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  1. Greetings from daHo, adults in charge...
  2. I would put Raw in the elite class of buggy builders, while some may not be familiar with them their cars are on par in quality and geometry with any builder. Great car!
  3. Guy loves Pits, thinks they taste great....
  4. "Blood thirsty day walkers."
  5. Dear Sir, my coworker in the next cubicle rarely baths and massages his grundle region in the break room while singing various tunes by the band Digital Underground in a loud voice. Please consider this official notice of my concern as his actions have created a hostile work environment.
  6. Whole new world for ya! Be extremely nice to that trans, act like you don’t have reverse, try not to stay in one gear for extended periods. Have fun.
  7. Looks like fun, the “spotter” comment was a nod to days of yore.
  8. My comments were a mixture of personal experience, having too much time on my hands and frustration with our current political process. I started to reply three times prior to actually doing so. After Alex commented I went back and reread my offerings, I should have stayed quiet and moved on. I'd offer up a public apology but that's soooo 2009.... Please tell pops that he is in our thoughts along with your family on your loss.
  9. You're right, probably should have kept my beak closed.
  10. When you support politicians that want the masses limited to mass-transportation it should be a honor to be an example against climate changing "ego" transportation. Maybe the Earth killed these folks as an example to the rich folks voting to limit our carbon footprint while they do whatever the hell they want? Show me someone getting beefed by a drunk driver while working a third job to put his / her stepchild through college and I'll post up some sad face emojis....
  11. Meah, beefing on a chartered helicopter, rich people problems....
  12. Schwinn. Great guy who was happy to do good things with no thought of recognition. The world is not a better place without him, God speed brother.

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