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  1. Maybe check your fuel cap? If you have to relieve fuel pressure for it to run, I would check this. Also, instead of removing your fuel line, wouldn’t it be easier to just bleed the fuel from the bowl with the drain screw?
  2. I did pay a little more to get all of the extras that came with the carb. I thought the on/off valve would be cool to have but it leaked right away. So I just installed the carb with new gaskets and the inline fuel filter.
  3. Hey Mac I have a used spare that I keep in my trailer. Now I have two used spares. If you need one you can have it.
  4. I’m posting this here so hopefully it will get more exposure. Admin, feel free to move it if need be. So here goes. I’ve got an 06’ WW 5th wheel. I’ve owned it since new. If taken my carburetor off and cleaned it about 3-4 times total. I’ve always had good luck cleaning them. I never drain the gas, i don’t use fuel stabilizer, and I’m lucky if I remember to run it twice in the off season! I have always used 91 octane. Well, I cleaned my carb again this summer and even though it ran, it was always hunting. It wouldn’t smoothe out. Pulled the carb and cleaned it like 3 more times, changed fuel filters, checked for cracked fuel lines, etc. So I decided to buy a carb. I’m a cheap ass so I ordered a Chinese eBay special for $50 delivered. I just got done installing it. Fresh tank of gas thanks to my son stealing the rest for his truck! Anyways, primed it and fired it off and it runs amazing!!! I turned on the a/c on full blast and let it run for about an hour and a half. No problems what so ever. Just letting you guys know because most of us have the same generators and the same issues.
  5. Yes I bought one the same size as stock. I hope it sounds good. They say the longer the body the quieter it is. I will definitely hit you up if I need anything! Thank you
  6. Pulled the trigger and bought a 3” in and out. Keep you posted when it comes in.
  7. You can go to Autozone or any other parts place that I know of. They will let you use theirs in the parking lot. After fixing, go back and use it to clear the code. The magic number to drive is 60 miles. Any less than that and it will be refused.
  8. It will be back up for sale soon. Until then, congrats OB!
  9. I might just save myself some time and just pm you with any question I have!
  10. Ok I’m not really sure where to start ahipara. You have very valid points and some points are also very left field. The line of business I’m in is kind of “special” for lack of words right now. My line of work is Commercial HVAC. What I mean by that is Casinos, hotels, hospitals, etc don’t have the luxury of turning off the A/c when business is slow. A homeowner on the other hand will turn the a/c off to save money. Same with Grocery stores. Along with heating and a/c comes refrigeration. As my bosses say, everyone needs cold beer and ice cream! So this is how I’m comfortable with my income way more than when I was in construction and lost my house. Also, everyone would be rich if they new when to buy and when to sell. Yes you can try to predict what is going to happen but in the end, without inside information, it’s just a big guessing game. Next, if I had $100k to put down on a house than financially it would be smarter to wait for the market to take a shit and swoop something up and have a crap ton of equity quickly. Sadly I don’t have that luxury. So for me, the interest rate kind of predicts when I can buy. I’m sure if I laid out all of my financials you would see where I’m coming from but that isn’t what this topic was about. It was simply to find out what people knew about first time buyer programs. I’m also pretty sure your like me and maybe have a hard time expressing what your trying to say while typing but what I’m reading seems pretty doom and gloom. Nothing in life is a sure thing. It would be great if I knew the right thing to do in every situation but I don’t. I can say that I’ve lost a home but In return I got humbled and learned a lot of life lessons along the way. I’m not the same first time home buyer at 43 as I was at 24!
  11. My son wants an exhaust on his truck for his birthday. I looked at cat back systems but momma don’t wanna spend that much! So I’m looking to buy a muffler and install it on the stock exhaust along with a chrome tip. My question is how the sizing works. The exhaust piping is 2.75”. So if you buy a 2.75” muffler, is it designed to slip over the piping or is it the same size and will need to be butt welded ( which I would never do )? I’m looking for something to slip on and clamp. I’m down to buy 3” and notch it so it can be crimped down to the 2.75” piping if need be. Also, any suggestions on a muffler? The truck is a 2003 Silverado with a 5.3. I used to be all about Flowmaster back in the day but the last few exhausts systems I’ve used were Magnaflow and was really pleased with the sound and quality. Any help would be awesome!
  12. Yes sorry. I meant to say he added a section in the middle. I’m sure you understood what I was saying.

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