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  1. Getting ready for Idaho on the 18th , can’t wait!😎
  2. Yes, I feel I did, it works very well
  3. Love my car Buddy, hang in there, You were great to me .
  4. I’m 57 same size as you guys , love my Raptor, I really like the torque for big climbs like Choke Cherry , nice plush ride or tighten up compression a bit and go pound it
  5. Staying at American Inn , came on Wednesday had the Dunes basically to ourselves ,absolutely smooth sand no tracks but ours , same on Thursday, Took Friday off drove to Salt Lake checked out the Diesel Brothers . Little cool today but got a few rides in , sand was wet today and pretty chewed up , that’s ok had perfect conditions for the first couple days
  6. This is why I just use a stick , easy access, I wish I could find a cap like the sled cap but they all thread on
  7. He should have used a longer stick 😎
  8. Could I get a price on 2 33x15 #1 cut you can just text me at 306 631 6254 , thank you.
  9. Been fixing, repairing, building all my life, raised on a farm, thanks to my Dad had a early introduction to all of it. Then trade school for mechanics, got my ticket about 37 years ago. It’s a bit of a double edged sword, got into it because I loved cars, bikes etc. after dealing with it daily for so long it’s hard to come home at night and start repairing things around the house. I’m at the point now I just want to drive/ ride the shit not fix it!

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