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  1. How much Vodka for the Boots and Thor Pants?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. I so want this, but only need it for my small yards... But man..
  4. Derwud

    Led Lights - Converting

    Here is my take, I have a bag full of cheap e-bay bulbs that failed. Some failed so bad, that I was worried that they could have caught my trailer on fire as they got hot and came un-glued. I have M4 and Rigids in my trailer now. I could leave one of those on for weeks at a time with out worry, I would never do that with an e-bay bulb.. Funny but both Rigid and now M4 are getting copied and done poorly.. Buy right, one time..
  5. Derwud

    Personalized Plates - Share What You Have

    DERWOOD is back for the Charger. MNKYPLW is now on my WR250F DERWUD2 is reserved for another beater truck..
  6. Derwud

    Whats Hiding In That Garage?

    1970 Dodge Charger R/T 1970 Jaguar XK-E Roadster 1974 Dodge Dart 4dr (Daughters car, but I might have to get her another car and drop a big block in it) 2007 Yamaha WR450F 2007 Yamaha WR250F 2006 Yamaha Rhino
  7. Derwud

    Excursion V10 Screwed By A Technicality

    This is the problem right here!! To bad they give licences to some of these idiots!!
  8. Derwud

    Interstate Glass Mat Battery Vs Optima

    Interstate (aka Johnson Controls) Now owns Optima.
  9. Derwud

    Cop Knocks Girls Teeth Out

    This is nothing. I remember one time when a cop once forged forms to get a prisoner out of a prison for two days in an effort to find an escaped convict who escaped from a prison road-gang in Oklahoma. The cop got into a bunch of shoot-outs and lost his side arm even crashed a bus- this was much worse. Even another cop that looked alot like Mike from Breaking Bad got killed. Funny shit right there!!
  10. Derwud

    How Are You Liking The Gas Prices Ca?

    The oil companies say they can't get chemicals to add to base fuels... They are claiming everyone else is paying more the chemicals so they are lower on priority... Or, cause we can!!!!
  11. Derwud

    Yamaha Sept 2015!

    Waited 10 years for this!!
  12. Derwud

    Desert Car Resurrection - Caddy To Ls

    I had to do that same modification to a friend's SU Ultralite that I did a LS1 swap to (had a Nissan SR20DET engine) The car used to have a intercooler in the area, so I trimmed out clearance for air intake and boxed out remaining area, to utilize as a storage compartment still, with a push on trim/ welting to help "seal" the compartment Jeff Thanks for keeping the Scorpion. That was is a bad ass car..
  13. Derwud

    Fiat - Chrysler And G. M. To Merge?

    Need to look past Fiat Chrysler and dig into FPT to see where the main engine production and engineering is done. Fiat needed a US company to integrate with to help streamline the reentry into our market. I have no crystal ball but foresee a good future in this brand if not in the automotive market place but in the Industrial on and off highway markets. The company and it's infrastructure blow beyond all believe.. they maybe be able to engineer great running engines, but my experience says that doesn't last long, the running part...
  14. Derwud

    Fiat - Chrysler And G. M. To Merge?

    Screw FCA, worst company EVER!!! Oh and GM can take the plunge off the same cliff...

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