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  1. Have several friends that have a place there, great spot for families. Nice and clean and you're right about the no riff Raff due to strict rules. Lowest spot on the river, 15 miles or so downriver from Martinez.
  2. 2018 and up have a much taller low gear, not as good to crawl if that's important to you.
  3. Haven't made any effort to sell this but sad seeing it sit so I cleaned it up and it cleaned up great. Fresh: Oil and filer, engine ice, spark plug, Yuasa battery, cleaned air filter. Fired right up, sounds and rides around great. This is about as plush as you can make a quad and the fat powerband is so nice. Would like it to go to a good home, make a reasonable offer but still don't need any trades. Steve Eight 5 Eight 5 too 5 Too O 88
  4. Wifi 6 is rolling out, probably want that so you don't have to upgrade again soon?
  5. True that 44s are worth quite a bit but should they be when you can build a better 30/35 for about the same or less?
  6. So badass! Your builds in here we're awesome. Bummer so many have moved to Instagram or wherever they've gone....
  7. Sold to what seemed like a pretty decent dude off of Craigslist for $20.
  8. Bought this brand new at Bicycles n Stuff in San Diego when I was 19 back in the day. Been neglecting it for a few years. Was top of the line at the time, Shimano deore, bitchin biopace sprocket, etc. Has the cool smoke paint with red pearl. Was still rideable but needs new tubes if not tires. Rusty from sitting outside, moderately rough shape. It's whatever the biggest frame they made was. Will trade for a 12 pack of good IPAs I live in Clairemont in San Diego, just off of Balboa at the 5. Text is best. Steve Eight 5eight 5too five, 2 O 88
  9. Hi, I have a 2007 Chevy 2500 classic LBZ 6 speed with 130-something k miles. Anyway, it's starting to make a whine when coasting at speed (like dropping down the 8 into imperial valley) and downshifts have become a slam when towing, even with a relatively light light load. I wish I could figure a way to get it up to Mike L but my M - F work would make it awful tough. Looking for a competent shop in San Diego to freshen it up, maybe add a trans go Jr, and transfer case pump rub kit while we're messing with it. I tow regularly but not heavy and don't see towing real heavy so don't need a trick build. Looking to get it done right at a reasonable price. Anyone have a rec in SD? Thanks!
  10. Stay away from 2016 turbos, lots of problems and less power compared to 17 and newer. Turbo is needed in the dunes, not so much in the dirt.
  11. I'd take a little less off season. I don't think you'll find more for the $.
  12. This is definitely what I'm thinking unless there's a good reason not to. Thanks!
  13. Hey, Time for new tires for a 20' Carson flatbed. Never had a problem with the current Hercules tires, they're just old. Maxxis M8008 seem to get good reviews and aren't much more than random brands (like the current Hercules?) Anyway, they have them in a D or an E. Don't really need the E with 3500lb axles but they're only a couple bucks more. Other than it being overkill and maybe bouncing around a little more, especially empty, any reason not to get the E's or is there a better option that isn't twice the cost? 225/75-15 is what it currently has. Thanks!

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