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  1. America was the worlds ultimate "Emerging Economy" during this era. History will tell the story as it continues to unfold.
  2. https://www.utvunderground.com/the-honda-talon-is-getting-a-turbo
  3. Mental health institutions used to give homosexuals shock treatment to “cure” them of their “mental illness” under the guise of “conversion therapy”. Was THAT the correct treatment?
  4. I’m glad it is. I’m headed to Colorado for a week of singletrack. I’m not sure what’s going on with everyone else.😎
  5. You mean I can pull this off by just taping it to my leg and wearing lip stick? Shit..........
  6. The state or our entitled youth makes me weep for America. This is what will end the America we have grown up with. Sexual preference had got nothing on this tragic epidemic. Hows that for staying on topic?
  7. Did you support Bruce Jenner before he/she became Caitlyn? I’m talking before the Kardashian’s became famous. Be honest....... Are you old enough to have seen him in the Olympics?
  8. Im confused as to why you judge either way. What do you care about another persons choices?

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