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  1. I need a big tank to stalk up. 3.29 on sign in Pearblossom but if you drove around back where trucks fill up, 2.78.
  2. Looks like the cage did its job. Whoever ends up on top wins the battle?
  3. Not a bad gig for employees. Do you notice a major difference in how its run? Each employee owner becomes a participant in this program after: Working at least 500 hours in the first 6 months of employment Reaching 19 years of age Accumulating 1000 hours each fiscal year WinCo’s ESOP never involves contributions from the employees; all contributions are entirely made by the company. Our ESOP's Solid Financial Performance: Unlike a publicly traded stock valued on the open market, the per share value of WinCo's stock is appraised annually by an independent valuation firm selected by the ESOP trustee. ESOP stock values have averaged increases of 18% compounded annually since 1986. That means an employee who received a company contribution of $5,000 worth of stock in 1986 now has stock worth almost $863,000 from that one year alone!
  4. Yes they do! https://www.scatvw.com/product/select-a-drop/
  5. Do they still make select-a-drop kits? I had this done in '78 on my '64 bug. Can't really remember how it rode. Above 55mph the speed wobble kept speed under control...
  6. What type of shipments. Pallets, boxes?
  7. AZ lives to poke at CA govt and laws. I call it the antithesis state. I love it! As it may be, I call BS on this one. Not sure of the details but would love to be enlightened........
  8. Sorry, from one dog lover to another. I know your pain. Get another soon.

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