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    King sand car #70

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  1. haulinass450

    King sand car #70

    Trade straight up?? Haha. Sorry man that’s a little out of my price range. Nice buckshot though.
  2. haulinass450

    King sand car #70

    Non turbo.
  3. haulinass450

    King sand car #70

    New total power battery at the end of last season, new chain at the beginning of this season (only went out once this season), only 166 hours
  4. haulinass450

    King sand car #70

    I love the car and hate to sell it but with 2 young boys they’ll be fighting over a ride!
  5. haulinass450

    King sand car #70

    08 king sand car. Testing the water, time for a 4 seater. 2nd owner, car is immaculate. You won’t find a cleaner king. $16,500
  6. haulinass450

    King Sand Car #9 *update, the wrap is FINALLY done!

    Always nice to see a good looking king car. Nice work. Good choice with charcoal but throw some black on those wheels!
  7. haulinass450


    Looking for a new rear sprocket for a king car. Where's the best place to get one?
  8. haulinass450

    King sand cars (Brian King)

    Does anybody have contact info for Brian? Thanks in advance.
  9. haulinass450

    Need stock throttle

    Anybody have or know where I can get a stock throttle for a '85
  10. haulinass450

    King sand car information

    Look under the fuel tank. The car # is welded to the plate under the fuel tank.
  11. haulinass450

    All King Sand Cars

    Good lookin car!
  12. haulinass450

    All King Sand Cars

    Thanks! Yea I hear they are a blast! Any pictures of your car? And what number?
  13. haulinass450

    All King Sand Cars

    I just recently bought a king car, #70 and would like to see everyone's. I usually go to dumont and don't see many out there.

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