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  1. ahipara 55

    Pics from Buggy Roundup 2018

    Looks fun. Not an airbag in the mix.
  2. ahipara 55

    Got Balls?

    Looks like Moab area to me.
  3. ahipara 55

    Online used car shopping

    Want a GREAT deal (possibly)? ebay has been the best deals I've made.
  4. ahipara 55

    Switch Pro

    ^^^^ What's better than one gps?
  5. ahipara 55

    Maverick X3 wheels and tires

    Robert, thanks for the deal. Dog hike took a bit longer than anticipated.
  6. ahipara 55

    buying new truck out of state

    California will get its share. Most vehicles are 50 state compliant at this point.
  7. ahipara 55

    My sand car keeps cutting out and don’t know why

    Once you've verified its not pump, filter, injectors, check to make sure fuel line is clear. They sometimes get thread sealant and other debris from fuel tank. I've seen an LS blow due to this condition (too lean fuel at high rpm).
  8. Beautiful bike. A steal at $7k.
  9. ahipara 55

    What would you spend on a helmet?

    I like the lightness of Airoh helmets.

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