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  1. If I remember correctly the interest rate was in the 7 1/2% range. It was about 10yrs back when my youngest was in college. I have heard that if the minimum payment was made, it would barely touch the principle if at all. My daughters best friends, a Dr. and a respiratory therapist have going all out to pay their loans off by living way below their means. They also do not agree with this bailout. Edit to add I would be inclined to agree that lowering interest rates on ALL federal student loans since that would help everyone with Federal student loans. I would imagine there are a ton of people who refinanced their loans to take advantage of the lower rates before the fool was installed in the White House that sounds like they would not qualify due to the refinance?
  2. I retired in '19. No PPP money or any other stimulus handouts. Both my daughters student loans are paid off, I paid 1/2 of their tuition while they were attending and they paid the remainder, and my wifes student loans are paid off. I have no debt, which allowed me to retire early. I earned the right to bitch about handouts!
  3. I have always thought that the fool in the White House has used this mess/war to cover up his families corrupt involvement in Ukraine. Ukraine is so beholding to the fool along with other elites that used a corrupt Ukraine as a source of income for themselves and their families. And he is using our tax funds to fund the cover up. If anyone thinks that all the money and equipment we are sending to Ukraine is actually making it for it's intended use, they are living in liberal la la land. There is little if any accountability for the massive amount of money we are sending Ukraine's way. As far as student loan forgiveness, everything the fool does is meant to keep him and his party in power, and buying votes with our money has become business as usual.
  4. I always assumed that most Israelis were staunch conservatives, but there are many liberal Israelis in Israel and here in the US. I don't get it since it seems like a lot of the antisemitic rhetoric comes from the left not to mention their support for the Palestinians.
  5. ^^This and the Anderson Ultimate hitch. I used the Anderson for over 40k miles towing and never had an issue. My last 5th was 42' and about 16.5k loaded.
  6. I remember exactly where I was. We were at work replacing a distribution switch. My Lineman had a cousin that worked in the World Trade Towers and was stressing about her. He was on the phone calling whoever he could to check on her. It took a while but he found out she was safe. We didn't do anything that day but just listen to the radio as it unfolded. It was surreal that day and for a few days afterward. Everyone was shocked and quiet. No planes in the skies. Just a weird feeling for quite a while. I agree 9/11 should be a National Holiday. If you ask most of the country what Juneteenth is about you would probably just get a blank stare back, they just know they get the day off.
  7. And our idiot occupying the White House won't even acknowledge it because to do so, it would interfere with his open border agenda! I'm sure the ones really making decisions have convinced the idiot that the fentanyl epidemic is not as bad as being reported.
  8. These are the Prevost for their time.
  9. These cases of using a legal firearm for protection happen far more than most people think, but as mentioned, the DNC communication arm (otherwise known as the mainstream media) refuse to report on them.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/worlds-oldest-rv-auction
  11. I was watching the news earlier today and heard a clip from a speech the Queen gave in 1957. It is amazing to listen to. She could be talking about the current state of things if you had no idea this speech was given at Christmas 65 years ago. The part of the speech I'm referring to starts at about 2:00 minutes until about 3:30 minutes into the speech.
  12. You know that can be interpreted in a couple ways?
  13. What's with the polar bear on the hat and coat too?
  14. My bill for the last month up here was $86. Temps have been mostly in the 90's with a few 100+ days and we keep the house @ 72* 24/7. I also get a 25% discount as a retired employee. The utilities down there have been mismanaged. They throw money around like the Biden administration and how they stay in business is to rape their customers every month. I know 3 guys that quit up here and headed south to scoop up some of that easy money working for contractors in PG&E service territory. I was talking to one the other day that said he was on track to make $500k this year not counting perks. Another one is making bank and living up here and working remote. It's outrageous.

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