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  1. Ya know....3" of bright light is just as visible as 4'. One is just more annoying. Then to double it?! These lighted whips are probably the gayest trend to hit Glamis since Grape Smell additive for fuel.
  2. I do not get the original post either. But while we're on the subject: what is the deal with access now? I'm seeing SxS's there. Last I heard, only street vehicles taking 78 to Ted Kipf was legal and it was actively enforced by patrols. Are other "options" getting by?
  3. Stayed at home with just the wife and daughters. Storm and snow kept us off the roads and I knew I'd have to go into work at any moment. Sure enough, mouth full of turkey and stuffing, I get a call and had to gear up and head in. Never got to talk shit to anyone!
  4. Realizing more, each day, that snow tourists are scum of the earth. Learning to install barbed wire later this week.
  5. If the last one is actually an Axial Scorpion, I'd be interested in it for a buy or trade if anyone pickups the lot. It would be a slow crawler, not for speed.
  6. Bansh88

    Antifa funny!

  7. 5x faster and smoother than the flagpole ride I hitched into. We went out seperate ways after ceremony. Clean sand.
  8. No one is cooking a turkey for you.
  9. My wife stocks up freezer this time of year. She bought 2 last week and will buy 2 more this week. A buddy does the same. So I guess I do 4 a year and I do 2 at my friends twice a year. The smokey meat makes amazing tetrazinni.
  10. Weber Turkey. 2 hours, cant be any easier. I do them 6 times a year. Brine 24 hours prior if possible Just needs to be 15lbs or less to fit.
  11. Hit an estate and Garage sale this morning. Got this little pile for $10. Spent a the day cleaning, drinking, tuning, drinking and painting.
  12. Sand Mats. I've got a pair. Used a few times Made 2 knocknoff sets out of heavy rubber mats for my buddies.
  13. http://patriotic-flags.com These guys have tons of cool flags. Lots of sales if you get in mailing list. I bought 3 flags a few weeks ago for like $21 shipped.
  14. Bansh88

    RC Cars

    I've got an 8ight Truggy ready and waiting for your tracks.
  15. Bansh88

    RC Cars

    Personally, I love Nitro. More work, more learning but so much more satisfying. You can find cheap stuff that people gave up on that just needs some needle adjusting. Traxxas Revo's are cool. Lot's in the used market. My First RC.

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