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  1. Bansh88

    How far is your commute for work?

    30 second quad ride or 2 minute walk. Take the quad 95% of the time.
  2. Bansh88

    Got back in to RC cars today

    I've taken lots of RCs to the dunes. By far the best has been my Losi 8ight nitro Truggy.
  3. Bansh88

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Discovered yesterday it's because of internet explorer. Paste works on Chrome which I'm converting to. I still hate the new site.
  4. Bansh88

    Who Remembers This

    Found both of these at work out in Borrego desert.
  5. Bansh88

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem burned the same day. News barely reporting which makes it even an odder coincidence. This shitty site wont let me paste from copy.
  6. Bansh88

    LT-Z50 questions and help

    I'm gonna pull the plastics off Thursday to get better access and go through carb again. Wife said she recalls a 3rd hose coming off it that wasnt connected to something. PRI gas vaccum bullshit?
  7. Bansh88

    LT-Z50 questions and help

    This a 4 stroke. I just noticed the 2 jets.
  8. Bansh88

    LT-Z50 questions and help

    Starting fluid didn't work. Sprayed straight into carb. Have not been able to get it to fire. Visually inspected each jet after cleaning and compressed air. If I open up the bottom carb drain and fuel comes out
  9. Bansh88

    LT-Z50 questions and help

    Lanyard plug is in. Ya, if that's out, nothing happens at all.
  10. Bansh88

    LT-Z50 questions and help

    I would be amazed if the top end was out. This bike barely looks ridden.
  11. My brother just picked up a great condition Suzuki LT-Z50 on the cheap. Of course, it was cheap because it's not running.. Questions: The brake has to be on to start? The pull start will start the bike regardless of electric start not working? Does it even need a battery to run? Issues: Has spark, has gas flow and the carb is clean and clear, brand new battery. Wont start. The starter sound like it just spins. No engine engagement. The pull start has a fairly smooth pull. Doesn't have a strong feel like the motor is turning over as with a larger bike or even an ATC70. I'm not familiar with such a small bike or such a newer model. Should it be easy enough for a small child to pull start? I messed with an LT80 a couple years ago. I was told to replace one of the square diode thingies coming of the battery. I can't recall what the issue was for but I know it fixed something. Any ideas? He got it cheap enough, any issue was going to be worth it. Even if it had to go to a shop. Just hoping I can give him a hand with any easy items that it may have.
  12. Bansh88

    Hi-cap mags in CA

    No. How, when or why has never had to been proven.
  13. Bansh88

    So it begins

  14. Bansh88

    So it begins

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