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  1. Rockwood

    CV Grease

    Derp. Didn’t think about that: CV spins fast, bearings barely move unless it’s extreme angles, and even then, not much. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Rockwood

    CV Grease

    Right. I use regular Mobil synthetic wheel bearing grease or Redline CV grease like Grease Monkey. Nothing fancy here, never a problem.
  3. Rockwood

    CV Grease

    Huh. In the manufacturing/aerospace world, anti-seize is never used in high speed applications since the solids tend to gum/jam shit up.
  4. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    But it’s a “fetus” that magically transforms into a baby once it comes out. Duh.
  5. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    So, just give up and let people murder, steal, rape, cheat and molest all they want? No, writing shit down in a book won’t work by itself. What will work is humans who believe it is right and doing what they can to support it, enforce it, and follow it. Will it completely wipe out abortion? Nope. Will it drastically curtail it in these states? Absolutely. We as a society have become weak. We tolerate thieves in our midst (non-violent crime has effectively been decriminalized in much of the west coast), we tolerate liars in our offices that are supposed to represent us, and we tolerate cheaters in the companies we purchase from. We’ve forgotten what is important, and have traded it so we can watch that Kardashian family act like idiots, or worry about who’s going to get a throne on a show, or buy some trinket we think will improve our lives. Those laws are written down so we all can follow them. Saying they won’t work and just allowing something we disagree with to happen due to apathy is not good for us going forward.
  6. Rockwood

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Nice! How long before you walk around the back and catch one on your lower ribs? Keep wanting to melt on you?
  7. Rockwood

    Paddle clearance

    Kinda related from your other thread, Rear bar from the main hoop is a dead node anyway. Adding these bars in red (as well as a matching one on the other side) will go a long way towards adding strength to help keep cracking down when the rear cage cases on the ground.
  8. Rockwood

    Honda 3.5

    This. It’ll also make good torque, but not break shit at low rpm torque like an LS. For the 400-ish WHP tune, a small splash of VP110 will also do a lot to keep the motor happy for a long time. 1 gallon per tank is plenty.
  9. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    Yep. Like a box of chocolates. No sense killing the poor thing for convenience.
  10. Rockwood

    CV issues

    I was saying coil over converted VW based cars could ditch the center splines and convert to carry a “sway bar”. Technically, all sway bars are torsion springs, since they twist and don’t compress (yes, a coil spring also compresses)... No. Brace it upwards towards the main hoop near the motor. You shouldn’t be relying on the torsion tube to carry the engine cage by itself. This is what I did to beef up the rear. X brace and 2 kickers before and after (with an added cross brace under the motor to back it up) the trans mount. All with 1” or 1.5” are 0.65” wall DOM
  11. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    Understood, but those million aborted babies could’ve cured cancer or invented the FTL drive as well. Sword cuts both ways.
  12. Rockwood

    Restoring Plastic

    Permanent solution: https://www.semproducts.com/product/trim-black/black
  13. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    Your situation is one of the few I think is an exception. Thankfully (or sadly), it’s rare. Less than 2% of abortions are for health of the mother or child reasons, most are for some form of convenience. +1 for actually thinking ahead and for taking care of a child someone else couldn’t. Good man.
  14. Rockwood

    The debate over abortion

    Sure it can: rape, murder, child molestation, theft, lying, etc, are all illegal and based on morality. Just about every felony or real crime on the books is based on morality we’ve agreed on. For me, I think a woman does have a right to decide, but the baby in her body also has rights. The woman has a right to decide to take birth control or not. She has a right to decide to have sex. She has a right to decide to insist on a condom. The man also has a responsibility to make a good decision. Also, it’s not a fetus, it’s a baby. Fix two problems at once and fix the adoption system so it’s permanent and timely, as the line is literally around the world for good people out there wanting to become parents but can’t. Don’t destroy that life if you can’t take care of it, or it’s inconvenient right now because you haven’t seen the world, or finished school, or can’t afford it. Dedicate your life to nurturing it, and if you can’t, give it to one of the millions of parents who want to. Anyone with a child knows that your life isn’t over when you have one, it’s really truly just begun. There are currently 2 million people out there waiting to adopt a child. The 1 million babies we terminate literally because it’s inconvenient to let it grow for 8-ish more months is insane to me. Quit being selfish, take responsibility for your actions, and give that kid a chance or at least give to to a couple who will. My kids are asleep and I thank God for every second I have with them. I can’t imagine it any other way.

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