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  1. That observation belongs in the Whine & Cheese forum.
  2. Nothing like seeing “Welcome to California” in your rear view mirror....
  3. On the OB public apology scale you registered acceptable.
  4. BaBaBouy


    Great manufacturer, I’m a fan.
  5. Agree on what kind of ride you’re going on then decide who should go / not go. I have no problem suggesting that someone “ should sit this one out.” If you’ve been “volunteered” to lead, prior to the ride do a walk around and visually check out the vehicles going. On the ride you should imagine yourself driving the “worst” car in the group and choose your lines / speed accordingly. If possible, get the entire group in a big bowl or open spot and do a complete circle putting eyes on everyone as often as possible.
  6. Hands down, Off-road Ryan, Little Deb and Spackle. Leading from the fire pit to trailer, Crusty.
  7. Yet one more indication of my superior driving ability.
  8. John and Grant each have life sized autographed pictures of me.
  9. I’m so far in front that I’m behind. There’s a picture of me somewhere at the drags where I was timed at a negative 2 seconds on a pass. I don’t even bother turning off the motor of my tow rig when I arrive at the dunes, hit up all the spots, slam some brew, jock da hoes then load up and I’m gone. I once took off a back tire and the steering wheel in the dunes to even things up. I consume mediocrity and excrete excellence.
  10. Whine and Cheese called, it wants its thread back...
  11. BaBaBouy


    Mrs. Bouy learning ranch shiz, first time using the PTO / mowing deck. She's already decent on the backhoe. Matt, that what you want to be doing when Jesus comes, picking on pasty senior citizens? C, much love, much love. IMG_0388[1].MOV
  12. BaBaBouy


    Damn yard work.... Four part, guy shaming, not for children or carnies.... IMG_0385[1].MOV

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