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  1. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    Yep I tried that. I can watch videos elsewhere just not on this site.
  2. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    Not very tech savy and need your help! Every video I click on will open and play but the picture never changes. What gives? Wondering if it's something in the settings on my iPad.
  3. big_daddy_jp

    How's the weather?

    Headed out this weekend. Just wondering how wet it is out there still?
  4. big_daddy_jp


    Fat fingering is exactly what I think happened. You do know that you only have to be off by one digit to pull up the wrong vehicle right? So my assumption is, that like every auto repair shop I've been to, when you bring your car in they input your vin number and mileage and start a file for your vehicle. This way everytime you come back they only have to input your mileage but all vehicle info stays the same. So if they typed in the wrong vin number originally, than every job they did on that car would fall under that same original vin number. This is how it lasted for two years. I'm not saying that Carfax is horrible, I'm just saying people should be informed that it's not the Holy grail of cars that most people seem to think it is.
  5. big_daddy_jp


    As I stated, there are loopholes and mistakes made. So to tell people to use Carfax and not warn them about the possible inconsistencies is a bad deal in itself. I bought a truck a little over 5 years ago. My wife works for a dealership so she ran a Carfax report. The report was clean when we bought the truck. Then sometime during those 5 years Carfax updated the report. Much to my surprise, when I went to buy my new truck last month, the dealership that wanted my truck on trade in ran the report and told me the deal was off due to mileage tampering on the truck. At least that's what the Carfax report said. The only saving grace I had was the folder full of receipts from the previous owners that had vin number and mileage documented. So it turns out that a shop had input the wrong vin number of a vehicle they were working on, which obviously was my trucks vin number, and it populated on Crafax. Not to mention, the same shop worked on this car multiple times over a 2 year period and it populated to Carfax every time. Instead of Carfax doing a service and looking into it, they just said possible mileage tampering on the report. Now my truck was branded and nobody would buy it. I had to submit my receipts to Carfax to prove the claim false and to have my report fixed so I could sell it. According to my wife and other family members that work for dealerships, this happens often. What about people that buy used vehicles and don't get the documentation? They would be screwed and stuck with the vehicle. That my friend is fraud.
  6. big_daddy_jp


    Don't bank your money on Carfax. There are plenty of loopholes that won't come up and if bogus info was turned into Carfax they don't look into it. They just submit it and blam, it's now on the report. I've had better luck with Auto Check.
  7. big_daddy_jp

    Drivers/Spotters and their role

    Yes Crusty, radio communications is awesome but a lot of people don't have it. Also, if you rely solely on the radio, than you begin to not scan your surroundings while driving and just focus on what's directly in front of you. As for the spotters in the hp wars video, I saw them getting caught up in the race and not what was going on around them or behind them. That's why I suggest your spotters be people you know and not just random people parked to watch the action! In a perfect world, yes it would be great if these things didn't happen when it's busy, but that's not gonna happen. The drags and jumping are for showing off and those bring crowds. So this post was basically just to inform the uninformed how to properly do things to try and help keep our playground a little safer.
  8. big_daddy_jp

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Where do I find the video to watch? I've only found pics.
  9. big_daddy_jp

    Drivers/Spotters and their role

    I'm sure there is a better section for this thread be it Safety or Newbies, but I figured there would be more exsposure here in light of recent events. These are my feelings about this subject and just wondered what the masses thought also. Random people standing at the edge of a lip you want to jump are NOT your spotters. Especially if nobody is signaling you that it's clear but are actually just watching you drive all the way up the hill. Unless it's a jump that tons of people have been jumping, in the same direction and one at a time, and someone is signaling it's clear, assume that it's not clear. Even then to me it's a little sketchy using people you don't know.This is my break down for each party to keep things as safe as possible. Spotter- Know your spotter- The safest spotter you can have is someone you know. They will at least want to keep you safe which in turn will keep all safer. Have multiple spotters- The more you have, the more there are to scan all directions Have a main spotter - This person will wave you on that it is clear along with waving you off Extra spotters - Scan area to make sure it's clear along with waving off the driver and anyone that may cross the path. Spectators - Everybody has the right to wave off a driver if you see something. Sometimes your spotters will miss something. Driver- Main spotter- Your job is to keep your eyes on that spotter all the way til lift off. If you can't keep an eye on your spotters and the line you want to run, you have no business doing what your about to do. Team of spotters - As a driver, it's your job to explain to your spotters what your plans are and what you need them to do.
  10. big_daddy_jp

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    I'm confused? So you could see the accident clearly? You could see the rzr coming down, the sand car going up, the collision, but didn't see anyone waving their arms to stop but yet somehow the rzr new to slow down? Also, a buggy going 30-45 up olds isn't going to launch off that lip and land where it did according to the pics that are posted. I do know that a buggy going 30-45 uphill will come to a sudden stop if the brakes are applied. To me it seems pretty clear and I wasn't even there. Somebody showing off without the talent to back it or a noobie that doesn't have or know duning etiquette just got in an accident and altered many lives forever.
  11. big_daddy_jp

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    I'm so tired of reading about these accidents. Please people, if you have no f'ing clue how to drive or be safe in our play ground, stay the f' out. Prayers go out to the lost duner and his family.
  12. big_daddy_jp

    It’s Saturday 12/29/2018 what’s everyone doing

    Went to the car show. Afterwards, stopped by the dealer to sign for my new truck!
  13. big_daddy_jp

    2019 rzr turbo s stock lower a arm in glamis

    Did he try Craigslist? Lots of people sell the stock parts from their race builds or just from installing long travel kits.
  14. big_daddy_jp

    Good Paddle for 250R

    My favorites were always a 10" sand skate 2. Didn't hook up as hard as a hauler but got the job done along with being able to throw it sideways hard with full control. In a hard slide, the haulers always wanted to go straight and lift the front end. Very unpredictable when you didn't want it to be.
  15. big_daddy_jp

    It's Saturday 12/22/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Picked up my wife's new car this morning. Still looking for that deal on my new truck!

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