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  1. I’m looking for 1 stock 2018 can am x3 wheel. Let me know what you have.
  2. What’s a good app that everyone uses for Offroad maps, nav and whatever else you can use them for.
  3. How many hours? Miles?
  4. 2017 17’ Carson heavy duty car hauler. Never been used. Deck measures 17’x6’6”. GVWR 9995. Pintle hitch. $3000 obo 661-992-1962
  5. My paddles always went flat within about a week for the longest time. About a week before my presidents weekend trip I added some staflo starch to my tires and they are still holding at 10 psi.
  6. 91” in the rear and I believe 11’ total length. Got any pictures of yours?
  7. I was thinking of cutting the nerf off completely, then adding gussets to each side of the stub mount.
  8. Alright so I’ve never really liked the looks of the king sand cars nerf bars and now with a new toy hauler I really don’t like them because I can only pull in the trailer to a certain point because of the slide. So here’s my question for anyone that wants to chime in. If I cut the nerf bars off will I lose a lot of strength for the rear arm mount?
  9. Anybody towing double? What receiver hitch are you using? How long are you? How much do you think you weight? Pics?

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