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  1. MrBudweiser


    All is good....got back from glamis last night about midnight so I am a little today. I am good, same shrit differnt year....hahaha getting married next year....guess thats news....lol but more importantly got a trailer...hahahahaha
  2. Got your message bike is in the back of my shed at my new house in Santa Fe Springs. You can take it, only problem is I am still in New Orleans...will not be back till the following week but I can have someone pull it out for you. The little women is at home in the evenings and weekends. The bike has not been run nor moved except for recently when I moved to Santa Fe Springs. Best thing I can tell you is that its the same bike with alot of dust and a rusty chain and maybe a flat tire. Same deal applies as before..let me know what you want to do.
  3. MrBudweiser

    Hey Guys!

    Yeah I miss home alot, no riding, no nothing here...except drinking. This whole town is nothing but alcoholics...so I guess I blend right in!
  4. MrBudweiser

    Hey Guys!

    Hey guys...I am still alive..lol Just wanted to say hi and MERRY CHRISTMAS I have been out of town for a few months now down here in New Orleans. Damn I miss the sand, hoprfully I will get lucky ad get to go for Easter. Keep the dunes warm for me guys, I will hopfully be home soon!
  5. MrBudweiser


    Thanks again guys..and oh yeah I had a few beers that night.
  6. MrBudweiser


    I am in Julian from Sunday to Friday on a project. Been here for about two months on a huge logging project. Might be here for another 3 months to 2 years...who knows. Atleast I get to go home on the weekends. PS - Julian is east San Diego County in case you didn't know..lol.
  7. MrBudweiser


    Thanks guys...I have not been around in a while..nice to see I am not forgotten...lol.
  8. MrBudweiser

    Coming From Oregon Need Firewood

    I am working on a logging job out near Julian, about an hour outta the way of glamis. All the wood you could ever want, ready to burn...you come get it.
  9. MrBudweiser

    Houston We Have A Problem!

    I was being sarcastic but thanks...lol
  10. MrBudweiser

    Houston We Have A Problem!

    What is that....a bumper for your car?
  11. MrBudweiser

    Front Lugs Stripped?

    I would never do something like that... .......
  12. MrBudweiser

    Quad Questions

  13. MrBudweiser

    Front Lugs Stripped?

  14. MrBudweiser

    Need Help

    I have seen people use filler on the holes, is holding leak-proof to this day. Not something I would do but if you just want to get it going....

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