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  1. rampster

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    I experience brake fade on my funco as well. I also go thru rear pads quite frequently and have never touched the front. Curious what you find out here.
  2. For the love of god, the most important thing to most of us Glamis people is the Cargo space but NOBODY allows you to search on it. Prove me wrong. Looking for newer 5th wheel toyhauler that will fit my funco Gen 4 Big 5. Need at least 16 ft of cargo.
  3. rampster

    Superbowl weekend carnage and pics, & eye protection

    Hmmm I have experienced similar trouble this year as well. My bolt on my air bag bracket came off and the bracket punctured my airbag. I now carry a spare airbag and I will perform more spot checks on those brackets.
  4. rampster

    2006 Funco Gen 4

    Time Warp is it 2006? Damn thats clean GLWTS
  5. rampster

    Radio Etiquette

    @riderred What kind of range do you see with the Sena's?
  6. rampster

    Radio Etiquette

    I avoid as many electronics as possible in Glamis. No radio, no intercom, no led whip, no gopro. I do however use GPS.
  7. rampster

    Bitchin Glamis Drone Footage

    Wow that was Effin Cool!
  8. rampster

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Thank You Sir!
  9. rampster

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Thanks MWB, don't mean to hijack this thread but I've been researching lighting and with ceilings as high as are in my shop (18ft) high bay lights are highly recommended. I love the simplicity of bigsammy's.
  10. rampster

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Could you please share a link? Thank You
  11. rampster

    An awesome weekend in the dunes.

    We were there this weekend, amazing how quiet Gordon's is these days.
  12. rampster

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    I'm currently building a 45x65 in North Phoenix. I'm curious what you did for lighting inside yours?
  13. rampster

    How are conditions ?

    I've heard wet and rough but there was pretty big wind earlier this week. How is it looking right now? How crowded is gecko?
  14. rampster

    15 inch wheels w/ paddles

    Are you going to be in Glamis anytime soon? Would like to take a look but i'm in Phx.
  15. rampster

    R2C Air filters

    Do you think the R2C's wear out? Does cleaning them with compressed air deteriorate them? Sure did love the ease of no oil but I'm not dealing with that dust getting through. How are some having luck and not others? Filter location?

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