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  1. BaBaBouy

    The debate over abortion

    I'm in favor of retro-abortion up to the age of 30.
  2. BaBaBouy

    one for you ATC250R fans

    Me rikey!
  3. Come up here for a look-see prior to deciding on a destination...
  4. Moving out of Cali is a good first step I’ve heard.
  5. BaBaBouy

    Garage model 5ers

    Build it yourself.
  6. BaBaBouy

    How friendly are Glamis people?

    The SXS peeps are not so bad as long as they get a Tee Time, their bags don’t fall off their rigs and they break 90...
  7. A mandate wasn’t given to Republicans, electing Trump was a slap to the grill for the Republican establishment. It appears you may be assigning blame to Trump for the sins of Republican establishment hacks.
  8. BaBaBouy

    eF me running

    Carpenters and plumbers going at it, say it isn’t true....
  9. BaBaBouy

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    NWAI (No Wells Are Illegal)! Piece.
  10. BaBaBouy

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    I think we should have the rich offset increased gas cost. Thank you.
  11. BaBaBouy

    RIP Schwinn

    We did a deal for the Scouts in Glamis years ago, Steve called and volunteered to help out. Great guy.
  12. BaBaBouy

    2017 Turbo Rzr 1000 (Frankie's Ride) Sold

    Sup Carlos, that roof rack is sweet!
  13. BaBaBouy

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    Thank you for your service Tom.

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