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  1. I bought it last year for a commuter. I was planning on moving and having a long commute. That didn’t work out so there’s no reason for me to have it anymore.
  2. 2008 Toyota Prius touring edition. Fully loaded including back up camera and JBL audio. Leather. 105k miles. All four tires less then one yr old. Dealer maintained. New coolant control valve and coolant flush. This is a common issue with these years of Prius. Overall in good shape. Needs nothing and gets great mpg. 45-55mpg. Just paid registration and I will get it smogged Once I have a buyer. $6500 OBO. Located in Tehachapi. Clean title in hand 661-345-9897
  3. Ok here’s some more pics. The bottom bunk makes into a couch both ways. It’s got an arched roof so no puddles on the roof. The spots are because I bought it from a guy in Newport Beach. It was some mildew that dried out
  4. Ya I can get whatever pics you want today. It’s got one fold down couch and two swivel chairs. The queens in the back are on a happijac system. The bottom folds into a couch I think it’s just forward facing I’ll check. The awning has been replaced but it is starting to crack in the front. I would just put some eternabond tape over the cracking and call It good for a few years. The roofs in good shape it’s been recovered with a commercial grade sealer. The flooring is not original. The original owner though the Cheap ass osb flooring was lame and put in plywood. Then put that bamboo flooring over it. There’s not a drop down screen like the weekend warriors but it does have the enclosure.
  5. 2007 Thor Vortex featherweight toyhauler. FS26 model. Always kept on a side yard so the graphics and fiberglass are in good shape. Reinforced floor so it can actually handle a full size UTV. 100g fresh water. 4000w generator. 40g black and grey tanks. Trailer has always been sealed. No leaks in the roof. This is an aluminum construction trailer with vacuum bonded walls. No wood to worry about rotting. “I” beam frame compared to “C” channel in the weekend warriors. Trailer has flipped axles. - new Samsung flat screen and blu Ray player. - new solar panel and mppt controller - All four Tires are one year old. - Inverter that powers the tv and blu Ray plus can charge your cell phones - New 6v batteries. With the solar setup and batteries there’s no need to run the generator on a long dry camping trip unless you want AC or your microwave. This will fit any modern four seat UTV. Fits a four seat rzr1000 or maverick max no problem. The X3 RS will fit it it’s strapped and the trailer would need to be flat decked. The only issues I’m aware of are the stereo has been unreliable from the factory. I just use a block rocker from Costco. The fuel station pump just went out. I will provide a new one. Besides that the trailer works great and is ready to go. Located in Tehachapi. Sold
  6. Idk if you were asking me but it’s a 2008 Prius touring. 105k miles I believe. I’d have to check the average mpg but it probably says around 45mpg or so. It’ll get get that going 75 on the freeway. I’ve gotten as high has 57mpg on a long trip. It’s nothing fancy to look at but it gets the job done. It’s white. New tires all around. I only want $6500. Just paid registration for two years.
  7. I’ve got a Prius I’m gonna sell soon. Its a heck of a commuter and will be way under 10k
  8. Are you willing to negotiate they look like they need some work. Thanks.
  9. What motor work has been done?

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