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  1. steveo

    Looking for a quad

    I'd take a little less off season. I don't think you'll find more for the $.
  2. steveo

    Another 'What are My Options' thread

    How old are the tires?
  3. Bump. Awesome ride, would make someone very happy for a reasonable price.
  4. steveo

    solar battery tender?

    The harbor freight one doesn't have a controller and even has a warning that you need to use one. They don't produce much, any risk in letting run without a controller on a little mc battery?
  5. Thanks! Hate seeing it sit but I will miss it if it sells
  6. steveo

    Alumicraft 4 seater

    Major Performance Motor. Bump for a 4 seat Alumicraft for less than a used RZR!
  7. Built to be plush, handle well, and have plenty of power. Lone Start A-arms and Axle, AXIS front shocks, stock rear shock. Flexx bars, GPR steering stabilizer, anti-vibe stem, comfy QuadTec seat. Big bore cylinder, CP pump gas piston, stage 1 cam. Pipe, Uni filter, tuner. Dyno tuned at Alba. STU Razors front, grooved Sand Skate rears, unused stock wheels and tires. ODI lock on grips, first gen "Wheelie Bar" HID conversion, nerfs, fitted cover. Low hours on engine, one a couple rides on the tires. Rides about as plush as you can get a quad to ride, ridiculously fat powerband (what gear am I in?-who cares, give it gas!) Hate to sell this but running out of space. I have a bad back and just can't ride this much any more, has been sitting for a couple of seasons. I roll it out and fire it up once and a while, fires right up (stored with race fuel). I'm a full disclosure type, I wouldn't hesitate to take this out and run it but it's probably due for a good go-through and suspension freshen up. Probably due for new sprockets and a chain and needs a lighting upgrade. I changed the oil and filter and kept the air filter clean religiously. Piston is pump gas friendly but I thought heard a ping and started running a gallon 110 to 4 gallons 91 to be safe. Has normal wear, plastic is decent. Set up for a big guy (I'm 6'6", 235 lbs). I'm also old (50) and didn't abuse it but definitely rode it, but most of it before the engine build and only a couple time since the new tires. This is Andy's old quad for the old-timers. Don't really need any trades, cash only. Waaaaaay too much $$$ in it to think about but I know it needs a little attention so asking $4,500. Text is best, Steve 858-525-2088.
  8. steveo

    Gear One

    I doubt it but what about Gray Area?
  9. steveo

    Tire Rack

    Last chance, guess I'll give it away on Craigslist or cut it up...
  10. steveo

    Tire Rack

    Bump. I need a beer, someone needs this!
  11. steveo

    Tire Rack

    Nice, sturdy tire rack. Surface rust from sitting out. Best beer offer or will take a few bucks. Located in San Diego right off of the 5 and Balboa Ave (two blocks off Moraga) I'll be around off and on the weekend, pick it up on your way home from the beach! Text is best but I'll check in at some point. Steve Eight 5 Eight five too 5 Too O 88
  12. steveo

    A-ipower genny at costco 1600/2000w peak

    I bought the smarter tools one that looked identical other than the stickers and colors. Maybe it was the luck of the draw but mine crapped out pretty quickly and I took it back.
  13. I'm sure this will go quick anyway but that's also set up with no rails behind the fenders so you can drive even the biggest car on with paddles.
  14. steveo

    X3: RC vs. RS

    I've been going back and forth on this same decision too. I'm thinking even though I'm not going get into the rocks too much the extra protection on the bottom, smart locker, and winch are worth it to run in the desert. The powder blue tho....

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