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  1. Should've seen the run between the washes and Olds after you left...
  2. That's a lotta miles spent WFO, impressive.
  3. Hey CHEFF, how do you twist a thumb throttle? Between Christmas and New Years was pretty rough, but still tolerable for ye olde Beam. Didn't ride the 3 wheeler, mainly because the front tire on my 1st gen ATC250R isn't the easiest to find locally these days (most tires wide enough are flat profile).
  4. Wife’s X3 has a hello kitty sticker on it. Does that make it flaming?
  5. I don’t trust half you eff*ers.
  6. Been camping with the same group for 6-ish years now. One of the guys has a very unique marker, I'd tell you what it is... But then it wouldn't be unique anymore.
  7. I'll have to look around. Bummed since I was only a couple of years away from 1MM...
  8. Doesn't count Scott: you've owned everything.
  9. D or R is like NFC or AFC in the Pro Bowl: doesn't matter who wins, and the people actually moving the rock are the same.
  10. This. We need to stop picking D or R like it's a farking sports team. Pay attention to how they vote and what they do, not what they say. This means far more than what letter is next to their name. By just blindly picking a letter, you're letting them get away with the heinous shit that's been selling this country out since TV was invented. Put a smiling handsome/pretty face in front of us, rouse the rabble, play lip-service to your party lines, and then vote for bills and sell this country down the river so they and their donors can get rich. It's what resulted in this disaster: https://usdebtclock.org/ BOTH parties did this, since the only constants in our politics, despite who was in power, were: 1. The national debt keeps increasing. 2. It gets harder and harder for mom and pop to compete with Corporation XYZ. 3. Government's ability to butt into our lives increases.
  11. So, United changed their Premiere benefits/qualifications for 2020, and it appears I'm getting hosed. I travel quite a bit for work, so this is one of the perks that makes it sorta-kinda tolerable. Looking at switching to Delta, mainly because I fly International frequently as well. Anyone else moving from United, or happy with another carrier?
  12. Devil's advocate: you can tell she did not want to impeach Trump on these grounds either throughout this "process". She's a lying wicked witch of the west, but I wouldn't blame the impeachment on her. Hell, it'd probably be even more of a shitshow/disaster if someone else in her party was Speaker.
  13. Not bad to keep as spares on the thing anyway. Definitely agree on the plug gap. 0.038 and boosted E85 isn't a good combo.
  14. Yarn is useful for airflow as well. Should stick to the front with the fans on, and taught on the output side of the fans. Side mounted radiator might be overtaxed now that you're making an additional 40-50 horsepower. Got any pics of the radiator setup? Might be a relatively easy airflow fix. I take it everything around the radiator is about the same as with the J30?

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