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  1. John, why is there a cb antenna on my car? .... Looks like it was fun. This is the kind of stuff you always turned me down on before crashing your quad. Now your taking my Jimmy but not me what the hell!
  2. thats great! but I would like a blue vet Ha ha
  3. I saw it in one of the adds on sale for $100 the add had an extra 20% off anything in the store coupon. I rushed down there but they were all out. I got a rain check so the price was still the same and got it a few weeks later. I guess they dont have any say in what the truck brings them. At least that is what they told me.
  4. I think i will do 20s with rubberband tires. Now where can I get a girl to sit on the fender like that?
  5. Looney dooner's buggy lookes Fun. Did you get new tires for your quad? ha ha hope you awitched them back
  6. The video doesnt do the weekend justice. I am glad I went just what I needed after a week of rain. I think Brutus, my dog, enjoyed the trip as well.
  7. That was a great video! Was a fun day even though I couldn't participate because of that extra wheel and all. Too bad my new toy is probably not allowed either for next year even though it has three wheels and is 60cc.
  8. Well I had to crash b/c I broke the golden role... I laughed at someone from another group who rolled their quad when we were taking a break. Karma is a bitch!!
  9. Cool pics. I had a great time. Glad I bought a quad and put the baja bug idea on hold.
  10. Thanks Im happy with it. The yard seemed a lot bigger when were kids on go carts and mini bikes though.
  11. OK here is is. I just hope its fast enought for me....
  12. I'm not talking chit. I just cant spell!!
  13. I am interested in the preditor if you still have it. you probly are getting snow balled by my brother Elcomenomant. I have cash in hand hope its not gone. I can come out tonight let me know because Im in hemet. Daniel (951) 852-1542.
  14. yes it is one unit with four wires: red=+batt, green=grnd or -batt, yellow=yellow from alternator, and purple = ?. It is the one on the home page of dratv. here is the larger version
  15. im working on one just for the hell of it

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