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  1. Like I've said. Best I've ever seen...
  2. At 8-1 you should... Gonna lose it though. I can't see Joe Burrough getting beat. Best I've ever seen.
  3. Nice! old timer...... I can catch Beachead for second........ Maybe.
  4. You can add power steering if you find a unit without it. Super easy and it should be plug and play with parts from ebay. You should be able to buy the entire set up for under $500.00. That's what I did on one I bought years ago.
  5. Did you take Clemson Esco? 27 pointer!! But you only had 2 points on the line...... Great game!!
  6. I also use a Montana 650 but have had issues in the past. I carry the 78 for back up when ever I use it. I carry no back up with the 78.
  7. Very nice. I intend picking one up from an auction in about 3 years for $.50 on the dollar after economic turn...
  8. Stay away from the 2011 model. The coupling of motor and trans was a failed experiment that was improved in following years.

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