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  1. Linux fits that bill. Super efficient, etc. Can run on almost anything.
  2. No, literally: nice gutters on your house mang. Jeez Louise.
  3. iPhone. Easier to secure and they don’t reset them back to max eavesdropping every time you blink. If you’re interested in shutting down as much as possible, this is a good resource: https://public.cyber.mil/stigs/downloads/ Just type in Android in the search field and find your device/application. Chrome is a good browser, and internet activity is generally banked by your ISP, so not a huge breach, I’m just not a huge fan of google and their continuous jacking of my info, locations, everything I type, etc.
  4. Apple or Android? My settings have been persistent, even when I get a new phone.
  5. Lol. Your business, not mine. The thought of my computer logging everything I type into it and selling it to whoever’s buying doesn’t sound worth $200 to me https://engineering.vanderbilt.edu/news/2018/study-of-google-data-collection-comes-amid-increased-scrutiny-over-digital-privacy/ https://www.cpomagazine.com/data-privacy/google-data-collection-is-more-extensive-and-intrusive-than-you-ever-imagined/ Theres a reason google is spending more on lobbying than anyone else...
  6. Couple of options: 1. Reuse your ends and replace the hoses 2. https://www.summitracing.com/search/department/fittings-hoses/part-type/universal-fittings/fitting-finish/blue-anodized 3. Switching everything to all black Ultraflex nylon and save some pounds: https://www.holley.com/brands/earls/products/plumbing_an_fittings_and_hose/ultra_flex/
  7. It’s also a Google product: purchase price is subsidized by monetizing your personal data...
  8. Is that tabbed out, axles, spindles, v-drive, etc, just provide your off the shelf parts?
  9. Out of town all next week, unfortunately. I can Venmo/PayPal you the money if you go, shoot me a PM when you find out.
  10. Include passengers if that’s the primary way it moves through the dunes. If you almost never have passengers, then maybe I’d omit them.
  11. Even on a 16’ trailer, should be able to pull a 144” wheelbase car all the way forward so the rear axle is on the trailer’s axles or close enough. Should plenty. If your trailer isn’t balanced this way, your buggy is probably doing a wheelie when parked.
  12. Question is: is it worth it for you? Gonna drop ~$3-5k in labor per assuming they're rolling out the door fast enough to keep an FTE busy, unless doing it yourself in your free time or with existing idle labor. I think it's a cool design for those who want big power, but either don't want to spend $15k on a transaxle or deal with constant breakage.
  13. LOL. Dog parks. Hilarious to people watch there as people try to reason with their fonking dog like it's a 4 year old. Idiots. Yep. The ADA law really needs to be amended such that restaurant owners can request certification, or it is prominently displayed on the animal, and any falsification is treated as fraud (which it is). See above. The problem is restaurant owners cannot currently dispute legitimacy as they can be sued for discrimination under ADA. This has allowed people to abuse the law and bring their whatever the hell with them and say it's a service animal.
  14. Ever have trucks heading south San Diego-ish way?
  15. Stopped by Inn N Out to get a delicious Double Double and in walks a couple of dudes with a Shi-Tzu rat dog thing under one arm like a damned purse. Guy ordering his food puts the dog down on the counter, then brings it over to the soda fountain and, again, puts the rat dog thing on the counter. Same thing with the ketchup stand. Icing on the cake: plenty of tables outside. Eat out there? Nope. Plop that damned creature onto the table they were eating at. I love my dogs, and have brought them to Inn N Out. At no time did they go inside because my dogs, like all dogs, do gross shit I wouldn't want to subject others to. /rant
  16. Rockwood

    Hey LRS

    This is especially true for our "premium" ACN91. It's barely better than owl piss.
  17. Are your wheels rated for that pressure/load though?

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