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  1. I’ll check today. 1900 miles
  2. For sale. Great shape. Many upgrades. Titled in my name and registered. Fuel injected. 156 hours. 1900 miles Full HRT long travel front and back. Fox shocks. Eibach springs. Dasa exhaust. Aftermarket tuner and CDI. Twisted stitch seats front and back Prp harnesses New ball joints up front Custom doors and cage rigid light pods. Full set of paddles with one trip on them Runs great and is very reliable. Fuel injected. Recent oil change and belt change. Sold
  3. LeadNav is quite popular right now. I use it and enjoy it.
  4. Selling due to kids outgrowing. 2004 Yamaha Raptor 80. Very good condition. Low use. Graphics kit. Nerf bars. Fmf silencer. New battery. New tires all around. Currently registered and titled in my name. $1200 2004 Suzuki lt50. I’ve owned this for four years. Rebuilt by previous owner. Two stroke so it has plenty of power and the brakes are very easy to use for a new rider. Cut off safety switch. Throttle control. Registered and titled in my name. $900 Both of these quads run great. Any minor issues were always handled. Located in Tehachapi 661-345-9897
  5. I understand thank you. You said I was spreading mis information which I don’t want to knowingly do. I like to be as well informed as I can. The criminal side has the most facts as it pertains to laws etc. the civil side is obviously a whole different story. Thanks.
  6. My issue with this is a truck can still be under GVWR or GCVWR and still be unsafely loaded. There’s a lot of variables. Is there a specific code in the CVC that says that a driver must abide by GVWR or GCVWR? my point is I have never found one. Nor have I seen a case involving one with any validity. 24002(a) is totally reasonable and I understand your point there. That’s a catch all that can be determined by obvious things like swaying or whatever the citing officer determines. That can happen even if a F450 is towing a super lite 20’ toyhaulers if it’s loaded wrong. Can you use that solely as a catch all if the truck is not exceeding the speed limit nor are they swerving all over the road? Here’s an example. You pull over a F350 towing a 40’ fifth wheel. They appear to be operating safely and aren’t all over the road. If you have a suspicion that they are over GVWR or GCVWR what is the next step? How do you use the catch all in that situation ? Are they breaking any laws? I’m just curious I’m not arguing with you. I just need proof that there’s something besides a “catch all” for these scenarios. Also in the scenario that you highlighted on my post What would’ve been the cvc for that? “towing trailer with a tow vehicle that was not rated for the weights of the trailer even though he was not too loaded up”.
  7. kofire

    F11 Top Coat ?

    The stuff just doesn’t last that long. It gets bad reviews from the high end detailers on YouTube. It’s way too expensive imo. A product called “the last coat” is decent. I use gtechniq liquid crystal on all my toys and trailers. It’s a 6 month sealant that works as a good drying aid as well. It gets excellent reviews on amazon. Just something to think about. If you want a true sealant without the cost of ceramic you could use something like jescar powerlock. You could also look up shine supply in ventura and see what they have. They make great products. https://thelastcoat.com/?wickedsource=google&wickedid=326247788801&wtm_term=the last coat&wtm_campaign=1681164219&wtm_content=65049391643&wickedplacement=&wickedkeyword=the last coat&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjfvwBRCkARIsAIqSWlP-lxLAvjY3Q1MJ0Pm0oC5D6atGyURzQS-YYfyOlMUCHPN-_1Dkty0aAiNKEALw_wcB https://www.autogeek.net/gtechniq-c2-liquid-crystal.html https://www.autogeek.net/menzerna-power-lock-sealant.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjfvwBRCkARIsAIqSWlPQLvvJFkSCRxAXX44RbekG08xwOjapO0O_mzbeA12QCRIvtZR6wbwaAobkEALw_wcB https://shinesupply.com/collections/waxes-and-sealants/products/daddy-o
  8. That one it looks like my number of ten rpm is off. It looks like 65 rpm difference. My truck had 31s and 3:73 to begin with. They’re both in the green for balance and power. 65 rpm to is pretty darn close but ya it wasn’t the ten I said. I’m not arguing with you I’m just giving him my experience. I had the same exact truck with the same issues he has Yes he’s asking about 35s. I was referencing 37s. Depending on what gear he wants to climb in he would probably be best with 4:30s.
  9. It wasn’t my experience with a 2002 7.3 which is almost identical to his. If you plug in the numbers on any any chart with 4:56 and 37s. It was within 10 rpm of 3:73 gears with stock tires. I do know it put the 4 speed 4r100 back in a good range for climbing. It could lock the torque converter in 3rd which was the perfect gear for climbing. I’m not saying you’re wrong I’ve just done this whole thing with the almost exact same truck.
  10. I had the same truck. I went with 4:56 gears with 37” tires. It made a difference. There are calculators on line that will show what the effective gear ratio is with the bigger tires. I believe with 37s and 4:56 it was equivalent to a 3:73.
  11. This is an old story with no proof that it ever existed. No news articles. No first hand information. The story is believable but there has to be more to it then what is said. The issue I have with the story is it says CHP cited him for “towing trailer with a tow vehicle that was not rated for the weights of the trailer even though he was not too loaded up.” That law doesn’t exist in non commercial applications. negligence can be proven with speed or knowingly using faulty equipment etc. It’s harder to prove when you didn’t break any laws and were driving safely for conditions etc. There’s no laws that govern recreational towing as far as exceeding GVWR and GCVWR. Besides drivers license , axle , tire and rim.
  12. A lot of them have the same axles under them. Just food for thought. It’s not advisable to tow over because of liability. But technically you’re not breaking any laws if you are in California. The axles, tires and rims are what I follow.
  13. I looked at the ram eco diesel, the titan and the F-150 ecoboost. I ended up going with the ecoboost. It’s an amazing truck that I wish I wasn’t going to sell. I just need a long bed back. I’m not even suggesting an ecoboost to you because I’m selling one. I would stay far away from the eco diesel and the titan.

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