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  1. Weather caused a rainout for smoking pork. Postponed til Sunday. Well, I gotta be up in 3 1/2 hours to start it. Used the kerosene heater in the shed and tried out the percolator Chummin gave me. Like it better than my french press. New Glamis coffee maker.
  2. Imagine violence/injury/death statistics for groups of people...
  3. Finished it last night. Really pushed the slavery thing at the end. Also noticed they shoehorned blacks into almost every scene. Both city life and military. Overall, a good show and I learned some things
  4. Our Gretchen, a pitbull, was the best dog I ever had. I've got a Husky right now that we dont trust around anyone. A total piece of shit. I pray for his death every day.
  5. I'm planning 2-3 summer trips maybe 4? May has always been my favorite month.
  6. Wife and I watched the first episode last night. We both enjoyed it. Very well done with good acting. Other than calling slaves "enslaved people", I didn't really see anything with a leftists agenda. Really pisses me off that this man no longer has a national holiday. Then you realize only Jesus (barely) and MLK have a day and you start to realize this country needs a reboot to remember its heroes and founders.
  7. Fireworks over MLK were the biggest and most I've ever seen. Pretty cool. My only contribution were cold war era flares.
  8. Bansh88


    Holy Invisible Text, Batman!
  9. Niece's 1st birthday party today. Gotta work Sunday/Monday.
  10. Dude, the suspense is killing me. Where'd you go? El Ranchiritos (or something like that) on El Monte/Lake Jennings is my favorite BY FAR! Giant, cheap and delicious.
  11. Tacos where in Ramona? Ya, not sure where or how the straw ban has taken effect.
  12. Bansh88

    Traxxas UDR

    I've had quite a few different RC's out at the dunes. NOTHING has been a sweet as my Losi 8ight truggy. The larger tires float and grab, no need for paddles. Big suspension soaks up ruts and ripples where a smaller truck or buggy will loose control. Mine is nitro so the sound makes it even cooler.
  13. Now that I'm in Julian, OW is less than an hour away. I've only driven through some of it in my truck. It's very tempting for a day run with my kids. But I have to be honest, nothing about it looks fun. Dirty, mostly flat, dusty whoops and rocks. If I'm all loaded up, I just assume carry on another hour to Glamis.

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