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  1. big_daddy_jp

    Aluminum J&J mid-engine $7500

    Man does this bring back memories! My J&J was my favorite car before long travels. Bump for a sick ass car!
  2. big_daddy_jp

    HRT dual sport Ls/s4(price drop)

    Love this car! Todd built some nice cars. GLWTS
  3. big_daddy_jp

    What the effin eff

    Man you learn something new every day! The last ceiling fan I bought was 7 years ago. Times are changing and this is just another example of how old I am getting! Glad you figured it out.
  4. big_daddy_jp

    What the effin eff

    If you take the battery out of one of your other remotes you should see some dip switches. Write down what they are set at so you can put them back when finished. Go into the other room and start moving the switches til you find the one that works. Shut the fan off. Write down that combo for later. Then reset the settings so your room works. Go buy a replacement and set the switches to the combo that worked for your other room. Done
  5. big_daddy_jp

    SxS's - Street Legal - Townships - Drama

    I myself own a sxs and am very courteous to my surroundings. I don't think making places street legal will make anything better. In fact, I think it will make things worse. You see, for the people who care and want to do the right thing will go the extra mile. If you make it easy, people will now just be driving their sxs on the streets because they "can" and not out of necessity. Having laws seems to keep the riff raff down to a minimum. Just my $0.02
  6. big_daddy_jp

    Where to go ?

    Plaster city has a lot to offer also but it doesn't have the dune ridge that superstition has. Basically get off at Dunaway rd and go North. Take that to the end and you run into Evan Hewes. If you turn left on Evan Hewes that will take you to plaster city. Turn right on Evan Hewes if you want to go to Superstition. Then turn left on Huff rd. Lastly you will turn left on Wheeler rd. Right away you will be near the mud hills. If you go further down you will be closer to the dunes.
  7. big_daddy_jp

    Found stolen buggy

    Repost. Venom posted it on Saturday with no replies so far.
  8. big_daddy_jp

    Where to go ?

    Superstition if you want all kinds of terrain.
  9. big_daddy_jp

    Honda 3.5

    Legit you should just send Stugots your motor, harness, and fuel set up from your old car. That damn car was the quickest thing I've ever drivin in the sand! I would love to drive that set up in his mid engine car! Look the eff out!!!
  10. big_daddy_jp

    Garage model 5ers

    I know this will probably get moved but I thought it might get more exposure here. I have a 2006 WW 38ft 5er right now. We bought it new in 2005 when we still had a sand car. Now we have a 2 seat rzr and a couple quads. Even though our trailer is still real nice, we have talked about upgrading. We have decided that unless we buy a garage model, we will just keep our trailer. With that being said, I figure I can get away with a 14' garage model if I stand the quads up. I've spent a lot of time trying to research my needs but thought maybe you guys could help! I'm trying to find the shortest trailer possible with a 14' garage. I still use my trailer for camping in parks so I need it as short as possible! Also, a clean used trailer would fit my budget best since the new trailers I've seen are $70k plus! Any ideas?
  11. big_daddy_jp

    Garage model 5ers

    Come on bro, you know the wife won't let me have a motorhome! Not to mention, I bought a new truck at the first of the year.
  12. big_daddy_jp

    Garage model 5ers

    I've found a few 14' garage models that are 40' trailers. That's about as long as I would want my trailer. What you guys are saying does make a lot of sense though. I know I could get a shorter trailer if I don't buy a garage model but that would seem to defeat my purpose. Building a wall and making my own could work but that would leave me with only 4' between the wall and the kitchen cabinet!
  13. big_daddy_jp

    Fuel level gauge

    Fortyfour, I like that set up. Looks very simple and clean.
  14. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    That sounds like a good solid plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  15. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Something to think about if you haven't already. If your thinking this is gonna be your forever car you might want to rethink that. This sport is so addicting and you will seem to always chase something bigger and better. What is cool now won't be the cool thing in a couple years. What is the biggest and baddest now, won't be in a few years. If you at all think that down the road you plan on building a bigger LS motor than by all means get the 934's. While your at it, you should step that trans up also to an S4, fortin, or Albins. As I said, once you decide you want to go bigger, your gonna open up a whole can of worms! Honestly, at that point, you should just save yourself a lot of money and time and just purchase one already done. Summer sales will come shortly and you will be able to pick up bigger cars at a fraction of during season sales. Ask yourself these questions. 1. How much do I have into this car already 2. How much will it realistically cost to finish this car the way I want it 3. How much can I sell this car as is (repair axles and cv's and make it a running car) 4. How much will this car realistically fetch when done A complete turn key car ( LS,2d) will be worth around $25k. Im sure you will have way more into your car than that. Again, not trying to spend your money just trying to give options.
  16. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Take the time to read the posts people left for you. Take the time to read the posts you have made. My last explanation was pretty simple to follow. I posted help before Jalper spoke of a trans for you. He also stated nothing about it being a used trans nor did you. So anyone not knowing your situation ( you and Jalper were the only people that new the real situation), can only assume the trans was new. If you were buying a new trans than I explained you could get it with 930 cvs to save you a ton of money. How do you expect to get the help you need without full disclosure? So I guess starting a thread about effed up axles leads the rest of us to know your true plan is to buy another trans. Or better yet we should know you plan on buying one from Jalper. Or than again, we should know that your buying a freshened up one not a new one. Still yet again, we should know it's a used PBS with 934 flanges( again I'm assuming that the trans is already rebuilt with 934 flanges as is why you don't have the option to have 930 flanges to run what you are already set up for to save you money). The list of things you completely left out of your thread with a quest for "help". Look, just because I'm the only one telling you like it is doesn't mean I'm butt hurt or pissed off or crabby etc or even the only one that feels this way. Plenty of pm's flying around about this one! Believe me I'm no keyboard warrior. I'm telling you the way it is. If you truly want people on this board to help than you need to give all the info. Otherwise people WILL remember you and choose not to waste their time. Take this info any way you like but again I'm only trying to help your future success here at GD.
  17. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    It doesn't surprise me. Since your original post you've been lost! You started this thread about cv' s and effed up axles. You say nothing about buying a new trans just that since your axles are jacked up you might as well go to 934's. As for the people reading your post, we want to help you and save you money in the long run. We then tell you how to repair your your axles for free and just replace your 930's. Next JAlper says your 2d with 934 flanges will be ready soon. So now you decide to question him a ton of times about transmissions as if you know more than him! Only showing all of us reading this crap that you have absolutely no damn idea what your doing. Trying to keep you from being screwed over, we then go through pages of explaining what trans will hold, what cv will hold, and what will be the cheapest route for you to take. Only to find out that you already made your mind up long ago. What an effing waste of energy and time for all of us. As I said before, good luck. Your gonna need it!
  18. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Maybe somewhere in the 5 pages you told us you were buying a used trans and I missed it? I was under the assumption you were buying a new trans. Also, if you took any time at all to read my posts you would see I was trying to save you money not spend your money. Good luck
  19. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    I've never seen the adapters before but I figured they were hallow. My thought was the cv would run out of spline when the axle plunged inward. You know, since the cv will now ride further up the axle with the adapter installed. Oh well, not my chair not my problem!
  20. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Buying a new trans means he will need new axles. Now does he have to buy a different length when he ditches the adapters? I would think so if he wanted full travel. If he does, than why buy two sets of axles? Get 930 flanges to begin with and only purchase one set of axles.
  21. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Holy crap!!! Dude did you not read my last post???? You are aware that 2d transmissions come with 930 or 934 flanges right? Why don't you just buy a new 2d trans with 930 flanges? Is there some sort of back door deal your doing with Jalper that forces you to buy his trans with 934 flanges? Eff the damn adapters already and just get a trans with the 930 flanges. You will never need to run 934's if you plan on driving the way you say your gonna drive. I drove the shit out of my sand cars with 930's without killing cv's. If your suspension is set up correctly and you know when to put your foot into the throttle and when to take it off, your cv's will live. Maybe save that extra money from not buying 934's and spend it having your suspension set up and tuned. It will be a way better car and you will be way happier in the long run.
  22. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Jalper, why don't you just sell him a 2d with 930 flanges so he can move on with his life and us with ours? Yes a 934 is stronger and cheaper than a full tilt 930, but what's the price difference between cv's? Let's say it's $100 per cv. So he would save $400 for better cv's and yet spend possibly a couple grand to upgrade the rest of his car to run them? This makes no sense. He can save a bunch of money and be on his merry way. To the OP, we had an HRT car in our camp. It had a stock ls1, 4e trans ( one step smaller than a 2d but they don't make them anymore ), with 930 cv's. It was running 33" blasters for paddles. It jumped, ran the drags, ran the hill, and loved doing wheelies. It only tossed a couple cv's in the 8 seasons they owned it. My guess the car weighed the same as yours.
  23. big_daddy_jp

    CV issues

    Jonesin I feel like you are all kinds of lost. If you have measured your car and feel that a standard old model 2d will fit then just pick any off the options Jalper suggested and you will be fine. As for 934's, there is absolutely no need to run 934's on a 2d trans IMHO. You will want a weak link and you don't want that to be your trans. A properly set up car can run 930's no problem for a long time with the right driving style. My suggestion is to do more homework and you will save tons of money and head ache.
  24. big_daddy_jp

    2002 Ford F-250 CrewCab 4x4 7.3 powerstroke

    Sold my 2001 cc/lb 4x4 7.3 5 years ago when the market was hot. Had a bit more done to it than yours with only 88k miles. I got $24k for it. I would say market wise, top dollar for your truck would be $18k-$20k. GLWTS

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