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  1. big_daddy_jp

    Question for the sequential guys

    The best thing I ever did was make a solid shift linkage and ditch the cables. My trans would always have trouble downshifting because the cable would come out of adjustment. Once I built the solid linkage problem was solved.
  2. big_daddy_jp

    Electric 450

    This sand truck isn't anything new. He's been running Gordons for years.
  3. big_daddy_jp


    If there is a camera out, you WILL crash!
  4. big_daddy_jp

    Purchasing a Rail out of state? NEWB questions

    I do remember the issues you speak of. I remember builders wouldn't build a turnkey car because of that issue. Basically, they would build you a car and you had to "give" them a motor for the build. At least that was the way around it back then.
  5. big_daddy_jp

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    Awesome read!
  6. big_daddy_jp

    Filing taxes

    I get what everyone is saying. I do put money aside and have the amount needed to pay my taxes. Just venting! My wife and I work our asses off and that seems to be the problem! We don't own a home anymore but there isn't much incentive to do so just for a write off! We have one child and our tax guy just told us it was our last year to get max deduction for him because he is 16. So I guess it is no longer 18? We made a bit less than $150k without disclosing exactly how much! My goal isn't to try and get back as much as I can but rather just break even. With the cost of living these days how can anyone afford to claim single and zero to try and break even?!! As I said before, this wasn't about complaining. Just sharing and figured it would be cool to see how others did. We are blessed to have our health, the jobs we have, a roof over our heads, toys for the desert, etc.
  7. big_daddy_jp

    Filing taxes

    Eff my life! Just got back from another brutal beating. I'm just so tired of this time of year! So my tax guy says my wife needs to change her deductions from married and 0 to single and 0 and I need to change mine from married and 1 to married and 0 to break even! WTF! Why can't you just deduct what you actually have to break even? Why do I have to claim less deductions than I really have to break even? It's all a damn scam I tell you!
  8. big_daddy_jp

    Need Some Recommendations For An Auto Body Shop In San Diego

    Donahue automotive 619-258-0795 they are on Denny way in El Cajon. Same parking lot as AG sand cars.
  9. big_daddy_jp

    Whole house fan.

    My buddy and I do side work. We both work for a union commercial hvac company. I can give him a call and see if he can make time. Let me know if that interests you.
  10. big_daddy_jp

    Sandpsycho vs The BLM

    Am I the only one who wonders how an innocent person has had so many run ins with the BLM?!!! Trouble always finds trouble!
  11. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    Same thing happens for grease monkeys video.
  12. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    The video onanysunday posted doesn't work. It plays and I can hear everything but the picture stays the same the whole time.
  13. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    Yep I tried that. I can watch videos elsewhere just not on this site.
  14. big_daddy_jp

    Can't see videos?

    Not very tech savy and need your help! Every video I click on will open and play but the picture never changes. What gives? Wondering if it's something in the settings on my iPad.
  15. big_daddy_jp

    How's the weather?

    Headed out this weekend. Just wondering how wet it is out there still?

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