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  1. I'm contemplating doing an ammo/mag inventory since some recent acquisitions. I attempt to do it every other year or so and give up after an hour and can't recall where some shit is stashed.
  2. Good to hear! Update when you get the call.
  3. Bansh88

    Heats On

    Was throwing around the idea of Father's Day trip with my buddy.
  4. The looters are still the chaos-standard in color. The anarchists and arsonists seem to be full of lily whites. All hoping to impress the brothers with fake desire to support black lives matter by destroying the city.
  5. If I had to go anywhere into town this week, I'd be taking a rifle and mags.
  6. Hoping some citizens can drop the bodies. Then empowering other Americans to take back the cities on their own.
  7. Handful of dead rioters by would put an end to this really fast.
  8. Got a bunch more 7.62x51 from my new buddy, sold a yamaha 80, shot my new Glock 43, significant 4x4 test to hit secret shooting spot, lots of whiskey and IPA.
  9. Ya, just need range ammo. I'd take that Herter's since its brass cased. I got some Herters 223 years ago in trade and it was steel case. But not looking to buy and that's out of stock anyhow.
  10. Unavailable and some of the shittiest ammo on the market. A member here traded some of that brand to me years ago and I still get mildly pissed thinking about it. I know there's guys with hookups on 9mm and have more than they can ever shoot. I've got more ammo than cash.
  11. I didn't give a shit about graduation and reluctantly went to another high school's prom. My friends were all in the same boat. Maybe with today's social media schtick, there's more "care".
  12. My brother is in the market for a Class C. Anyone in Southern CA have something? Not sure he has any particular wants or needs in it. No beaters.
  13. I'd do 1000 5.56 for 1300 9mm. Assuming the 9 is brass cased and not reloads, that's a fair trade.
  14. Not interested in selling at this time. Hoping someone has too much 9 and not enough 5.56.
  15. string of Christmas lights makes some cool colors. I assume from the copper wire.

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