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  1. thanks for reading....a few years ago, i was surfing the internet and linked to a site that showed some really crazy 3 wheeler conversions....to top it off, they were arabian and appeared to be pretty crafty....wondered if anybody here has seen the same thing or similar.... the site i'm referring to was something to the effect of www . uae[something] . com.....cant find it for the life of me and would be interested in any of their updates, if any......thanks again... servando
  2. call alan miller...very nice guy...he has a few designs out that cost around $400.00....his frame are tackwelded only...you finish them...he sells a few frame accessories now such as a-arms and tabs...he can save you alot of work as well as money...i don't recall what material he uses though...here's a link to his page...call him...i happen to own a mini rail (not his design) and they are fun....definitely not a toy...they are more powerful than you think...make sure you don't cut any corners on this project...be careful and good luck...servando http://prosandminirailframes.homestead.com/
  3. 93ty475 wrote "what do you think about the chassis design? " 93ty475 wrote ".i think in order to simplify things, i'll be going with a front mount engine and RWD."
  4. spooner, your work rocks...i was on your website until 2am last night...you sure are a real worker bee...i saw your work on extremebuggies(dot)com as well....very nice work...you should be proud...i found a design that looks simple and pretty cool...please let me know what you think...its called the jackyl...they use straight axles though....seems like they're pretty big on the v6 usage...what do you think about the chassis design? more of a rock climbing truck, but i love the style...
  5. burn, thanks for the input...i think in order to simplify things, i'll be going with a front mount engine and RWD...i dont want to start something that i can't finish...one of my first thoughts was to build a cage around the s10 4x4 frame, but that wouldn't turn out to well...would look too much like a mad-max machine... later, servando
  6. BeachHead wrote "Welcome to the board. Regarding your questions...the 4.3 motor is used fairly frequently in sand cars today. I think it's a good platform. The typical sand car of today uses a rear engine design, but there are folks who strongly advocate a front engine rear drive design. They have very valid concept, and I think their cars work very well. You might check out V8rail.com for some information. Or talk to spooner or v8rail on the forum (same guys). You might also look at "truggy"'s and trophy truck designs for some direction. Some of your ideas are "different" than mainstream. So there are bound to be many people that will tell you your ideas are dumb, won't work, etc. Many of them will have good reasons and experience that will make sense to you, others will just be "because" it's not mainstream thinking. So, be careful who you listen to as you think outside the box. The thing about this sport that keeps it "fresh" is those who do try different things, and end up with something better than the current design. Good luck, and certainly share what you find with us...I think most of the posters in this section would appreciate the different approach you are considering." thanks for the response and the unbiased opinion...i look forward to further understanding the front engine design which you refer to as a very valid concept...are the rear mounted designs tail heavy?...again, i'm not looking for a high jumping machine, and i'm on somewhat of a budget...nothing v-8 appears to be inexpensive....i have searched for truggy's as well...so far, my favorite rear engine mount design is the mazzone and i immediately fell in love with the rails at v8rail.com....IMO all of the major frame builders are extremely talented to be able design and materialize there products...major works of art...i ran across a design last night that might be what i've been looking for....i'll dig up a link and a pic and post it shortly...please give me your feedback if possible...thanks again for the warm welcome
  7. hello guys and gals, my name is servando and i'm from texas...i've been an on and off lurker on this forum for quite some time...i've thoroughly enjoyed the reading and especially the pics and links that are offered here...i currently own a two seater motorcycle powered sandrail that i play around with once in a while...i almost always have some kind of project going on and just recently happen to complete my last one that kept me up for many many late nights and its done now...it was the partial restoration of a turbocharged s-series truck...if i don't find another project quick, i feel like i'm going to go insane...i happen to own a neat little drivetrain that i would love to use in a two or maybe even four seater sandrail...i would love to hear feedback as to how you folks would approach a project of this nature...the following pics are not the drivetrain that i'll be using, but just about identical to it...the only difference between the two is the one on the pics has a totally built motor and tranny and the one i would like to use is basically stock...anyway the stockish drivetrain consists of a 300 hp and ~400tq 4.3l v6, a corvette spec'd 700r4 and an AWD transfer case with a viscous coupling...i happen to have a pretty good understanding of these drivetrains(tuning, troubleshooting, and real time monitoring) and i feel comfortable with them...the transfer case transfers aproximately 65% of torque to the rear wheels and 35% to the front....how could i put this drivetrain into a sandmachine? should i build around the factory chassis? i don't like that idea...is there someone out there that could build me a custom frame and i piece together the rest? would it be to far fetched to think i could build a complete tubular frame for this? i realize all this would be dependant on my skills but what would you guys do? what style or type of car could be built around this? is the AWD and motor in front a bad idea to begin with? please shoot me some ideas so i can gain some kind of direction...pics and or links would be a huge help...I need to start somewhere...i promise to keep you folks posted on my progress if i can get this off the ground...i don't want a high jumping machine, but i do want to make something with 4 wheel independent suspension that has a cadillac ride if possible...we are pretty good welders and i own a decent pipe bender...i use a miller 185 mig for most of my welding...i don't mind spanning this project out for the next couple of years if thats what it takes and i can spend a decent amount of money along the way (within reason).... Say the AWD idea is just wrong...i won't be offended if someone tells me so...but i would love at least a brief explanation as to why....if thats the case, would a "fiero" transaxle setup be the way to go? i have seen people bolt vortec 4.3 motors to fieros...would this make the project more realistic? or would i need to look into a high dollar mendeola setup? what do you think? thanks in advance...

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