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  1. Just met Ed out in the dunes this weekend, he spent half a day with me driving and tuning. It's night and day difference and he totally changed how my car performs and how I drive it, I'm so happy. Great guy, very knowledgeable. I had also talked to tyler, he is also still in the game if anyone was wondering.
  2. Anyone tried Shock therapy for tuning?
  3. I just decided to pull the trigger and re powder my whole car, as stated numerous times, it's the little stuff that runs the bill up in the end, the "well it's already apart, might as well replace it" stuff. I did my 5 seat extreme double throw down 100% myself, 1st time ever getting that deep into it. Took me about 2 1/2 months start to finish and HUNDREDS OF hours in the garage working away. The frame itself coat me $1000, it's a candy blue over a different blue base. In the end it's cool to know every bolt and wire of my car, and was able to do some small upgrades I always wanted to do. I established a great relationship with my pc guy and kept bringing him more and more parts throughout the rebuild and he took care of it all. I've sent him a bunch of business since cause he treated me so well.
  4. I just swapped over to the Evans waterless coolant, as mentioned before it has a higher boiling temp so I can open the radiator cap in the middle of a ride and it doesn't boil over (not that I'd really want to) but that keeps the system at low pressure, so if anything ever Springs a leak, it's just a dribble not a geyser. It doesn't corrode at all and it lasts forever. It was a lil pricey but in the long run will be good not ever having to change it or replace corroded parts. My old thermostat waterpump and thermo housing were all corroded when I pulled it apart for the swap. Jay leno did a lil review on it on Jay leno's garage you can YouTube it. Took it out for the first time since the swap last weekend, no cooling issues at all.
  5. Awesome, thanks. How's a lifetime warranty work on cv's? They are destined to wear out and break eventually, no matter what.
  6. Anyone got a good place to get cv's at a good price?
  7. Super strap, jumper cables, tool bag, blanket, air compressor, and patience. always dune with someone, preferably of equal size and power. I've towed back to camp ford rangers, maverick 4 seater, 5 seat v8 rails, Lil vw rails, quads, and a bunch of rzrs. Momentum is key, start down hill, tow the front sideways or pull backwards and turn the nose down first before towing forward if necessary. Make sure the tow-ees have goggles! Remove as much weight from the towed vehicle if possible, and once u get going don't stop. Hardest part is getting it going and on top, then just pick smooth lines and keep ur speed up. And try to keep the rope tight. Got too much slack one time w a super strap towing a heavy rail with a truck and when it tightened back up it snapped and came back and broke out the windshield of the towed rail.
  8. My lil pomeranian ran away on black friday morning. Answers to maggie... she Started right next to the loop road on gecko last spotted running toward pad 3. Please call or text 9092419219
  9. My lil pomeranian ran away on black friday morning. Answers to maggie... she Started right next to the loop road on gecko last spotted running toward pad 3. Please call or text 9092419219
  10. so it ended up being a shorted out wire in the loom right after where it connects where you had said urs was a problem....thanks for all of the input!!
  11. ok cool ill go look at that. thanks. I checked all of the fuses around the invertor/convertor and they ll check fine.
  12. ok, i didnt think about around the convertor, ill check that one out maybe a fuse somewhere, no i have never put anything onto/into my walls to cut a wire.....
  13. Yeah it is the 12v lights that arent working, but figured why not, so i tried the GFCI, nothing....re-replaced the 30 amp'ers at the batteries, still nothing. When the 30 amp'ers went out before i lost ALL lights to the trailer, now its just the front half....I'm affraid it may be a ground or faulty wire somewhere.....Unless someone knows of a secret fuse block somewhere. ;-)
  14. yeah every light has its own individual switch, but they all went out at one, we r talking like 15 seperate lights. :-(

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