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  1. I Like IT! Going to rub my testies one more time. HA! YOLO? Peace
  2. I like that. Our "NEXT" Coach. Peace
  3. "Do you have any hoodies in XL?" Peace
  4. This would save me alot of Financial Pain! HA! Peace
  5. Having an awesome time going thru the process of purchasing my next set up. Y'all have been great advice / comments. Just like anything, take it as a grain of salt. Our old MOHO has 200,000+ miles on it. We've had a wonderful 22 years in it. Blown an Engine, went thru many of sets of tires / batteries / water pumps, you name it. I Have always been a Fan of the King Aire by Newmar. It's their TOP of the Line Coach. I like the Best stuff made. Newmar makes a great Coach. After driving 330HP motor and watching cars / trucks / Moho's blow by me all these years and once I hit a slight grade, it's down to 35-45mph. Everyone on this site probably don't like being passed PERIOD. Even when you're on the road to work. We're Duners. Speed is of the essence. The 600HP motor is my Dream Motor. Since we're dry campers, love the 12000 ONAN Generator. Had a dream last night of driving this 45' Coach 26' Trailer Combo and never pulled into a gas station because I was too big. I felt like that 5 mile train that comes by every hour down wash road. AT NIGHT. This has been in the works for Years. This is NOT an emotional decision. Every time I look at certain set-ups I've always said......Someday that's going to be us. Wife mentioned that yesterday. "That's the look you always point out." As much time as we spend on the road, there are some beauties out there. We hope to join 'em. Peace
  6. Yes, I can buy just the Coach. I'll check the comparison later. Gotta go win some quarters tonight. It's Poker Night. Peace
  7. Well Well Well...............................after viewing everything, the trailer is extremely clean. Door opening is 88" wide. Wheel wells are at 80" wide. The lift is just above 6' clearance with approx 58" clearance on the TOP. It's not a belly lift trailer. It does have a side door with ramp for side quad entrance. Side window with steps for exit. This trailer was set up for Show Cars. NOT for off road community. No fuel cell. No water storage. The Coach. Immaculate. 8800 miles 2017 chassis but registered 2018. Four slides. Four TV's. Heated floors / seats. He's never used the cook top or the washer dryer. We would purchase a new Mattress, this one felt pretty beat up. Don't know how, this man was an old man. Doesn't mean anything (Old Guys). Has in motion satellite TV and when parked has the HD dome. This coach has been stored indoors and just got serviced entirely. You can tell he takes care of his stuff. AND...................I saw an ATC 70 4-wheeler in his other shop. Told him, You don't need that. We buy this coach / trailer, that 4-wheeler comes with us. We'll contemplate this purchase and get back to you soon. It's been an awesome Journey looking for our LAST set-up. Peace
  8. This guy drag races so lets hope the width is right. ATC trailer MFG's should think about that. Thanks for the heads up. Tape Measure is always with me. Don't leave home without it. Peace
  9. It beats throwing it out the window. "MINUS" the kick in the nuts! Peace
  10. Appreciate your input. I like the Renegades too. It has a lot of qualities / positives. The aluminum stacker trailer I wasn't looking for but, for the package deal, might be the way to go. We're going to look at it today. 2:30 TX Time. Peace
  11. @Dockmaster You hit it on the nail. I am driving myself crazy! Need to DELETE all my friends phone numbers. They're really good at spending my money. good points DM. Peace
  12. OH NO! This came up for sale in Plano TX. With Stacker Trailer. Peace
  13. I like the insurance and License Fee's on your set up. Can't imagine what insurance is running on a 45' King Aire. That will suck ba**s. 3 mos traveling is great. I'm looking forward to that time of life. We like to get out and stretch the legs too. Every 3 -4 hours get out and move around. Peace
  14. My buddy has the 600HP Cornerstone and he says 65-75mph is the "Sweet Spot" for that engine. Fast was never my thought. Smooth & Strong if you will. I like the word you use......Effortless. Plus, our drive to Glamis is a lot farther than most. And, we've always liked the idea of food / bed / TV / toilet / couch / naps / anything we need is right there. Just pull over and you're home. I like the idea of heated floors. I've heard they're the bomb. We're mostly Dry Campers tho. MX Nationals / SX Races / Glamis. I'm sure we'd learn the RV Camp Style if / when we purchase our next rig. The wife loves the idea of traveling across the country at a smooth rate of speed. Pull over whenever we want to pull over. That's her favorite part of the trip. Maybe I need to Rip the Dunes better for her to change her favorite part of the trip. (HA) My favorite part is Ripping Dunes! As @ROBERT L says, with my money, hire a driver. Thats the problem, my money hires the guy under the bridge. Peace

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