying about bottoming out with the smaller tires, does this only apply to the wider 72" x3 with more travel? when i jacked it up the other day to change the wheels i measured about 22" from the bottom of the frame to the ground so i would think this 28" tire size is the correct one for the 64" x3 since it only has like 20" of travel. would there be a benefit to going to a bigger tire? i mainly ride in the sand and never do any rock crawling. if i did go to a bigger tire would i have to reclutch? i know the 30x11x14 bighorns look huge compared to the 28" bighorns

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