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  1. Blue light makes your eyes dilate. I switched to yellow goggles, which seem to work well day or night. Also, turn the dimmer down as far as possible on the gauges.
  2. Had a bunch of stuff delivered to an installation on base once: dude practically fell out of the truck, red-eyed and smelled like he hit every skunk in New England on the way from the airport depot. Asked if he liked his job delivering to Navy bases and suggested he lay off next time.
  3. So that a brother with money can be your man?
  4. I offered to let him use my fryer if he can't find something, but I guess I didn't precisely solve his problem to his satisfaction...
  5. While this is amusing, we're doing all of this based on just one side of the story. Also, how do you know where to find all of this stuff...?
  6. Wife showed me a video of the rain: was POURING out there. Still going, just gonna run lots of air pressure in the paddles.
  7. Well. He also seems to think he can add up all of his receipts and list his vehicle for that price, so....
  8. Is oil pressure high when cold and then falls off, or is it acceptable when cold and 0 when hot? First thing, I'd pull the pan and see if there shit in the oil pickup screen (might be easy, might be impossible, #Mid-EngineProblems). If not, could be a bypass valve problem, but that's pretty much replace motor time...
  9. Wrong. Dunes will be terrible. Everyone should stay home.
  10. Always heard about it, never got to see it. Thanks @POULE43

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