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  1. ahipara 55

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    Looking for worn out and beat up shipping containers close to the inland empire area. Cash in hand. I will pick up. Mike
  2. ahipara 55

    New Zealand banning "assault style guns"

    Who you callin' simpletons, Willis?
  3. ahipara 55

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    If you want to have an idea of where the price should be, go on ebay.
  4. ahipara 55

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    That's about what I've been quoted locally. Still looking for someone with a couple out in a field but that hasn't happened yet.
  5. ahipara 55

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Kim Kardashian shows up every thanksgiving for a "Feed the Homeless" shoot. Does that count?
  6. ahipara 55

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    You DO know that Phoenix is the drug import capitol of the US?
  7. ahipara 55

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Looks like Anaheim did for years adjacent Angels Stadium.
  8. ahipara 55

    WTB-Shipping Containers

  9. Lets not forget the hero of the new millennials.
  10. ahipara 55

    Garmin GPS Map 176c

    These are great offroad. gpx tracks available all over the internet.
  11. ahipara 55

    Glamis Mikey's 1st run with my new CanAm x3 Turbo

    Nice Soda Machine!
  12. ahipara 55

    Sand hollow and Moab trip

    Top of the World and Lockhart Basin. Onion Creek is a great scenic non-technical trail. Arches Thai food is my favorite. Off the main drag a block in a residential neighborhood but don't let that scare you away. It will be packed so be prepared. Headed there on April 5 for a week on the bikes.
  13. ahipara 55

    Another 'What are My Options' thread

    Are the fenders galvanized (under the "top quality" paint)?
  14. ahipara 55

    Another 'What are My Options' thread

    Note to self..... Don't buy "New" Carson Trailers. Got it.
  15. ahipara 55

    Action Shots

    At least I missed my buddies car.
  16. ahipara 55

    1973 Baja Bug

    Nice. One certainly couldn't build one for that price.
  17. ahipara 55


    Hmmmmmmmmmmm................................. I'm out, but I'l leave you with a link to a guide for moving to Aussie. Gun lovers need not apply. http://www.archsoc.com/bio/americans-in-australia.html
  18. ahipara 55


    You go with that. It's all in the delivery. Calling a buddy an "ahole" and laughing would have a different meaning if used on a stranger. Most Aussies ARE friendly, but they don't want you living there. I assume this story was years ago as you probably have not been a sailor lately? As this topic has been discussing, things have changed.
  19. ahipara 55


    SOME yanks. Why do you think they refer to us as "Seppos"?
  20. ahipara 55

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    Interesting how the counties adjacent ports of entry are slathered in blue.
  21. ahipara 55


    And you have some spelling knowledge unlike too many on this site.
  22. ahipara 55

    Filing taxes

    Well then it MUST be true!
  23. ahipara 55


    Texas real estate has finally recovered recently since their 1999 recession. I would love for them to keep it going.
  24. ahipara 55


    Do you really believe California is going to be the ONLY state affected when the real estate and the economy turns soft? Its already softening so hang on to your $$. You should feel it by this time next year. ALL the states!

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