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  1. I have a set of 2.5 x 12 King coil overs with 200/250 springs on them. One spring has 3.12 200 14 stamped on it the other has 3.14 250 14. These are brand new, never been mounted never been even pulled out of the plastic. I had plans for them that obviously changed. Lets try $900 my cell # is (530)308-6050 I live in Reno but have no problem shipping, I realize with this sort of thing you have to have some trust, My ebay name is rhino89523, you can check me out there, I can take paypal. Thanks
  2. I'm not a CA boy but love my CZ's and think you are allowed to have them in CA. My wife and both daughters, one who is 11 and the other 13, both shoot the crap out of my CZ SPO1 phantom, I don't let the kids shoot my CZ Shadow 2 a lot because it's all modded for competition and I just don't want to put the kind of numbers through it we run through the Phantom. I paid right around $500 for the phantom and we must have 5000 rounds through that thing. I run the cheapest ammo I can get, reloads, al case, and it never misfires..had a few duds, but those don't count, not the guns fault. I have not been the greatest at cleaning it I squirt some oil at it once in a while and it keeps running. I have a bunch of steel targets set up and my kids can play music with the thing. My girls are skinny little things and the CZ is easy for them to handle. In competition many of the top finishers run a shadow 2, there have been talks of throwing them out and making their own class...they are accurate right out of the box. Everyone who has shot one of mine that I am friends with now owns one. I am not a Glock hater, they make a nice piece but I just cant get used to the 22 degree grip angle...I like to tweak 1911's and that's what I grew up on so the 18 degree just points right for me. Also if you look at a CZ slide it's just more supported being inside the rails instead of outside so even the beater phantom has no slide slop, the barrels are fitted nicely for a $500 throw away. CZ for me, no brainier. For a carry, for my wife, she likes her XDS a lot for the tripple safety deal, but she doesn't shoot it as well as the CZ and doesn't enjoy shooting it as much. My carry I like my little sig 938 or I have a POS kel tec. Kel tec has never jammed up or anything, I am reasonably accurate with it at 40' or less and it is great in the summer as a pocket carry in my shorts because it is so small. The 938 is heavier and a little bigger but still easily concealed, it is more accurate and I am really solid with it..especially one handed. The pieces of advice I have been given, 2 I listen to, 1 I just cant seem to are. 1. go shoot some guns to see what you like (this is half of my problem that hits on number 3) 2. Practice, practice practice...practice shooting, practice your draw, practice one handed off handed etc. when you need it, the situation probably won't be range perfect. 3. if you want to be a good shot, shoot one gun not 20 or whatever ( this is where I have issue, line 1 said shoot some guns see what I like, there are so many and I like them all. I made this mistake once already in my life, I went and test drove a bunch of ladies, I liked some more than others but found one I like the best and married her. Now I only get to practice with this one woman, Sure maybe I wasn't as good with different women as I am with this one, but I sure had a great time....I'm not making this mistake again, I'm not picking one this time...I'm going to shoot them all, I will have my favorites but I'm not picking just one ever again) Get your wife really comfortable with whatever you pick. Women seem to like the XD's because of the safeties...it would be near impossible to have a negligent discharge, they are pretty nice for the price and features. Or just get a Shotgun...haha I love my Vepr.
  3. Are you in Nevada? What type of guns are you into? If your in CA forget it I have nothing legal there...think my 22 holds too many bullets for that state.
  4. Looks like 80G with trailer....4th paragraph

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