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  1. OK, time to weigh in: If you are going for the high speed or competitive feel.... Uh, no. You need to get the pros on board. But for the hobbyist, try something new. See how it works. It is about trying and having fun while learning and expanding your horizons. Not necessarily the high speed sand hiway runs or the massive-air-time jumps that Robbie Gordon just did (I learned the hard way: DON'T DO THAT), the experimenter and learner can putz around and try new things without being a danger to self or friends. Usually the worst thing that happens is getting stranded out in the dunes and coming up with creative solutions to get back to camp. The only reward is a 'never do this' type of story. If you are "all out" or super competitive, maybe DIY is not for you.
  2. I have used it for quite a while on the buggy and on the quad. Sand has not been an issue so far. However, this question makes me wonder: could covering the exhaust wrap with something metallic (think 2" wide thin metal tape), not only help protect the insulation, but also increase its effectiveness?
  3. If someone is actually asking the question, they are already on the right track. Overconfidence can easily lead to disaster. Questioning your own abilities allows you the freedom to ask for help or more expert advice. Arrogance typically makes this nearly impossible.
  4. A different perspective: I am an American living in Russia. I am proud to be an American and also proud to live in Russia. I am legal (equivalent of a green card status there). Of course there are things I complain about in Russia, as anyone does in any country, but I live there partially because it is a great country to live in. I respect it. I respect the people that live there (Russians). I respect their leadership, even though I do not agree with a lot of it. I think it is reasonable for me to expect the same from folks that live in the US, especially those that emigrate and want to stay here permanently! I have the same sentiment as RETIRED: how can you want to be here and yet disrespect it so blatantly?
  5. 2turbo, I am trying to figure out what you mean. I am working through motor mounting ideas right now but cannot picture what you are describing. Any pics? diagrams?
  6. UPDATE: I pulled the oil filter housing off: and found two ports in the block that were .706" Interestingly, the bore spec for tapping 1/2" NPT threads is .710. Huh. Four thousandths is close enough. I got a tap (Thanks, Scott of MCM!) and it was quick and easy. No special adapter housing needed. Clean and simple. Now to build my new motor mounts...
  7. I have one on my car (Mid Engine with 2D) I would like to convert to conventional H pattern. Maybe we could work something out? Bernie (559) 274-3047
  8. I like having my tires clean and dry inside. No additives.
  9. I have run them for years. No issues. as Punkur said, the threaded stems are the best. IMPORTANT: make sure your valve stem holes in the rims are smooth. no sharp edges. I have also run 11-15 tubes in paddles. One car has been sitting for years in storage and still holds air after all that time. Often at the start of the first trip f the year we will check pressures and they are exactly the same as when we put them away last season
  10. I need to relocate my oil filter on the 4.6 liter Northstar. I checked with CHRfab (I didn't even now they moved to IL!), search this forum... I saw a generic one on Jeggs that fits a ton of engines, but that does not inspire confidence. Any suggestions?
  11. This hilarious! C'mon... it really is not about mothers at all... YET. However, just wait 10 - 20 years. What is absurdly ridiculous today could easily become popular opinion in 5 - 10 years, achieving legal status in 15 - 20. Our society is being steered by hands you cannot see, in ways you cannot know.
  12. I see a bidding war coming...
  13. Now, I know there are "cruelty to animals" ordinances on the books... But geeez... There aught to be a law... cruelty to...

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