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  1. Here is a story I read this morning: https://www.foxbusiness.com/energy/electric-grid-operators-warn-of-potential-summer-blackouts The green push is a scam that will eventually come crashing down and we will all pay the price! I have so much to say about this but it would take a long essay to point out how eff'd up this scam is. BTW... I worked at a coal plant for several years and am not a huge fan of coal fired generation even though it is a cheap and reliable base load energy supply. Nuclear is the best alternative IMO. But forcing the change will not work. Whenever the government forces change like this, it ends up being inefficient, costly, and most likely will fail. But a handful of people will walk away with full pockets.
  2. THD


    This speaks volumes about your company. Dedicated, engaged, productive employees stay with companies that create a good working environment. When employees enjoy their jobs and like their jobs, they stay. When they hate showing up for work, they move on. Wages and benefits are not as important in employee retention as a good work environment. That's a fact! Congrats to both of you!
  3. Just an assumption on my part. I don't see any upside to leaking this for the right or center right. Truth is, we might not ever know the origins of the leak and it may be debated as long as "who was deep throat?".
  4. Don't underestimate the short attention span of the American people. The left may have pulled the trigger on this one too soon, it won't have the energy it has now in 6 months when they go to the polls. Besides, Biden will screw up something between now and Nov that will take over the news cycle.
  5. Or the bigger outlets did not want to be involved with an investigation on how they obtained confidential documents from the SCOTUS? Politico is just as liberal as the NYT and WaPo.
  6. I agree mostly. The 2nd amendment covers your first example. On the basic health care issue, I'll point out a conversation I had with my daughter about this. We were talking about how the government is inefficient and inept which she agreed with. Then she stated she wanted universal basic healthcare. My response was "who's going to run that?". She just stared back at me with no response. There are other ways of dealing with this.
  7. Be careful what you wish for. We are a Republic which gives the states the power to govern and pass laws for their constituency as long as it doesn't infringe on the Constitution. If you allow the Federal Gov the power to institute laws at the local level, it will take away states rights to self govern. The leaked draft does not indicate a ban on abortion, it indicates that it is a states right to pass laws in regards to abortion. Abortion is not a right granted in the constitution is what I am gleaning from the discussion of what the draft says. Thus, it is a states right to determine how abortion will be handled in their state. But the left will label this a ban on abortion. Think about all the laws in the states we live in. Would you want these laws to be federalized and binding on half the country that think they are ludicrous? There are bizarre laws on the books in your state and mine that at least half the states would not even imagine instituting. Think about the mess around vaccine mandates. Imagine the Federal government having the power and authority to mandate the jab nationwide, which the Biden admin tried to do but repeatedly was shot down by courts. And so much for my body my choice which only applies to what the Dems/elites decide. I am not an expert on constitutional law, so this is just an opinion I put out there for discussion.
  8. I grew up in OC and was always doing mischief as a kid. I remember (pre-school) running around the cul-de-sac we lived on naked with my mom chasing me, she was so mad and I was laughing my ass off. Shooting out streetlights with our BB guns. The old mercury vapor lights were cool when they busted and melted down. We used to make firecrackers out of caps, thread them on a needle and pack them tight then use scotch tape to bind it and use a match stick for a fuse. I almost burnt down a palm tree when i tucked one of these firecrackers in the bark and set it off. Fire dept showed up and I was scared to death I would go to jail the rest of my life, but they never knew who did it! And there was many more incidents of mischief to list. Just before my mother passed from cancer, i sat with her and apologize for all the mayhem I did all throughout my childhood. She knew most of what I did, but not all. We laughed our asses off recalling what I did as a kid. I was definitely a PIA! One thing I NEVER experienced was having a mentally screwed up adult talk to me about whether I was a boy or a girl!
  9. Vocal minority (mostly virtue signaling) with full on support of MSM and social platforms have twisted the truth. In a poll a couple yrs ago, those who identified as liberal estimated that over 1k unarmed blacks were killed by police every yr when the real number was around 20. We are living in an idiocracy. Now drink your Brawndo and shut up!
  10. Typical Democrat tactic. Create the problem, then use taxpayer $$ to address what they created and declare themselves our saviors. Problem is too many sheeple buy into this scam.
  11. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/energy-industry-psaki-oil-and-gas-leases-ceraweek Been reading about this and the story I linked above does explain some of what is going on in our energy sector. From what I read, these leases are auctioned in blocks, and a very small amount of these leases will be commercially viable. What is not being talked about much is the fact that the Brandon admin is pressuring the banks and private equity firms not to do business with the oil industry to stifle further production with success. Also, Brandon's admin has placed more regulation on refiners and some of the small and mid size refiners are struggling to operate under the added regulations and some have closed, which is their goal. But I also have no doubt the oil industry isn't completely innocent, I wouldn't be surprised if their greed isn't a factor in what is going on. And none of this is truly about the environment, there are more sinister goals at work here.
  12. I have so much to say about this clip, but don't want to hijack this thread. But I have to mention, that idiot did not unite Europe. He enabled a war and Europe started standing up out of self preservation. He has followed Europe, not led them to unity.
  13. WEF is the big table. Exclusive seats at that table. @BobalosWorld Economic Forum

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