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  1. Whine and Cheese called, it wants its thread back...
  2. BaBaBouy


    Mrs. Bouy learning ranch shiz, first time using the PTO / mowing deck. She's already decent on the backhoe. Matt, that what you want to be doing when Jesus comes, picking on pasty senior citizens? C, much love, much love. IMG_0388[1].MOV
  3. BaBaBouy


    Damn yard work.... Four part, guy shaming, not for children or carnies.... IMG_0385[1].MOV
  4. Lower back tramp stamp saying "Exit only" was fashionable in the mid-80s...Piece.
  5. BaBaBouy

    Nice rack!

    4 Fiddy, Cowboy Cadillac.
  6. BaBaBouy

    Nice rack!

    That's what she said...
  7. We have a free day once a year for the bottom feeding masses, requires delousing...
  8. Freaking public courses, let anyone on.
  9. Agreed, Tyler was my go-to for my company’s cars. We leased so there was car turnover frequently. Very professional. My last two cars had front window tint, loved it.

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