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  1. Try looking at Boland Technology light bars. Cree LED's, polycarbonate lenses. great price points. They are manufactured in Chandler AZ. This is a new company that will set the new bar for everyone else to try and follow. Great new technology coming from this company. Give them a call. www.bolandtechnology.com
  2. Thanks for all the info. found what I needed.
  3. rebuild and rplacing a bent shaft.
  4. Hi, Looking for someone in the PHX area that can rebuild some fox shocks for me. Can any one give me some recomendations of at least two people? Thanks,
  5. I love this thing never getting rid of it unless some steps up with some serious coin. Its been a great ride. Even still have that funky spark plug holder. good luck with your search.
  6. Hey john, wanna see what that Banshee looks like today? the lights are still off the hook.
  7. I live in New Mexico (ABQ) its nice but cold in the winter. We always laugh at the implants from CA. They sell their small boxes in old sub divisions and move out here and freak out cause they can buy a new palacial home on acreage for what they sold their home for. Usually cash. The growth here has been good over the years due to the movie industry setting up studios and filming here.
  8. WOW!! The Chinese are going to be pissed they have to change of all their restaurant zodiac chart place mats. guess I'm not a monkey any more. Can I have the kung pao chicken please.
  9. Send them to me I'll take the aluminum to the scrap yard and put a few coins in my pocket
  10. Anyone know what the cost of the SCU as it sits in the pic?
  11. there is nothing better than a well built banshee in my opinion. nice build
  12. I build very large dog houses. AKA Animal hospitals
  13. I have the same problem (help?)
  14. Two Words. TERM LIMITS !!!!!!!!!! Take a way the meal tickets

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