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  1. ahipara 55

    2019 Silverado 1500

    She seems fairly bright!
  2. ahipara 55

    Restoring Plastic

    Have you tried SC1?
  3. ahipara 55

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    Great riding area. Be considerate of home owners and ranches.
  4. ahipara 55

    GPS reccomendation

    Garmin 276Cx https://www.thegpsstore.com/Garmin-GPSMAP-276Cx-All-Terrain-GPS-Navigator-P5024.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjwlPTmBRBoEiwAHqpvhf45bXlOiVs2QFj2q_6jD2kXd0wl_8Wjg5f581fbk0JQZAe3u6B5ARoCaMkQAvD_BwE
  5. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

    What ever happened to face plant thread.................................
  6. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

    Helmet? Pffffffffffffffffffffffff........................................
  7. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

    Not a face plant, but what about a dog that fetches crayfish?
  8. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

  9. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

  10. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

  11. ahipara 55

    Face Plants!

  12. ahipara 55

    going under the knife

    Looking good! I pray for a fast recovery.
  13. ahipara 55

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    DONT RESTORE THAT BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it original.
  14. ahipara 55

    eBay now collecting sales tax

    Got this in my email today.......... Dear Buyer, eBay is now legally required to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers, for items shipped to buyers in certain states. If you are a tax-exempt buyer (e.g. a charitable entity, reseller etc.), you can submit a tax exemption certificate to eBay and make purchases on ebay.com without paying tax. How to qualify for tax exemption on eBay Please upload a valid Exemption Certificate here (select “General Information” in the drop down menu). Include the following information in the Comments section: • Contact Name • Business Name • eBay username It may take 10-14 days for us to process your tax exemption status on eBay. We will send you an email confirmation when it has been completed. Alternatively, you may be able to get a credit for sales tax paid to eBay sellers, directly from your state. You should consult a tax advisor or contact the Department of Revenue for your state for further details, as policies are different for each state. For more details and FAQs on when tax is applicable on your eBay purchases, visit our Help page. Thank you, eBay
  15. ahipara 55

    Powder coat question

  16. ahipara 55

    Any welder/ fabwork recommendations out there

    How about La Crescenta? L.R.S.
  17. ahipara 55


    So will that make Idaho the new Northern California? Sun Valley/Ketchum already feel that way.
  18. ahipara 55

    Shooting at Pismo

  19. ahipara 55

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    How was your range in the X3? Did you have to refuel during 118 mile day?
  20. ahipara 55


    Yep. Idaho sucks. You should't go. I hear Arizona is nice..........
  21. ahipara 55

    Shooting at Pismo

  22. ahipara 55


    That would be a disaster!
  23. ahipara 55


    Love me some Idaho!!

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