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  1. I used antifreeze and alumiseal also. It worked really well. My last car I had tubes put in my 35 extremes. Never lost a tube and always full of air.
  2. Rear hub bearings is my guess without any pics of the car.
  3. Yes but I gave it to him inside my trailer. What he chose to do with it afterwards was on him!
  4. Hahahahaha! Never thought of that since I live in San Diego!!!
  5. Great question. Since they found out the closures were bogus and did the exact opposite of what was intended, how were they able to just uproot the closures to another location? Now years later, with the same results as the first attempt, why are they still in effect? I truly feel it was to corral the masses to one area to better police which sadly is Glamis. All of it is pure bullshizz!!
  6. Where in San Diego does he live that gets snow? Especially enough snow to flood the garage when it melts!
  7. Heater repairs at Scripps clinic today. Now cocktails with the wife until we head to dinner!
  8. That’s why I love Ogilby. I haven’t seen or even had the BLM come into my camp in years. I guess every spot has its good and bad!
  9. You are so right! Believe me, I hate the idea behind the closures, I feel this closure is a funneled trap, etc. I wasn’t the one issued the ticket but we all chipped in to pay for the ticket so it cost me a bottle of vodka!
  10. So a group of us went out on a big ride. We planned on duning from Test hill to Patton’s. Coming through the first set we headed into the valley to hit the second set. The dunes we were in were NOT a part of the closure but the main road sent you into the closure in the valley. Right there was a BLM on a quad waiting. He already had a group of people pulled over so he hopped on his quad and flagged us down. We tried to talk our way out of it just as all the others pulled over but no luck. He was gracious enough to only write tickets to the leaders of the group and give warnings to the rest. The ticket was $105 in case you were wondering. Not complaining by any means, we were in the closure so we were in the wrong. Just a warning to others about that closure. Stick to the outside edges and you will miss it!
  11. Yes you guys are correct. Common sense says treat the roads as if it were the public streets. Stay on your right and it’s all good. Problem is that isn’t a law in the dessert so people that don’t care just do what they want. I don’t own a boat but I assume the river is treated the same way? I think a lot of it has to do with the way they were raised.
  12. Maybe instead of blaming it on being a SXS you should think about weather they are a noobie or not? I encountered plenty of this in Gordon’s over Thanksgiving week. First was a buggy coming head on with me. I saw him coming and knew he wasn’t gonna let out so I pulled over to let him by. Azzhat never waved or even acknowledged me! Next was a group I got stuck behind heading back to camp. They had teenagers on quads in front followed by adults in a buggy. The quads were running down the wrong side. As I took another path to go around, you could tell the kids on quads weren’t very experienced riders and shouldn’t have been in the front. I guess what I’m getting at is not all of us SXS owners are douche bags and it gets old being pigeon holed with the masses. It’s like saying EVERYONE driving buggies does wheelies across the hill!
  13. Done! She is a lot prettier than some of the others ahead of her. Wish her luck!
  14. Cool thanks! I thought you would chime in with Geoff Mummert at MMAD since he’s in your complex!

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