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  1. I literally did not mean everybody. It was retarded back then and continues to be today.
  2. Literally everybody did this 10 years ago. Now it's completely uncool / unsafe?
  3. Been doing this for the last 10 years. I was actually hoping to experience some drama this year piling into a larger, open group. Cant wait!
  4. When you reach a stopping point and you have no idea where you are or how you got there. That's a pretty rad ride as far as I'm concerned. Means your head was down all the way, just hanging on and no time to take in the sights.
  5. Fireballsocal, MWBanshee, SandSampler, my buddy James. I know I've followed many of you on great rides, just not positive who was up front or their names. Chummin did great as well back in the day. Not the fastest, but we always made it back to camp regardless of our BAC.
  6. Did a quick border ride. Somehow I've missed 'Patriot Point' until now.
  7. Another Clinton associate got suicided.
  8. Islam is standing by, watching the West implode. All on Holiday figuring, "What, me worry?"
  9. Ohio shooter, whom was into satanism, antifa and Elizabeth Warren is just about memory holed by now. Just like the 2 tranny shooters in Colorado a month ago.
  10. Don't think I'll make this. Have a thing.
  11. It's a Sig 1911 in 45. No idea yet. He knows I want it. I sold him a Springfield Operator few years ago and I want a 1911 again. Hoping I can trade some tools, ammo or gear for it.
  12. Buddies and I drank a handle of Evan William's after somehow squeezing a 43' 5th wheel into my front yard. Trying to workout a trade for his Sig Sauer Scorpion...
  13. We've all seen canal jumps. To this day, the best was the truck/buggy that hit it to the theme from 'King Of The Hill'. Everything after is/will be.....meh. This kid just had mild shock value. Had he wadded and drowned would the parents still had plastered the video?

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