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  2. Yep. You can tune it one way or another, but close enough is usually fine for non-competition stuff.
  3. Some of us are better at this than others. Your current method of turning shit up to 11 and figuring it out is still valid.
  4. Son's Eton 90 rips just fine on knobbies. Air them down until wheelspin stops or you run out of air to let out.
  5. If they were paired, this wouldn't be a problem, but you'd have to machine one of them to run a bolt through. A-arm car that's consistently pulling to one side? Check caster is the same on both sides. A-arm car that never wants to center? Check it has enough caster (more than 5*, but can't really have too much). Centers fine, but squirelly/follows lines too much? Check it has enough front toe-in (1/8" should be fine). Only squirrely under power? Check rear has enough toe-in (1/8" again).
  6. This. As an engineer, and now PM, I see lots of people who get stuck in what "the book" says as a hard and fast rule that can never be violated. A lot of this is because many of them are of the younger generation of take a test and answer the question exactly as prescribed. Have a couple of old school "figure it out" guys who either went to school decades ago, or never did (came up through the trades) to balance out the bookworms. Get to hear complaints about those old school former vocational guys getting most of the design work while the bookworms get stuck in FEA purgatory, but those guys who did it in the real world generally come up with shit that works instead of shit that looks great in CAD...
  7. Good article on Burns' site: https://burnsstainless.com/blogs/articles-1/how-to-build-headers-a-7-step-guide-2019
  8. 4-2-1 with the collector on the same bank will make the thumpy Subaru sound most are used to with that motor, but cost some power because scavenging will be shitty. 4-1 with a good merge collector is the way to go. Primary ID would be the same circumference as the stock exhaust ports, rounding up to the nearest common size (and maybe stepping it up after the first bend-ish to the next size that fits over the primary) and most low-revving 4-bangers (6000rpm and down) like around 24" primaries. Outlet of the collector after megaphone (see below) should be 2.5". Exhaust pairing should be based on firing order, but luckily you can just look at aftermarket headers for Scoobies and copy that: You could also get crazy and calculate primary ID and length with a number of calculators, but you'll need to either Google your cam/head specs, or look inside and see. Best collectors on the market (IMO): https://burnsstainless.com/products/4-into-1-base-collectors?variant=8774780715099 Coupled with the best megaphone on the market: https://burnsstainless.com/products/megaphone-tubing?variant=28304845865059
  9. One of my last trips to Gordon's had a similar situation. Come around a dune and only see the backs of stakes with the BLM waiting there to lecture me. Told me: There's an App and maps to tell you where the closures are. Do they tell me where I am currently, as well as have long/lat lines on it? No. Just a picture.
  10. Recent piece in the LA Times sums it up perfectly: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-08-11/mass-shooters-seek-notoriety-in-media But Lankford says many shooters express — whether in manifestos, interviews or online posts — a craving for the prestige of having their name and face in a major publication. And we can do something about that. “I’ve never heard anyone offer a cogent argument as to why seeing the face of a mass shooter is somehow helpful information for understanding how to prevent the next one,” Lankford said. ... But it’s not on politicians or policymakers to turn his pain into meaningful action. He’s not waiting for tighter background checks, restrictions on assault weapons, a better mental health safety net and warning system, though all of those things would help. He’s waiting for us to change the way we report on mass shootings. “That doesn’t take an act of Congress,” Teves said. “It takes an act of conscience.”
  11. Bunch more here: https://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=1074&desktop=1
  12. https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-camber-kit-for-a-superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-infiniti-g20-p10-1990-1996-/productnr-SPF4351-12K/cid-999500713/vid- Link isn't really working to load, but that's them.
  13. Yep. Usually the cause of the super porous booger bubbles that come up as you complete the weld.
  14. Reminds me of: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sbkasulke/22-sweet-airbrushed-vans-you-want-to-take-on-tour-right-now Of course it needs a rear wing: only one tire. Duh.
  15. Seems to be a popular recipient of excessive wingage.
  16. Yeah, probably remove 47 screws to take shrouds off the bottom... Top seems to be a non-starter:
  17. Rockwood

    Parts Geek

    Ordered a clutch kit from them, no problems with the transaction. Electronics, I try to buy OEM if possible.
  18. BTW: first thing I’m gonna do if I won the lotto? Go to the Porsche dealer and order that just to see if the salesman flinches.
  19. Buddy and I like to screw around and see if we can make the most hideous vehicle ever. Porsche’s customizability seems to give us the winner every time... Pardon the “screen shots”
  20. Not sure if this was mentioned, but did you turn it by hand at ride height (jack under the arm)? Can determine a lot that way.
  21. Another thought: I'd rather dune with a guy who built his own buggy (within reason) than a guy who just pays someone else to do everything. Unless that someone else is also duning with us, you end up having to help to get him out after shit went wrong...

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