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  1. Moons ago my buddies band set up at test hill at Gordons. The fuz shut them down but my buddy just kept playing solo on the drums. Nothing like a live band at the desert to kick things off!
  2. Here is my $.02. There are a lot of people that build bad azz stuff but everyone seems to follow the masses. They claim because its tried and true but really it's because they are afraid to go outside the box because if it doesn't work out it was a waste of money. Let's take BFD for instance. They made a nice basic sand car. All it took was someone to drop a crap ton on a custom body and then BAM they were the shit! Sometimes builders don't have the out of pocket cash to build that endless budget car to show off their skills. If a customer doesn't pony it up, you will never know what they can do. Keep up the good work. I like the whole idea behind your car. Show some videos of you bashing it so people can see how it holds up.
  3. Be careful using coil cleaners. They can take the coating off the fins. I even tried simple green one time and it took the coating off as well. Not much you can do about your evap coil, other than the coil cleaners, but for your condenser just use your garden hose and spray nozzle. As Legit said, get a fin comb too.
  4. Not sure anout the 3/4" Milwaukee not busting lug nuts loose. I can change tires on my truck, trailer, rzr, etc with my 3/8" impact no problem. My 1/2" impact will snap shit!
  5. I used to have Dewalt. Then I got my first Milwaukee set and never looked back! My Dewalt stuff is now a garage tool. The Milwaukee batteries last a long time between charges and the tools are more powerful. Milwaukee fuel hands down in my eyes.
  6. I've used them on all my cars. Work awesome on motors that are tight.
  7. Still can't watch any videos posted on this site. I can go to YouTube and watch videos all day long but I can't watch a single one on this site. This problem is nothing new and I'm sure it's some kind of setting on my iPad but I can't figure it out! Just thought I would share since the techies are reading this thread!
  8. I'm guessing he's talking about a windshield? If so, I never had one but a couple of my buddies did. Pros: Keeping wind down, keeping dust down, warmer to drive in cold weather Cons: Hard to see when it rains ( even using rain-x ), wet dirt sticks to the windshield so constantly stopping to clean, if you don't vent your roof the air in the car will swirl around and get trapped causing it to get stuffy and stagnant
  9. I had a 2400lb car with Extreme tires. The side walls leaked all the time. I used the liquid alumiseal and coolant trick and it worked well until I got a small gash in the side wall. I had tubes put in and ran them for years that way. Hell I even reused the tubes when I wore out those paddles and had new ones put on! Not sure why everyone has had such bad luck. Maybe because I never ran my tires below 10psi? My car had a mild 500hp ls1 also.
  10. I myself own a sxs and am very courteous to my surroundings. I don't think making places street legal will make anything better. In fact, I think it will make things worse. You see, for the people who care and want to do the right thing will go the extra mile. If you make it easy, people will now just be driving their sxs on the streets because they "can" and not out of necessity. Having laws seems to keep the riff raff down to a minimum. Just my $0.02
  11. Legit you should just send Stugots your motor, harness, and fuel set up from your old car. That damn car was the quickest thing I've ever drivin in the sand! I would love to drive that set up in his mid engine car! Look the eff out!!!
  12. Fortyfour, I like that set up. Looks very simple and clean.
  13. That sounds like a good solid plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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