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  1. When your the first one out you get the choice of the best spot but you also dig the fire pit! Everyone in my camp helps each other load and unload. We all jump in to fix the broken. Looking forward to this season. I’ve got two nieces that will be old enough to venture from the 8 track for a ride. I also have a niece and nephew that will be born during the season. The cycle is starting over again and this uncle can’t wait!
  2. So then at what point do you use your own brain and figure out things without asking a million questions? Maybe try a forum search and see what comes up or maybe even google the damn question? Most people on here that know the answers don’t mind helping and that’s including me. My knowledge, as I’m sure most of the others, came from years of busting knuckles, reading books, and countless hours of just plain trying to figure it out. If you want to take on a build project you should at the very least be knowledgeable about what your working on. If not, take some time and try to figure it out on your own for once! We can tell by the step your in on your project what step is coming next and can figure out the question that is coming! If you need us to tell you how to build your car step by step than this project is over your head. That’s when we worry about safety factor. If you didn’t know the answer to this small thing, than what is being overlooked that could be dangerous down the road? I guess it’s another case of the ones that know, know, and the ones that don’t, won’t.
  3. Good leaders keep their group together. If you have new people that aren’t as skilled you adjust accordingly. If you want a haul ass ride, you know who in your group can keep up and the rest will just meet you at the hill. At Gordon’s, I would stop at every valley before heading back into the dunes to make sure everyone was accounted for. If you were lost, you were instructed to park at the top of a dune so we could find you. Usually that never happened because the car running sweep had a radio as did I so we could keep everyone together. Also, a good leader always knows where they are! The put your head down and just haul ass Idea is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. When we were third gear duning and racing through the dunes, the leader always read the dunes 3-4 dunes ahead making sure it was clear to transition at high speeds. Also, there was a select 4 of us that could really get a piece in the dunes. Leaders always changed hands on a dune run!
  4. Please don’t get me wrong. I am all for people asking questions that help them in a certain direction. My point is, there are times when I come across a situation that is over my head at work. I ask the question and receive the info but also understand why it is what it is. Then there are those that ask a million questions and don’t know why they are doing it. Then it’s makes you wonder if they should even be there or if this job is “over their head”. Same goes with building a sand car. Most people can unbolt a part and bolt another one in its place. It takes a better person to know whether the bolts need antiseeze or loctite and if it needs loctite which color? A mechanic knows the Right bolt to use for the application, the torque spec of the bolt, and the torque pattern to use. These are the safety factors I think about. Asking what could be the problem with a car, what part to fix it, and even pointers on how to change it are one thing. Asking how to pretty much build and assemble your whole sand car is another story!
  5. Just because you asked how to mount a part doesn’t mean you understand how it works. If you don’t understand how it works or it’s complete function, you are no good at fixing said problem. So whether or not the builder is there makes no difference. Take a cv for instance. You may have asked how to install it and even clock it on the axle but don’t understand cv angle. Now you have a broken cage out in the dunes. The cv’s come packaged complete and ready to install but you don’t realize that there is a direction for the star and cage to align for the cv to operate correctly. Many things to know when it comes to “building” your car or just simply buying parts and assembling. Those are two VERY different things. Just because you have a set of tools and you understand lefty loosy righty tighty doesn’t mean you are capable or even should build a sand car. Especially when there is more than one seat in that car!
  6. I wonder sometimes if this question ever comes to mind when people are trying to do a build project. I mean some of the simplest questions asked worry me on how well built these cars will be and how safe they will be for the people riding in them. Is it just me?
  7. All this talk really makes me miss my sand car! I need to get my a$$ over to Glamis and hook up with some of you for a quick ride. Yes I just have a turbo rzr but it loves to run WFO!
  8. Agreed. It’s really easy to follow on a fast ride. It’s a whole other ball game to lead that ride.
  9. #1 trophy definitely goes to SoCal for his repeated success of ruining a thread. I used to be a bad ass buggy driver until I unfortunately had to sell me car. Now I fall in the bad ass sxs driver category! Now SoCal, what do you say we race each other? You in your buggy and me in my rzr. Odds are severely against me since I might catch on fire, break a belt, be under a stop use recall, and my favorite of all, I don’t own an Arctic cat ( the baddest machine ever built on paper)!! What say you? A little skin in the game?
  10. Maybe they did pm the person and they didn’t fix the ad so they put them on blast? At least that’s how I would handle it.
  11. Drove mine as normal. Towed the crap out of it with less than 500 miles on it. The new trucks are just beasts! Congrats!
  12. Make sure your suspension is dialed in.

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