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  1. Rockwood

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Overlap works really well on big boost/turbo builds I’ve done so long as your exhaust housing is big enough to keep reversion down. At 22psi on an SR20DET with minor head work, we made almost 100whp with the added lift/duration and opening the lobe centers, and were able to throw a lot of timing at it up top. I’m sure your setup loves the displacement...
  2. Rockwood

    It's Saturday 11/17/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    None! Heading out in a couple of hours
  3. Rockwood

    It's Saturday 11/17/18 what are you doing this weekend?

  4. Rockwood

    Jeep Pics

    Nah. 33x12.50R15 General Grabber X3s. They’re actually 33”, so not much smaller than BFG “35s” Crean!
  5. Rockwood

    Jeep Pics

  6. Rockwood

    Lets talk scooters

    The tow in permit will designate it as an OHV, making it so you can’t drive it on Gecko. With a pass, you could do both... Tough one, maybe a call to BLM?
  7. Rockwood

    Lets talk scooters

    My vote is the Ruckus. We used them at the track all the time, and the shit you can do to them is pretty cool. GY6 swap is easy and power:weight ends up hilarious.
  8. Rockwood

    Lets talk scooters

    Wouldn’t be able to drive it down Gecko then...
  9. Rockwood

    Fuel Cell Vent

    No matter what I do, their 40 yard dash times never change. How do you convince them to run?
  10. Rockwood

    Fuel Cell Vent

  11. Rockwood

    Fuel Cell Vent

    Not expensive or hard either.
  12. Rockwood

    Fuel Cell Vent

    I’d add a filter, since the vent is used so the fuel pump’s suction is displaced by air from outside. In other words: Air is being sucked through that hose as you use fuel.
  13. Rockwood

    Transmission Cooler Recommendations

    The trans cooler will have less impact on the radiator if you stick it on the upper hose side (engine out) because the temperature delta is higher. Most coolers will add about 10%-ish of their fluid temp to the air temp, so a 200* oil cooler on a 100* day will have 120*-ish air coming out, still plenty “cool” for the 200* coolant on the hot side of the radiator. If you stuck the same cooler on the cold side of the radiator, you’ll end up with 120* air hitting a 140* (or whatever) radiator, reducing effectiveness.
  14. Rockwood

    Fatality at wash 16

    Yep. I dodged one in the dust at 10-ish mph and drove directly into another and Z-d a tie rod and taco’d a wheel. Happens sometimes. Regardless of what happened, some duners lost their lives. Sucks, but better to die living than live trying not to die. We all will punch that final ticket someday. Learn from the hard lessons from others and keep it calm and in control in unscouted terrain near camp. Something will bite you eventually.

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