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  1. Socal can live right up against endless brush and chapparel, the most prone to quick spreading wildfire, but since his neighbor cuts him a firebreak, the rest of us are stupid.
  2. Dude, I wanted an AT-AT so bad as a kid. First thing I asked for every Christmas and Birthday from the age of 5 -15. Never did get one...
  3. Possibly he is willing to just....camp? Not everyone needs TV, AC, heat, microwave, shower, etc.
  4. Any Coleman lanterns or stoves?
  5. I haven't lived in a house with potential trick-or-treater's for for 6 years so I don't do too much. Used to do lots of Jack o'Lanterns when we were in a neighborhood.
  6. Who uses real names around here?! I texted him.
  7. I don't plan on touching it. This would be on someone else to do. I got a buddy that kinda welds but I'd hate for him to blow it. What do you figure a small shop would charge just to make it usable again?
  8. I was kinda thinking the same (with my zero knowledge of such things). Or bend back, patch and gusset?
  9. A buddy wadded this Banshee about 7 years ago. Flew off a dune at night, had to be life flighted out. It has at in his garage ever since. I am now holding it while he possibly moves out of country. The only apparent damage I see is the break shown along with the bent heim rod. This is an aftermarket LoneStar frame. Can this be repaired strong without a complete front end cut and replace? Pictures showing the break and the other side how it should look.
  10. Took "temporary" possession of a buddies Banshee. Needs a frame fix. Ran some lanterns when I rarely stayed up after dark...
  11. Bansh88


    Noob auction
  12. We bought a house in Campo that qualified for a USDA about 7 years ago. It was awesome. We literally moved in with ZERO out of pocket. It was also a peak time for cheap homes out there. Unfortunately, we sold it. Likely the worst financial decision of my life.

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