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  1. Just ended up getting some forged jobs from Latest Rage. Look plenty beef, should hold up.
  2. Doubt you’ll ever need the bottom 2 gears
  3. Beautiful country, great snorkeling/scuba. Bring lots of SBC consumable parts on the way out and bring some hand-rolled stogies back.
  4. With the stronger laptops, keep space under them or they’ll overheat and cut processor power or hard shut down. If your laptop is still overheating, the fan probably needs cleaning
  5. Take the bowl off, pull the float and jets. Float doesn’t go in since those parts don’t need cleaning.
  6. This guy: https://www.harborfreight.com/25-Liter-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-63256.html Plus Totally Awesome or green coolant, 24-48 hours, and good as new.
  7. Yep. “Lost” 100whp on a Mustang dyno. Loved telling people it’s only 350hp and then roll through the traps at ~130... Only thing worse is a damned Superflow. Have one at the race shop... Heartbreaker.
  8. WTF? Quit letting the apprentice work on shit.
  9. Fake. I don't see 4 LED whips and 12 light bars.
  10. Now you've done it. Bring out the Zonies!!!
  11. CA vs AZ? I blame @CRUSTY for bringing up power outages.
  12. Nice, better to ask forgiveness than permission and now he has a precedent. We fortunately/unfortunately didn't have the incoming fire to distract officials until the "damage" was done. Yep. I ended up staying since the fire passed by our house and I didn't like the thought of all these strangers around with no one home. That still draws air through the soffit vents though, which you'd have to enclose to keep the embers from entering there.
  13. Wonder how he's doing it. Last time I lived in the suburbs, we were backed up to open land and tried to get a firebreak cleared. County said "NEIN!" until my neighbor's house caught fire from a wildfire. They granted us a whopping 50'... BTW: when you have a wildfire in your neighborhood in the suburbs, motherfonking looky-loos show up with zero regard for anything. Fire's burning straight towards my house, I'm sending the wife/kids out ASAP while I throw the important docs and dogs in my truck. Some idiot parks across my driveway and just watches. Had to threaten him to get him out of the driveway.
  14. The track itself stayed bolted down, just the anchors pulled out? Dang...
  15. I live in the sticks. Couple of misnomers: We pay an extra fire tax for living out here Insurance on most properties is either really expensive or flat out denied. I keep a defensible space, but understand it won’t do anything in a crazy Santa Ana fueled wildfire. If my house burns, so long as everyone gets out, no problem. SDGE still doesn’t maintain well. There have been 3 utility tree trimming trucks out here. None have trimmed on my street despite tall eucalyptus near the lines. Still waaaaaay better than living in the suburbs. No one steals anything, no child molesters filling up some ghetto apartment complex, no noise, light pollution, etc.
  16. Sempra tried to pass the last lawsuit against SDGE, that was most definitely their fault, on to the ratepayer. They’re a private company that bribed its way into a 100 year sweetheart lease, charge us some of the highest electricity rates in the country, and have poorly maintained the electrical grid until it was a major problem. I have little sympathy for them. What they did was akin to someone complaining about getting sued while failing maintaining their brakes at all until the piston spit out and they crashed into a bus full of nuns. The only silver lining to the 2007 fires is it forced SDGE to update its electrical grid to modern standards.
  17. Weather looks pretty damned nice for early October as well.
  18. I did one of these: https://www.amazon.com/TOGUARD-Backup-Camera-Ultra-Thin-Waterproof/dp/B07RXXK15P/ref=zg_bs_3248687011_10?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=R1QQPMVAH499Q6PGQPSR Worked pretty well, and super clean, but the bummer is you lose dimmer function with it.
  19. Yep, sum of all parts, but the sticker is still valid. Going the other way, you could hook that hitch to a Peterbilt, but that doesn't mean you can throw whatever you want on it. The makers of that hitch apparently felt that anything above 5000lbs hooked to it needed a WD hitch, probably because a 10,000lb trailer is going to double the tongue weight and the tensile strength of the bolts holding it in place won't live with that. Heed their advice at your own peril.
  20. What, electrical tape half-ass slathered on only part of the connector isn’t enough for you?
  21. Awesome, was hoping someone would do this. Doing the simple math, looks like the filter only cost you about 8hp compared to no filter at all. Worth it. The centrifugal force, plus the little curved block off plate below the inlet, keeps it out of the filter media and you're supposed to burp it out every once in a while. Not to mention that's trapping shit you should be boiling out of the oil. We had the same issues with the T-bolt clamp not conforming to a slightly out of round pipe, so we switched to these guys and have been perfect since: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tbs-ts-hct-m075/

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