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  1. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  2. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  3. JDMeister

    Today's Highway star

  4. JDMeister

    What does $9000, CHP, Ivy league, car chase have in common?

    Wait for ut Wait..
  5. JDMeister

    New rzr clunking noise

    My wallet makes that noise every since I bought one..
  6. JDMeister

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Well said.. The absolute worst trip was led by <name redacted> on the flag ceremony trip one year. The moron called <name redacted> pulled up to an impossibly steep slip face dune, and stopped at the bottom. Then the entire group was forced to stop at the bottom and bunch up behind him. I had invited several friends and family for a "First Trip" adventure, none having sand experience. Many fell over. His high power rail proceeded to rip up the slip face, The remaining group, some with low power 3 or 2 wheelers, needed to circle around and gather some speed to continue, or even take another line. Two of my group elected to return to camp, due to too deep and steep dunes, and no skills at all in the sand. Two others returned with that two, as they had no clue how to navigate the return course.. It would seem that, IF you are the leader, make sure you are aware of those who are following..
  7. JDMeister

    Turn down for what!?

    ABC for president..
  8. JDMeister

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    I was there, handshake, and take a few pix.. FUNCO still number one..
  9. JDMeister


  10. JDMeister

    Does a quad 50cc or under require a title?

    Well now, in the great state of California, (not AZ) a bicycle can have a 49cc engine without a license.. Take that..

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