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  1. thank you I am going to run and not buy this. Thank you everyone for the help. This would be the first long travel car in my camp and nobody fab or welds . I will keep looking. Nice to be able to rely on people that no more then me. Scott
  2. First I would like to say Thank you for all the help and quick responds to my pic's and telling me what to watch out for. In my camp we have old school rails and two mid travel rails. I would like to make the jump to a long travel frame and this one looks like it is not going to work for me. Since I am not a welder and I have no fab skills. I think I am going to keep looking. If I can find a decent roller for $3500.00 then I swap my stuff. Maybe something will come up this summer. Once again thank you guys for helping me. Scott. here is a pic of my frame which I hate...
  3. G Yes I didn't know which place to ask my questions, and I'm very appreciative of the replies that I've gotten. Thank all of you for the reply's. Scott
  4. All I know is the owner says he bought in Oregon.
  5. The owner is out of town until the 30th. I will find out where he lives at, then maybe we could talk about taking a look at it.
  6. this guy that has the car wants $ 3500.00 for it and I live in Chandler AZ, and He lives in L.A. California. And I don't know anybody in California that I could have to look at it for me. I am trying to get more pic's
  7. well the car is eight hours away in an other state So all I have are these pic's . here are some more pic's.
  8. I am thinking about buying this rolling sandrail. I have a midtravel car right now and will put my parts on this. (motor, trans, rear shocks) What should I be looking for besides cracks in the frame. The rear trailing arms say sand limo but I don't know if the car is. I hope these pic's show up . Anything you can tell me I would appreciate it . Thanks Scott
  9. I hope the pic's show up. I am thinking about moving from a mid travel to a long travel car. this one is in my price range. What should I look for besides cracks in the frame.
  10. Just bought the cat grease and clean the German black grease that you get in a bag off and applied the cat grease. I clocked my cvs and now I don't have that clicking noise anymore. Thanks for all the help.
  11. one tube per two 930 cvs?
  12. one tube per two 930 cvs?
  13. thank you that is only about 8 miles from me. since I live in Chandler
  14. I have just used the stock grease that come with the 930 cv. Where can I order the Cat gold grease at? thx

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