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  1. Z400Central

    New Amplified Buggy

    Had a great weekend!! Sweet looking ride to!!! haha, to funny.
  2. Z400Central

    New Amplified Buggy

    Pics, pics, pics! Although I'll see your buggy in a few days... Is your wife coming along?
  3. Z400Central

    New Amplified Buggy

    Hey Ty, Glad to hear that you're going to get the trailer ontime! Steve was telling me the whole story about FEMA and what not. I will be heading out Thursday night. I have an old friend who rides coming down to visit glamis. Him and I will be staying in steves buggy trailer, haha. Cant wait to see your new ride! Steve
  4. Z400Central

    New Amplified Buggy

    Any updates on the car?
  5. Z400Central

    Aluminum Polishing

    anyone have the number to the guys in el cajon? I need my truck wheels done...so about $120 ish for all 4 wheels?
  6. Z400Central


    ooooooooooo ok.
  7. Z400Central


    congrats man!! You seem to be on the front page a lot. Weren't you up 2 times when I took the pics at el cajon?
  8. Z400Central

    What Do These Fit?

    You aquired them? Hmm....Stolen? Not saying you did but sounds suspicious.
  9. Z400Central

    New Danzio Logo!

    That's a sweeeet logo!!!! How can I get in touch with the guy who created the logo? Thanks!
  10. Z400Central

    Jumping Bean's Towing Service!

    You were there this weekend? Dangit!!
  11. Z400Central

    Led Tail Lights

    intersting. Shocker - lemme know if you figure this out.
  12. Z400Central

    Another Bad A$$ Amplified Is Here!

    Sick!!!!! looks exactly like my neighbors new car, same specs it seems. His is burgandy with soem graphics on the side.
  13. Z400Central

    Suspensions Unlimited Sandcar

    username on this forum for the car below is "physcoCal"
  14. Z400Central

    Danzio Performance Engineering

    Awesome! Cant wait to see what you guys come up with! Need a website? Let me know...I own www.yfzcentral.com and www.z400central.com , did the design myself. Also did www.prosportatv.com Lemme know
  15. Z400Central

    Post Pictures Of Your Lt Buggys!

    Let's see em! Post the manufacturer as well

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