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  1. This is just another "shiny object" maneuver by the Democratic Party! While how he acted towards these women is wrong and he should be held accountable like anyone else would be, the fact that he gave orders during the height of the pandemic that needlessly killed thousands of seniors is being ignored, or swept under the rug with the Biden DOJ support. Why, you might ask. Does it matter since at least he is being forced out one way or another? YES it does. He is not the only Governor to use the same policies that killed thousands of seniors. Michigan (Whitmer), NJ (Murphy), and Pennsylvania (Wolf) all sent infected seniors back into nursing homes to spread the virus and die. Cuomo and Whitmer have been exposed for manipulating the statistics concerning nursing home infections and deaths to cover up their massive mistakes. And they blamed the CDC for supposedly giving the guidance that lead to their disastrous policies. But, if that was the case, why didn't the other 46 states give the same orders to send infected seniors back to the nursing homes? Bottom line is that Cuomo is their sacrificial lamb to direct attention away from more serious issues (killing thousands) that could take down at least 4 of the top Democrats in the nation causing considerable damage to the Democrat party.
  2. The Dems will call for his resignation over the sexual harassment to avoid the nursing home scandal because there are other Dem Governors at risk if they go after Cuomo on the nursing home killings. Michigan, New Jersey, and another I can't remember.
  3. I had a NordicTrack elliptical for 20 yrs and used it regularly for most of that time. It was big and heavy which is why it held up well over the years. The reasons why I bought it was my knees were trashed and running was not an option. Needed low impact and the elliptical filled the bill. I also worked long hours and didn't have the time to go to the gym. Used it up until a couple yrs ago when I no longer could use it. Gave it to my oldest daughter and I'm pretty sure there are clothes hanging from it now.
  4. My theory is that it's about the upcoming elections and keeping the same voting procedures put in place for the 2020 elections due to Covid. It worked out well for them last time and the Dems stand to lose the house and the senate if they don't take advantage of a crisis that they created. H.R.1, the "For The Democrats Act", oops, I mean "For The People Act", will never pass both chambers, so just create a workaround.
  5. If Elder won that would make the Dems soil their panties nationwide, losing a gubernatorial election in a Dem stronghold! Hope it happens!
  6. Great topic that brought up a ride I really wanted to do but never got the chance. I was riding at Sand Hollow in Feb of 2020 and was bullCrapting with some locals that were Jeep guys. They told me of an annual ride some of them do from Sand Hollow park down to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and back. If I remember correctly, it takes 2 days to get to the north rim and of course 2 days back. That is in a Jeep, SxS would probably be less time. I have a buddy that wanted to do this with me, he would take his Jeep and me my RZR, but unfortunately we never did that ride. I have no doubt this would be an epic ride.
  7. You mean by the very people that take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? By letting violent criminals lose while trying to take you right to bare arms away? By opening the border for any foreign migrant, possibly Covid positive, to waltz in to the country despite title 42 and laws that require the border to be secure? (but only the southern border, the northern border is still closed to keep those crazy Canucks out!) Now the DOJ just announced that they intend to go after states that are going back to the pre-Covid voting laws. The DOJ is going to attempt to keep the special voting methods put in place due to Covid permanent. That means universal mail in, no ID required, etc. Sad part is they get away with it.
  8. My wife has Lupus too and was taking Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for years when she was younger, thankfully her Lupus seems to be mostly in remission now. (she got stung by a bee in the 90's and the Lupus symptoms lessened significantly, but that's another story) The way the media and the Gov officials portrayed hydroxychloroquine was nothing short of extremely dishonest and immoral. The risk they played up, cardiac issues and retina damage are miniscule. My wife was on high doses of Plaquenil for years with no side effects. And so have many other Lupus patients and others with rheumatoid arthritis. In most of the world this drug is available otc! So the same people that lied about Hydroxychloroquine can't understand why people are hesitant to get the vaccine? There has been too much dis-information/politicization in the last year around Covid for people to feel confident about getting vaccinated. And I don't blame them for being skeptical. BTW, I am vaccinated, J&J shot. There are reasons why I did, but I support anyone to do what is right for them and not what others want them to do.
  9. Here is another one. Biden admin is flagging Facebook post for censorship and openly admitting it. https://www.foxnews.com/media/critics-slam-psaki-white-houseconsulting-facebook-flag-misinformation
  10. THD

    Oregon Dunes

    38 is best in my opinion. All my buddies from NorCal take 38 when coming to Winchester, as do I coming from the north. Only one hill to pull and that is short, probably less than a mile long, and less curvy than most coast highways with several passing lanes. Also less traffic on 38. Check out the elk preserve just before you get to Reedsport. There is usually quite a few elk just off the highway and quite a few bulls. Also the Sugar Shack just as you come into Reedsport has great donuts and baked goods to stock up on for camping.
  11. Been going on for a while now. Senior Biden officials on his campaign staff demanded that big tech censor certain topics during the election cycle. DNC, MSM, and Big Tech have been colluding for quite some time influence the sheeple and control the narrative.

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