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  1. Just stopped in to say HI, been a while....c-ya in the dunes!
  2. I would never do something like that... .......
  3. I have seen people use filler on the holes, is holding leak-proof to this day. Not something I would do but if you just want to get it going....
  4. Take next size smaller socket...preferably one you don't mind abusing and make it fit. Cut, grind, pund, whatever to make it super tight then use that impact. Good luck getting the nut outta the socket afterwards...lol (Put it in a vice and ound it out). If thats not going to work then start cutting. I would drill it out with a titanium bit, start small then work up. Good Luck. PS - Just a thought but if you can get a pair of vice-grips on it slide a bar over that and turn. Not sure if you can, depends on the depth of the rim. Front one should be possible. My 2 Cents!
  5. NICE.... Good to know yamaha is still making a quality product...lol
  6. Its works...just make sure surface is clean. No matter how long it may last it is still a patch fix.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. For Me: Glamis = Fun like no other, and some what relaxing in certain ways. River = Total relaxation. Given I generally go to the river once a year in October for a week when noone is there and sit and look at the water drinking my beer. We have skis sometimes and always a boat. But more then anything its being there and being able to forget about everything else. I can do this in glamis but when I go there my main concern is getting some decent ride time.....in which I relax in the other way I was talking about. Like it has been said, its all fun!
  9. Ahhhh..don't tell me that. Now your stomping on my parade ....this is a new law huh? Buddy has an older 1973 challenger SB/Semi Built Motor with trumpet header pipes and no swilers(Runs some water)...probly not gonna be legal by these new laws? How about the old stand up jet ski's, they tend to get loud with mods? I always thought the river would never succumb to the noise or two stroke laws.......guess not.
  10. Some soldering guns are lower heat then others. Somtimes at Kragen and places like that they have the bargin racks and in there you will always find the pencil soldering guns...those work perfect. If the tip glows then its too hot. As far as material, try salvage yards, they always got broken plasitics laying around or take an old plastic off of yours or someones bike.
  11. Muffler...whats that? We never have a problem....launch on the California Side...Indian Res.

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