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  1. That what you want to be doing when Jesus comes?
  2. Affirmative, last spots on pad 3 as you come in.
  3. Update, elk is gone bout 60lbs of taters left.
  4. I’m the one with the lisp...
  5. The next crisis, massive infrastructure failure. Those new tenets decide to drop a growler or turn on the micro at the same time...
  6. Update, two bags of Elk steaks left, 135lbs of taters....
  7. I would sit down and enjoy a tall glass of Tri-Tip with Steve any time...
  8. If any of you homos want some elk or huge Idaho taters come see me in G. I'll be there this Monday arriving around 2 pm. Staying at Cement Flats or Pad 3. White F4fiddy, 30' white / blue WW, blue / black XP4. I have three large sandwich bags with 3 fillets each and I'm bringing 150lbs of 40 count taters (freaking huge). Free or trade for Keystones, first come first served. Will be there for a week.
  9. I'm a CBM / Outfront guy depending on the motor (V8 / Subi). That being said I did have a car that I spoke to Jason about at length. Jason was helpful and patient with me during a couple of long phone calls. Bruce at CBM had a great deal on an exchange motor that had just become available so I ended up going with CBM. I have since recommended Jason to a couple of guys that lived close to his shop as well as suggesting they contact CBM. Our sport is fortunate to have quality people / companies competing for our business, hard to go wrong with any of the folks that have been mentioned in this thread.
  10. On the Idaho Gold these days.
  11. Had to limit size, fit in the back of the golf cart.
  12. Mrs. Bouy let me go in it once....I'm still sporting the WW for my dirty shiatty adventures.
  13. The 1972 PriCkfor was the weapon of choice.

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