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  1. Carne asada is not a crime LMFAO I want a shirt
  2. Nice one.. Alper I will be giving this one a try soon, hey I wanted to ask you, I have your old dual jacks from the 5er was going to ask you some questions about how to install, ect.
  3. My wife and I watched that whole video, laughed are asses off.....awesome thanks
  4. I'd woulda have hit him with a few bucks.
  5. I'm hoping to get up there, still have to work on the car a bit Oh.. which reminds me, I've got CV clicking on those grease jerk 930 units I bought from you a couple+ seasons ago. I should probably just drop the car off & have you hook it all up real quick Sweet...see ya in the morning bro...I'll make a list of stuff for you. Thanks your super awesome. I'll probably be at the lake Tuesday / Wednesday you mind swinging it by the house when your done.
  6. Same here except I run a 3505' warrior . Me personally I'd go 37-38 but 40& not something I want to worry about while going camping, besides if you want to take it other places like mountains or wherever, national parks , they can get to be to big of a rig. I just put a full set of the stage 4 EBC brakes on my wife 4 runner, man what a difference. My truck stops just fine , the triples on the trailer work great as well. but next brake job , I'll be looking to upgrade them to aftermarket possibly. If your dodge doesn't have an exhaust brake it's a must have. I always run 16" E rated truck tires, never ever ever would I tow anything that size on those 15"' slime ball or Carlisle whatever bullshit rating they say in the ad trailer tires .' I've seen guys bout los e their rig from highway blowouts.
  7. For some reason my 120 e start would walk away from my buddies 125's and they were solid runners. I did have a brass butterfly screw drop down the intake. Lol I replaced the entire head with a stocker but it's never ran as good as did before it decided to eat parts
  8. Mine was the same way on my Alumicraft, the Rack Snuggy was my only option short of having to fabricate new mounts. Man I swear the Rack Snuggy worked flawless the entire season and is still tight, just like my sister.
  9. Mush


    I was just wondering if there is much difference in those kind of pumps vs what there selling for a grip on that site.
  10. I think that's awesome... That's going to change some things!
  11. That's gonna rock! Good luck
  12. Mush


    My wife has the household hot and heavy on the non GMO trails. I believe it's linked to even more than just cancer , Autism for instance the unexplainable phenomenon that's affecting 1-66 kids now 8 years ago it was 1:150.
  13. Mush


    I used the seafoam version of this stuff and it worked great on mine a few months ago.

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