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  1. big_daddy_jp

    Honda Talon

    Anyone besides me happy to see Honda get into the performance sxs market? I'm looking forward to seeing what the future brings for them. What say you?
  2. big_daddy_jp

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Man mrknnee you took the words right out of my mouth! I remember when people who had never been to the desert before were pulling money on homes to buy big hp longtravel cars. That was scary but I guess as long as you buy a buggy your allowed to be a douche bag. As for trash, our dunes have been littered with trash long before sxs came along. I'm sure there are billions of cigarette butts in our dunes from everyone that seems to think it's just one huge ashtray. Hell if we want to break down who the biggest assholes are, let's keep track of all the beer cans we find scattered around. The best way to deal with camp rzr if you don't like it is to just stay away. As many of you know, I own a rzr. You won't catch me there. I go to the desert to ride and not to watch a shit show. That's why I don't camp at Glamis at all. Too many people doing too many dumb things. Not bashing Glamis at all, I grew up there. It wasn't until I started my family that I decided the party scene wasn't for me anymore. I guess I'm just trying to say that you can always camp somewhere else that weekend, and have a great time, avoiding the shit show all together.
  3. big_daddy_jp

    Venting a gas jug

    It could just be me but it looks like you put the vent on the bottom side of the gas can?
  4. big_daddy_jp

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    Finish installing headset radios and fresh air pumper. Oh ya, and if my truck sells I've gotta buy a new one!
  5. big_daddy_jp

    In light of recent events, what did you do before you hit 20?

    I struggle with this question a lot. My son is almost 16 and getting caught for the same kind of crap I pulled at his age. Not near as bad as I was but afraid if I don't find a way to stop him he will be. Thankfully we didn't have smart phones back then with snap chat and instagram so nothing is trapped on the interwebs! If you want to know what your kids are up to or what the kids they hang out with are up to, grab their phone and start looking. Kids these days are completely stupid and post EVERYTHING they do.
  6. big_daddy_jp

    Drivers Ed Online for Teens

    We used AAA
  7. big_daddy_jp

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Some Florida Georgia line mixed in with some Luke Bryan!
  8. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    What the hell? That's flat billers beer it ain't for the upity! You guys at the top of the chain should be drinking an IPA!
  9. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Sandpsyco, again you don't compare apples to apples! A sxs does 70-80 mph top speed. How can that keep up with a trophy truck doing 130 or even a motorcycle doing 110? It takes a lot to overcome a second lost in a race like that! As for us, I'm down to run with you. If you need to stay in the big bowls to outrun me than so be it. You should try and watch other racing besides NASCAR though. There is a lot more to duning than just going left!
  10. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Hey Forty, there are people who like to putt, some like to cruise, and some ( like me ) like to push what ever they are driving or riding as hard as they can. My sand cars were all duned hard 2nd to 3rd. Our average speed was 48mph without any straight always to bump that average up. All pure duning speed. White knuckled? Hell ya!!! On the edge with your Heart pumping and tunes jammin! So now I've got a turbo rzr. Top speed is nowhere near what my last car was, power to weight is shitty, so to make up the difference you just hold the go pedal to the floor! With that being said, a skilled driver in a smaller car can run with average guys in big sand cars all day long. Or until my belt breaks!
  11. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Your right Sandpsyco the power to weight ratio is nothing like your sand car. In fact, at 2000lbs and 170hp, the power to weight ratio is worse than my first Alimicraft car with a stroked vw. All that being said, I'm still down to run with you. It would look pretty bad If you couldn't ditch me.
  12. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    I've been going to the desert for over 40 years and I can tell you that the whoops didn't come til the hp and suspension showed up! Ever hit whoops at comp when all there was to ride was a Honda 90? When all that was out there was corvair or vw powered rear engine buggies or even some water pumpers and none of them had much for suspension. The dunes were so much smoother. Then along came midtravel cars and the whoops started growing. Next was long travel cars and they got worse. This definitely wasn't a sxs's fault!
  13. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    I guess I needed to go into detail. Can a sand car drift? Yep but so can a sxs. Can a sand car jump? Yep but so can a sxs. Can a sand car charge the whoops? Yep but so can a sxs. The one place a sand car " shines " is how quickly it can get up to speed and how fast it can go on the straight away. I've said this before, the dunes in glamis are big and fast flowing allowing you to run higher speeds. The dunes at gordons aren't. So if you would like to come down where the duning Is more technical I will let you run #2 spot! If I do find my way to glamis, I will be more than glad to follow you on a ride. Either way I'm sure it will be a blast!
  14. big_daddy_jp

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Chizzle I don't disagree with that statement at all. I had more fun duning my long travel rails than my rzr hands down. There is no comparison between the two when it comes to duning. Where I do disagree with Poule, Sandpsyco, and a few others is just because a sand rail is more fun it doesn't mean duning a sxs isn't. I have a blast in mine. In fact, I would bet I could probably out dune most buggy guys on this forum in my rzr. You can have big hp all day long in a sand car but you can only " dune " so fast. Yes you can outrun me on a straight away but that's the only place a sand car is gonna shine. People may not like to hear that but it's the truth. Now take that twin turbo sand car out of the dunes and what do you have? Would you take your car to the hard pack and bash boulders with it? Probably not. Or how about rock crawling. Can your bad azz sand car rock crawl? Hell no! So a sand car is really only good at one thing and that's duning. While a sxs can do SOOOOOOO much more for SOOOOOOO much less. Not everyone only goes to the sand. Not everyone can afford a bad azz sand car. BUT, most people can afford a sxs and use that toy year round. In my opinion, a sxs is more bang for your buck.

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