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  1. old thread but do you still have the wheel spacers?
  2. tommy lift for sale, works good. I don't need it... located in Yuma/san diego $900.00
  3. thanks for all the replies, i ended up getting a duramax LML
  4. oh ok, its hard to tell they are different size by looking at the pics, they both look really nice but the x3 almost looks like an upper scale sandrail, to me anyways...
  5. those x3s are just so badass... how do the the yxz compare to them? I think they look pretty nice too
  6. wow, thanks for all the replies. I guess I wont trade, I knew the 6.0 had problems but didn't think it was that expensive to fix them. I think I will look for a an 05/07 gas truck then, I really don't need a diesel but to me the 05/07 had the best looking bodystyle
  7. hi, ive been looking for a used truck and I see a lot of 05/06 6.0 superdutys for 6/10k but ive heard about the headgasket and egr problems. can anyone tell me what the average cost is to replace the headstuds and egr? btw, I have a 2012 rzr xp900 with 307 miles on it that I bought bran new and only used it like 3 times. I put it up on craigslist and some guy is willing to trade a 2006 6.0 superduty 4x4 but I'm not too sure about it, he says he already replaced the headgaskets but didn't do the studs while it was apart. any opinions?
  8. Please move if i posted in the wrong section... I have a millermatic 140 auto set that i bought bran new about 5 yrs ago and i tryed using it today for the 2nd time after about 4 yrs of storage. The fan runs, clicks when i pull the trigger,actuates the gas and it sparks but the wire wont feed. I manually pulled the wire through the gun and it pulled smooth so i took off the spool to check the motor and it didnt turn, took the side cover off and put 12v power directly to the motor and it works fine. Is there a fuse or something that i didnt see? Any ideas?
  9. Yes, that was the first thing i tryed. I loosend the springs until i could spun them around then tightend them a little more and it helped alot but im sure revalving and setting the proper nitrogen would help more, i just dont know how much rebound to add or how much nitrogen they should have
  10. Do you remember what the rear valving specs were???
  11. I just want to revalve the stock shocks, i dont even want to buy springs. I just want to make it a little better...i can revalve them myself i just need to buy the correct shims. Id rather not spend alot of money on this car....i'm really liking the new yamaha
  12. Yes, ive talked to him before when i had a sandrail....i sent him a pm
  13. Thanks for the reply, i went a different route so i woudnt lose bed space but going to a 4" intake made a huge difference...i couldnt believe it but i actually outran a couple xp1000's and a xp1000 turbo 4 seaters 3 out of 3 races on flat sand So are you running the fuel customs lid, but just exited out the side instead of straight up? Or did you mod the OEM lid to fit your 4" I modified the stock lid....

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