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  1. The “big easy “ has replaced deep fried for us. No messy clean up. Super reliable just need a bottle of propane. Ten minutes a lb give or take. Nice crispy skin. I pull the bird about 160 and let it come up to 165 minimum. Just don’t cover it with foil tight or the skin will reabsorb the steam and get soggy. I inject with jalapeño butter.
  2. I got 32k for my last 2009 le3505 custom ordered with a slide. But it had the frame upgrade done. Plus it was Under cover it’s entire life. It was also not kept in a coastal climate. It had solar, lt tires, four new 6v batteries. Premium trailers demand a premium price.
  3. What is it you are looking at exactly. Reseal? Or new roofing material? Big difference.
  4. Another Tehachapi guy. That’s random.
  5. I might have missed it but how big and heavy is your trailer. I have a attitude 27 that I tow with an f150 eco boost with max tow package. It pulls and handles better then both my old 7.3 and my 6.0 power strokes. The truck revs low like a diesel. It has a boxed frame. Weighs around 6700 lbs. it’s a solid truck. My trailer is about 32 overall.
  6. kofire

    It’s a bit windy

    That’s gonna suck fuel like it’s going out of style. Good for backup but not for everyday use.
  7. kofire

    It’s a bit windy

    That would depend on what their profit margins are currently.
  8. Andrew @chevy5150 can answer all of your questions.
  9. Not legal to ride out of mammoth rvpark. We actually got hassled for crossing the 395 by a CHP which was a new one on me. Glass creek and Hartley springs are awesome.
  10. Boulder creeks fun and cheap. I’ve always just parked my off road stuff out of the trailer for the night because that’s out half way point to mammoth. They are fine with riding them to the trails?
  11. Do you have any more pics or details on the truck? I’d possibly be interested in a trade plus cash for a half ton.
  12. I bought it last year for a commuter. I was planning on moving and having a long commute. That didn’t work out so there’s no reason for me to have it anymore.

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