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  1. If it’s a 4-banger... 20 minutes with a $10 socket set...
  2. It's probably 90% of the power consumption of that thing.
  3. Assuming yours has a humidifier?
  4. I almost said "or put money down".... But, LOL, who am I kidding. 100% financing!
  5. Ever been in an emergency situation? There are people who act, and there are people who freeze. Some switch in your brain that we have or don't, or get trained for. Me, I think it's a funny joke. The Internet shouldn't be taken seriously enough to think that everyone is honestly calling every SxS burning a case of insurance fraud. Obviously many are just Polaris RZR manufacturing defects.
  6. Don't see that too often from aftermarket companies, but JR has been around a looooooooooooooong time for a reason. Wonder why you have to use the stock exhaust...?
  7. I bought the Costco iPower $400 job and this cap: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786G2LC2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_P-ltEbZERV09E Replace the stock rubber with something ethanol rated and plug it in to a large auxiliary tank. Runs all weekend on 5 gallons.
  8. Dang. Bummer. Oh well, no standard issue carbines and need for them there.
  9. Oh yeah: the poly stops compress to like 1/2", so don't let the static height deceive you.
  10. That popular these days...? When I was going to go in, I know that was the crem-de-la-crem swan song, much better than "southern division"... Sucks if Temecula was your first posting since it was C-shift forever guaranteed.
  11. Probably since there's less action there, you end up with the more relaxed/senior guys requesting that duty? Kind of like the 15-ish year in CHP guys going to Temecula...?
  12. Meh, I’ll just go Racing. How much WHP do I gain?
  13. You can stack the rubber hard stops. I run poly stops as well so it’s less abrupt and more comfortable. https://www.polyperformance.com/eibach-micro-cellular-foam-shaft-bump-stop Poly stops are self-damped so there’s less springback when you hit.
  14. Friend and I were racing the kids toys just outside of camp, no helmet, no whip. BLM sees us and pulls my friend over, warning only, no ticket. Not bad.
  15. Easy: insurance and registration paperwork were rubbing against each other. Think anyone who caused it wants to share? The spontaneous ones (I assume) usually have injuries involved, so they're probably recommended to stay mum until they settle with Polaris or whoever.
  16. Very healthy and probably more than a lot of LS motors out there.
  17. That’s gonna hurt. Tires squish a couple of inches, plus we’re not on racetracks, so there’s always the chance that the terrain comes up to the frame. 5” is a good target, IMO. Casing hurts.
  18. Gonna run corn or race mix? 9-9.5:1 is reasonable as long as you keep the coolant temps in the 170-180 range.

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