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  1. Rockwood

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Are you in the habit of loading, removing your cylinder head cover (valve cover, I assume?), then tying it down in gear...? My guess is the valve cover has built in retaining tabs to keep the timing chain from jumping. Nissans have these: And these pins around the crank sprocket: To make it nearly unpossible for the chain to skip unless it's suuuuuuuuuuper old and stretched (which you would hear rattling against these retainers) or you've removed the cam gears. I would assume that nearly every manufacturer has something similar.
  2. Rockwood

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    If you go somewhere other than Gecko to olds and back...
  3. Rockwood

    winch for loading

    4wd.com owns smittybilt. If you order their generic version, it’s $80 cheaper (for the synthetic XRC model at least) and they still send you the smittybilt branded model anyway.
  4. Rockwood

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Minus the knight rider moving action, I do that with the Jeep, both on and off. Ramps? Overrated.
  5. Rockwood

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    If you’re at the cleanup event in Gordon’s, feel free to stop by and say hi. I’ll probably be the only Asian feller out there anyway...
  6. Rockwood

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Wow. $2 each and they could’ve bought ramps at the harbor freight.... But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Si se puede!
  7. Rockwood

    winch for loading

    And use a snatch block to double its power for broken shit. We use one to pull a buggy up a 45* ramp for my Father in Law’s garage model toy hauler (when you gotta make shit fit, you make it fit). Works great.
  8. Rockwood

    Chinese Lanterns

  9. Rockwood

    Chinese Lanterns

    You just have to ask for them now. They can’t just give them to you. Hell, cheap ass Chinesium is probably more “biodegradable” than bamboo...
  10. Rockwood

    Chinese Lanterns

    Sad. RIP beer...
  11. Rockwood

    Chinese Lanterns

    Yep. MLK weekend, Saturday and we can always use volunteers helping to pass out raffle tickets, fry burgers, etc. As for complaining, it’s a thread about everyone’s take on these. Lots see bio degradable and think it’s okay. Problem in the desert is there’s no water to break it down, so they’ll be there for years. This site is about education.
  12. Rockwood

    Want the wall built?

    I don’t notice a lick of a difference with the government shut down. I hope the idiots who keep voting for more government control notice that all they do is cost you money with no really impact on quality of life.
  13. Rockwood

    Chinese Lanterns

    Next weekend is the annual dunes cleanup weekend. Hang out with us handing out raffle tickets and be appalled at how many you see occupying space in our trailer before it gets dumped. It’s a race for which is more common: beer cans or Chinese lanterns. They’re large bags of paper and light kindling with an oil soaked rag in the middle that you set on fire. Not exactly far fetched they can cause problems...
  14. Rockwood

    Want the wall built?

    Starting with their sewer river.

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