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  1. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  2. JDMeister


  3. JDMeister


    Night time at Disneyland
  4. JDMeister


  5. JDMeister

    Today's Highway star

  6. JDMeister

    Today's Highway star

    Found on road dead.
  7. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  8. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  9. JDMeister

    R. I. P. Super Dave Osborne

    I worked with Bob in 1971 and 1972. The Smothers Brothers funded a movie making fun on Nixon. Tom hated Nixon a lot. Here is the movie Bob wrote, and acted in, I was the film crew.
  10. JDMeister

    Joke of the day

  11. JDMeister

    R. I. P. Super Dave Osborne

    https://boingboing.net/2019/01/02/deaths-actor-bob-einstein-ak.html Bob was a very smart guy, it was a pleasure to work with him.
  12. JDMeister


  13. JDMeister

    It’s Saturday 12/29/2018 what’s everyone doing

    Workin' on 'puters as is normal. Bought some, sold some.. Couple of service calls. More service calls later this week.
  14. JDMeister

    Happy New Year

  15. JDMeister


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