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  1. How much Vodka for the Boots and Thor Pants?
  2. I so want this, but only need it for my small yards... But man..
  3. KTM plays better team tactics... Kawi, fails...
  4. This is where Dungey's non agressive nature hurts him.. He let Eli stand him up in a cornery and can't get past a slower Reed..
  5. El Dick head is more like it... should have spent another night in the trailer..
  6. 1 Championship, aided by the #1 guy getting hurt.. Yeah, big balls...
  7. Here is my take, I have a bag full of cheap e-bay bulbs that failed. Some failed so bad, that I was worried that they could have caught my trailer on fire as they got hot and came un-glued. I have M4 and Rigids in my trailer now. I could leave one of those on for weeks at a time with out worry, I would never do that with an e-bay bulb.. Funny but both Rigid and now M4 are getting copied and done poorly.. Buy right, one time..
  8. What the hell... Hope Dungey keeps kicking his a$$..
  9. Happy for Chad and Glad Stewwy is coming back...
  10. This is the problem right here!! To bad they give licences to some of these idiots!!
  11. Wow, nice bike and nice car.. Here are my Babies

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