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  1. THis post brings back some memories
  2. One rail + one SXS below and another SXS above? Seriously very nice, I will be in the market for an enclosed soon enough and TPD is now on the list. Thanks for doing the R&D!
  3. I bought two of my toy haulers at the show. Its good to compare and pit the reps against each other. Prepare to do a lot of walking.
  4. Anyone got any info on the new owners of the show and how it might change next year?
  5. Speed Strap was there. in the breeze way between the main buildings.
  6. Dont miss tech on Fremont st. Highlight for me. Photo Album
  7. Ace, Why do they need more land? What they have is huge!
  8. Tough to beat Madigans tig welded cages and integrated doors with both quality, looks, and price. This car won best in industry at last months Camp Rzr show and shine.
  9. Question Don, I have an active policy with Foremost. RZR is covered for its original value of $23K plus $5K in additional "optional equipment" however in the fine print it states "Does not apply to dune buggies, golf carts or NEV's. What does this mean? Also, are we to assume only dealer installed optional equipment is covered? And, what if we customize our RZR to where its worth $45K. Will foremost insure a customized RZR up to that amount?
  10. Madigans desert kit is ridiculously priced at $4500 and uses the stock Walker Evans shocks. I have four trips on mine and got no complaints. Tom Madigan is great to deal with and he now has a website. Madigan Motorsports
  11. Doesnt a Class A hitch max out at 10000 lb? Also curious how a self made trailer gets registered and if it can be conventionally insured? Nice build for sure
  12. Kevlar

    Off-road Trails

    Go out to Johnson Valley. Do the Rattlesnake Canyon wash ride to Big Bear. One of my favorites. You can camp up anywhere on the back side of BB and ride those trails for days.
  13. Kevlar

    Ssss Pics

    I could and would not even try. My grand daughters will fit nicely though!

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