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  1. The water does not come from the dunes but to the dunes from the mountains and this water does not go to the Colorado river. It sinks into the ground at the base of the dunes. But you are correct in that a path across the tracks , if ever happens, with take decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars. hopefully my grandkids will someday see this effort completed.
  2. It's not just you! The last few days it has been so bad that I just cancel the request for the display after a few seconds. This is either a server problem or the ISP is just overwhelmed. Even when it works it is much slower that other web sites I frequent.
  3. Lately the website has been extremely slow on updating screens. I get server errors almost every time I try to look at a new subject. Was this server purchased from Harbor Freight? This is the error I get on almost every day. Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at root@localhost to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
  4. I had a front and rear track bar and the steering stabilizer added to my 07 35GS and it drives great. I can't tell when a truck comes up along the side of me. I try and watch the mirror just so I know when they are coming. I had the rear track bar and Safe-T-Plus (Blue) installed at Henderson's lineup in Grants Pass. They do go to shows and Quartzite where they will install their products. I did the front track bar. https://www.hendersonslineup.com/
  5. The fee paid at the ISDRA is a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) fee, the same as the vendors pay. The BLM is not allowed to charge an entrance fee anywhere in the country per the FLREA. They can only charge Amenity fees where there are enough defined amenities to qualify as an amenity site, the ISDRA does not have enough defined amenities to qualify for an amenity fee therefor they must charge a SRP fee. The only way that the BLM could charge a legal SRP at the ISDRA would be to charge the SRP fee for each vehicle that was actually using the area for motorized recreation, not for just showing up or for camping. The BLM believes that it is easier for them to manage the fee by charging each "Primary Vehicle " that enters the recreation area rather that the vehicle that is actually using the area for motorized recreation. If they did change the way the fee was collected there would still be a fee as there are considerable costs in managing and maintaining the area for motorized recreation. If they did change the way the fee was collected they would still need to get the same revenue so trying to force them to change the way the fee was collected would just cost Lawyer fees and would just be a push for the visitors in the amount they pay. It would change how much some people pay as some have more recreation vehicles as others. Those with few offroad vehicles would pay less than that someone with several offroad vehicles. Either way you have to pay to play.
  6. I had Shadepro do my motorhome. Carefree 19 foot awning, installed in my driveway for $360. Took about an hour.
  7. When we first found it we had the water tested and it came back as excellent water. Always a good drink when we were in the area. Too bad the BLM had it removed as it was a good destination point for awhile.
  8. Check out the national BLM budget. The BLM spends more money each year on wild horses and Burros than it does on recreation in the US. I have advocated that the BLM not spend so much money on the horses and burros and put that money into recreation for the people. I have suggested this to the Secretary of the Interior and the head of the BLM on several occasions but that is not a PC suggestion. At least not in the past.
  9. Thanks for delivering the computer through all that traffic. I hope the rest of your day turned out better. Computer is working good.
  10. Same vendor as last year. New season permit stickers will be of better quality. They have been testing them for durability. West road into Patton valley will not be open in the foreseeable future. PMV will need to be delisted for this to happen.
  11. Gecko road originally only went to Gecko campground and was built in the early seventy's. Sometime later the road was extended to keyhole campground and the road ended there. The road was supposed to continue on to I-8 with several other campgrounds along the way. Roadrunner campground was built in the early eighties. I don't have the exact years but this is the general timeframe. Other items of interest are that the current wilderness area north of 78 was open to riding until about 1972 or there abouts. It was originally closed but riding was allowed only in the high dune areas but people would not stay off the flat lands so the whole area was closed to riding.
  12. While I have a small air cooled motor (Corvair) I also have had an issue with the K&N filters. With my K&N I had the prefilter over the main filter and was still noticing a fine reside of dust on the inside of the carburetor and inside the air filter. Not wanting to have to replace the filter with a different kind I elected to add a foam filter to the outside of the K&N. In fact I added two UNI foam filters around the K&N and this eliminated the ingestion of sand and grit to the intake. I would suggest, as others have, to get rid of the K&N, if possible, as they just don't work well in the sand. On the road maybe it's a good filter but not off-road.
  13. Not necessarily. A converter is just, that a converter. It is there to convert 120 AC volts to 12volts DC for lights and other 12 volt accessories. As was stated above most cheap converters are not designed to really charge batteries. They just produce a few amps that just keep a charged battery charged. So in this case the problem is most likely the converter can't produce the required amps to quickly recharge a low battery. A good charger/converter will produce 30 amps or so in charge mode and be capable of charging a battery much faster than a simple converter.

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