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  1. canduner

    Opinions ?

    I wish, I’m freezing my ass off up here guys, I always joke that I was abducted by my parents from a nice family somewhere in California, Love duning and drag racing, ski-doo’s are ok but come on...
  2. canduner

    Opinions ?

    St. Anthony, 12 hour drive but worth it, usually go couple times a year, one of these winters is like to see you guys in Glamis
  3. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Thought I’d post a progress pic of my changes to the rear eliminating the wing
  4. Doesn’t see daylight too much anymore but hard to let go , my dad and I built it around 1973, Corvair
  5. Oops, topic is Before and after ,not Then and Now like my post , ok how about before and working on the after. Wondering if dbart could do his magic with these pics
  6. 1st pic is one my Dad and I built , copied a VW chassis my cousin bought and welded together, this was in 1973 ,put Corvair drive train in it . This is how it sits today , a little forgotten about at times but I have a hard time letting it go , brings back too many memories, Dad is a pretty talented man and taught me a lot about fabrication and mechanics. 2nd pic is how my addiction has progressed 46 years later, Buggy #4 . That’s my Dad in the 3rd pic , he’s 87 now and loves the jumps... Thanks Dad
  7. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Anyone else have some pics of side panels they like ? Post them up
  8. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Nice car! So many styles , need different panels for every day of the week !
  9. canduner

    Opinions ?

    That's what I had in mind , some way of breaking up the curved back bar a little .The wing did that, just plain butt ugly with out it, but time for a change. I'm still on the fence between the low or the taller side panel .The other thing I planed to do was screen in the engine side panel. I was planning on closing in the curved panel at the back . I'm open to any suggestions if someone wants to try a few different side panel shapes on their computer and post them that would save me a lot of cardboard Lol
  10. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Thanks for the replies, guess it’s time to go buy some aluminum, anyone want a wing?
  11. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Ok , which do you think looks better, high sides or the lower ones
  12. canduner

    Opinions ?

    Always liked the rear wing look, wasn’t crazy with the newer style ( bubble butt) look, but as time goes by I’m starting to like the no wing look. So with time and cardboard on my hands I started to try a new look, I’m going to use same mounts so I could switch back to the wing if I felt like it. So what do you guys think of the new look
  13. Getting ready for Idaho on the 18th , can’t wait!😎

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