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  1. thanks, for the replies, i will put it up for for 10k and see what kind of offers i get. im sure there is some older guy out there that just wants a stock super low mile xp i might be better off parting the thing out LOL
  2. I was thinking about selling my xp 900, i know theyre not worth much anymore but what would a fair price be? Its bone stock exept for wheels, bumper, seatbelts and top. I bought it brand new at southbay motorsports and hardly ever used it, it has 307 miles on it
  3. sounds good to me, i can do that... i dont know if the nada or bluebook really mean anything for offroad toys?
  4. yes, i would love the 72" model but im paying cash for it so i was getting quotes on new 64" models. i dont know if i can afford a new 72" x3
  5. ive also been looking to see if there are any major differences between the 2018 and the 2019 models but cant seem to find any info
  6. thats what i was thinking, i just wanted to get some opinions from board members
  7. there are so many models its confusing but when asking for a quote i ask for the 172hp model and they say its a turboR base model. so the base x3 turbo is 120hp the base turbo R is 172hp
  8. ive been looking around for a new base mode 2 seater l 64" 172hp x3, best prices ive seen have been about $22k otd for the 2019 models, im wondering if i should wait a little longer until the 2020 models come out? i also came across a new 2018 x3 with 55 miles/33hrs for $20otd , i guess they had it to test drive at the dealer. my only concern is they probably let idle for a long time and i like to break them in a little on the harder side... what do you guys think? should i wait a little longer?
  9. what have you found so far? im looking to buy a 172hp x3 turbo R 2 seat as well...
  10. i was looking at the x3s and the 120hp models are way less, did you ever get that stage 1 kit installed? was it worth it, or is it better to spend the extra money to get the 172hp model?
  11. thanks, I think I will just leave the cat and do the delete pipe. do you know of a place that has a good price on the minimax?
  12. I really don't mind the smell, but removing the cat sounds like a lot to deal with, I think I will just do the delete pipe and programmer... any board sponsers that sells the minimax?
  13. thank you for the info, i think i will do it. can i get by with just doing the tuner, putting a flanged pipe in place of the def/muffler and leaving the cat? do i have to do anything with the egr? or can i just leave it? my main concern is being able to run mexican diesel when i travel down there

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