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  1. Damn, that's a smokin deal on ultra glide.
  2. They're gonna blame it all on Trump and no one will call them on it.
  3. The mess in NYC is par for the course and has been for years: https://nypost.com/2019/12/09/mount-sinai-hospitals-emergency-department-is-a-war-zone-workers-say/ http://www.roosevelthouse.hunter.cuny.edu/?forum-post=nyc-hospitals-in-a-state-of-emergency-overcrowding-jeopardizes-patients-lives https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/kwxddz/i-spent-18-hours-in-one-of-new-york-citys-busiest-emergency-rooms https://citylimits.org/2017/10/18/understanding-new-yorks-public-hospital-crisis/ https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-metro-montefiore-hospital-er-unit-dangerously-overcrowded-20180803-story.html Google NYC Emergency Room with only results prior to COVID-19 and you'll see pages on pages of results for problems with their hospitals. But... Easier to blame it all on Trump.
  4. Rockwood

    Bitch Slap

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/politics/cuomo-critics-highlight-years-of-taxpayer-waste-and-mismanagement-deepening-the-coronavirus-crisis.amp Whoops.
  5. @CRUSTY The current "XJ Cherokee" vehicles (since they're all getting expensive now) are the mid 90s Ford Explorer/Chevy Blazer, or early 2000s Nissan Xterra. Xterra will be the most capable/reliable, but they're a little pokey (190hp when new) and have a timing belt/interference engine, so make sure to swap that immediately.
  6. Meh. I would, but got delayed because my buggy decided to shit out all the parts I transferred over from the old chassis and kept working on it instead. Doing a 3-link up front though.
  7. All of these awesome shows I never got into... But the kids are home all day as well. Ugh. No way I want my 9 year old daughter seeing these...
  8. Just talked to my EMT buddy yesterday: they're working in completely different shifts to avoid contaminating the other teams. If one comes down, they will quarantine the whole team. If 2 teams come down, they'll just work with what they have that's healthy from the teams. Anecdote time: he also said that Balboa has a whole quarantine tent setup... With no one in it and barely more than normal in the ER.
  9. Just noticed this wasn't my Jeep, LOL. Good taste, your old boss. And the rear shock install has begun (Fox 12" 2.0 Emulsions). The leaves will only use about 10" of the shock, but it'll give me room to grow in the future, especially if I get jiggy with it and 4-link the rear. Measure 4x... Initial chalk lines were about where the shock needed to land. Then I flexed her out: And realized there's quite a bit of wheelbase change as the leaf spring cycles. So added the gold lines (as well as a little bit extra for coilovers). Drilled holes and transferred to the inside where cutting would be easier: And no turning back now: Starting CAD'ing some shock towers, but ran out of cardboard after I screwed up the first template. Oh well, boss was notifying me that OT wasn't approved and went inside for chow.
  10. I've been torturing everyone with Lennyisms. Watch out for those poky trees. My initial build that put me through the Rubicon was $3500-ish with a lot of DIY, including the Jeep. Just getting out and exploring without needing a welder: $2k with patient craigslisting.
  11. I once drove a buddy's car (65 'Stang) that had something like DAS, I just couldn't control it...
  12. I've been to most of the countries in Asia, that's the generally accepted norm. Argue if you want. The picture above: LOL. Sometimes there's a village idiot. Other times there's a village of idiots. Happens. Question though: if masks are ineffective, why do we need them for hospital staff?
  13. The students in the one class they actually teach (not a grad student TA) will miss them.
  14. They are worn by people who are sick and must travel outside as a courtesy to others. Would you like to tell me more about Asians?

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