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  1. My dog is shaking as I'm reading this post. I love to see the fireworks but man my dog hates them.
  2. Congrats, I got my MBA from Arizona State in '96. It helped me round out my knowledge of other areas of the business that I had not been a part of. My momma always said no education will hurt you. Good for you.
  3. Sounds like a good time. Watch out for those pesky closed areas on those long dune runs to the diner. You run into the wrong guy and they will write you a ticket or two.
  4. Seems if i'm constantly varying the throttle by driving it runs ok. Looking at the plugs they are OK. Making me think maybe TPS? I will keep everyone posted on what I find out. Thank you for all the suggestions.
  5. Its a Mefi 4, originally tuned by Chris Hines. Ran fine for 2 seasons.
  6. I've got a stroked LS2 in a funco and its just started popping when I keep the throttle constant at about 2500-3000 RPM. If I go higher throttle or if I go lower it seems to run fine. In watching my A/F ratio it is leaning out significantly when keeping it at one RPM for a period of time (See Vid and listen to Audio for popping noise). So far I've checked the alternator, replaced fuel filters, replaced fuel pump, replaced Cam Position Sensor, Replaced MAP Sensor. It has me stumped? Any ideas and/or who would you take it to in Phoenix. Video is of the AF Ratio as I go through RPM's. Thanks. IMG_7747.MOV
  7. Thanks to all who posted. Ended up buying a CBR at Foddrils that is a damn close fit.
  8. Great car at a good price but what happened to having a funco of every gen in the garage? Come on John its up to you to start the first funco museum in Phoenix.
  9. I've called Funco and they are about a month out. Not sure if reaching out directly to C&R would be any faster. Anybody have anything? Need to make an important dunes trip (Aren't they all?). THANKS!
  10. Rush documentary on Netflix had me earn mad respect for Neal. Not just a good band they are/were good dudes. RIP
  11. Anybody see that Foddril's in Phoenix sells a tube that has a mixture of Belray and Swepco? Easy Peasy.
  12. Looks good, congrats, you will sleep better knowing your RV is out of the Sun.
  13. They are miserable, long and seem to be getting longer.....
  14. Life long, 51 year old Arizonian here. I definitely miss the Phoenix I knew and love growing up, especially the close wide open deserts but I have to say Phoenix has done its growing in a somewhat intelligent manner. While we do have traffic it is nothing like what I experience when I travel to California. One of the biggest things that keeps Phoenix a little unique and its strange to say is the heat. It is freeking hot here and a lot of People don't want to be here in Jun-Jul-Aug and while the weather sucks it makes for a pretty good quality of life if you can afford to AC everything. Everything is less crowded and more accessible. Isn't it ironic that the worst thing may be the best thing?

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