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  1. BaBaBouy

    2017 Turbo Rzr 1000 (Frankie's Ride) Sold

    Sup Carlos, that roof rack is sweet!
  2. BaBaBouy

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    Thank you for your service Tom.
  3. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

  4. BaBaBouy


    I think it's more of a dumbing down of the general population along with a concentrated effort to recruit people that historically were too stupid to engage in the voting process. Amazing how many people would never vote to tax themselves yet can't say no to a "bond."
  5. BaBaBouy


    As I said earlier, if it makes sense for you to stay I support you 100%. I cashed out and bought another life which I'm very happy with, doesn't mean I question the decisions of others...
  6. BaBaBouy


    The problem is being oblivious to what's actually going on, not being informed and leaving to choose your own battlefield. I "fought" for 30 years then packed up my shiat, declared victory and moved on. I can assure you that on my watch local government here will not be infected by union boss parasites wanting to legislate tax payer subsidized lack of accountability.
  7. BaBaBouy


    Agreed, refreshing to have an exchange of ideas that don't include terms like "racist, orange gorilla, xenophobe, moron, Hillary...California is an awesome place, I would have loved to have stayed. For those that are staying, if it makes sense for you, more power to you!
  8. BaBaBouy


    The issue isn't someone breaking in to your garage although that's a problem. What I was speaking of is vehicle registration fees, luxury taxes, sales taxes aimed at items that aren't considered "necessary." When your closed garage door is penetrated by politicians looking for money from those deemed to have "excess income" the problem will officially be brought home. I understand your feelings regarding a "live and let live" style of life. People that don't have children could give a rat's azz if students in one district are suddenly redistricted to another poorer performing public school. People that don't have pets could care less if a city council suddenly decides that two pets are enough for a single dwelling. People that live in rental homes aren't concerned with regulations imposing new landscape requirements or approved colors for painting homes. People making $99K a year aren't concerned with add on taxes for public schools affecting those making $100K a year...problems don't arise until the new rules apply to you.
  9. BaBaBouy


    Hopefully your "garage door" will shield you from people wanting what you have in the garage because you've been deemed to have "too much."
  10. BaBaBouy


    In a nut shell, at some point you run out of other people's assets. I say "assets" because there is a tendency to gloss over the issue referring to "other people's money." This issue is apparent in New York's socialist governor recently pointing out how reliant the state is on taxes derived from the top 3% of wage earners. Rich people tend to be more mobile and have no problem leaving town with their assets. In California the coming issue will be the "new rich" and how they'll react to being designated to fund the lifestyles of others. The "new rich" will be government employees and retirees from government jobs. Currently the government employees support the Democrat agenda in redistributing money, of course the money being confiscated and spread around has never been "their" money. When "the rich" become a household of two teachers with a family income of $201,000 and the citizens of California vote to implement "special" taxes on them there'll be a war between union labor and the politicians that union labor put in to office. The California government will be put in a position where they'll either have to eat their own or have MASSIVE cuts to social programs. The backlash against the "new rich" government employees will ignite a taxation civil war and they'll be no organized entity (Republican conservative) entity to step up and do what's needed to turn things around. My guess is that California will move in to some kind of conservatorship after being labeled "too big to fail." California Democrats believe that government is the problem / solution, the problem being not enough government. This mindset has been tried throughout history with varying degrees of failure only the governments that tried it in the past had sugar daddies in the form of other countries that propped up the failed experiment because it was in their self interest.
  11. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

    I understand but why should the rest of the country offset high state taxes? The people in the individual states voted for high taxation so how is that a federal issue?
  12. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

    Funny, vote for a Dem to offset what the Dem's have done to you...
  13. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

    Great post, you seem to have a grasp on this. A question, is the root of the Trump tax issue that people in states with high taxation are being allowed to claim less of their state taxes on federal taxes? If so, could an argument be made that allowing full credit for state taxes against Federal taxation may result in a net zero? What I mean is that say an individual state hates the President / congress, could that state jack up their state taxes to equal Federal taxes resulting in the citizens owing nothing if full credit was given for state taxes?
  14. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

  15. BaBaBouy

    Filing taxes

    I'm responding to this in case some of you missed it. Giving the government a zero interest loan is not good financial practice. Those of you getting a refund gave the government your money to "hold" then the government "gave" your money back to you without paying a dime in interest. Those of you that owe money gave a significant amount of what's owed to the government in weekly / by-weekly payments (when you were issued paychecks). The government held your "pre-payments" over the year paying you nothing in the form of interest. Meet with your tax person and figure out what your total tax burden will be according to your income / write offs. Claim as much as you can throughout the year giving you the most cash on your paychecks. Open up a separate savings account and put the tax money you'll have to pay at the end of the year in to the account. You'll get a little interest on your cash AND you'll look better on paper if you're looking to get a loan for something. You could also look at some form of 6 month CD for the second half of the year where you take the money you didn't give the government in the first six months and lock it up for the next 6 months at a higher interest rate.

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