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  1. what do you want for the trailer?
  2. Whats the length of the trailer??
  3. Does that run consant?..or is the a sensor on it ?
  4. When I bought my 2017 f250..i didnt get the extended warranty...once the manufacture warranty was about to expire is when I bought the extended warranty ..And I used the Zeigler Group ..got the 120,000 mi bumper to bumper warranty for a whole lot cheaper than if i was to get it from Ford at the time of purchase..and its the same one
  5. I'm on your "six"..... never leave your wingman
  6. LOL ....we will put you in the middle..
  7. Thanks ..I appreciate all your help
  8. Its only Air ..and its only 10lbs of boost and Kolby at Turnkey build the complete engine so Im confident he knows what he doing ..
  9. Thank you ..Im looking forward to when the weather cools to get out there
  10. I asked him so many questions ..And his answers were always more than what i was expecting..when i didnt understand something he went into full detail so i would... I dont know about junk yard tommy...lol..Im glad twin turbo tommy doesnt make look like a poser anymore..lol
  11. Two years ago I started out with a new build after I wreaked my other car..HRT built my chassis and I was gonna keep it mild on the motor with a LQ9 junk yard motor...Long story short at the end of this year on impulse and a little help and recommendation from Fullthrottleguy I sent my LQ9 to Turnkey in Oceanside ..After talking with Kolby and asking Alex(FTG) a million question I settled for a 408 stroker twin turbo ..I'm pretty excited about it ..It goes to the dyno on Friday ..so we will see..it with be run on pump gas so it will still be a mild tune....Kolby at Turnkey gave me a killer price that I couldn't pass up ..here are a couple of pics and one short vid 20190703_144758.mp4.29905f53519529e83c1cd89ae856e2c8.mp4
  12. Max ..all due respect ...i agree with some of your opinions...but I don't need tom cruise ever in my life..nor do most people...but i bet most people will need a plumber at some point in their life time..and if i don't need tom cruise i surely don't need his stunt double..
  13. Work smarter not harder has developed into why work at all??? The government will give me everything I need to do what I want.. Ill have a free cell phone ...nice apartment rent free ..heck I don't even have to pay taxes for 7 years on the money they give me to live on.... or how about the people in our jail system..3 squares meals a day.. roof over their head ….free cable tv....warm in the winter ..A/C in the summer.. free medical /dental ….and they don't have to do a dang thing ..they live better than most people do trying to make an honest living on the outside Ive been working since I was 15 if I wanted something I had to get it myself. I have a few more years ahead of me to retire and I hope I make it out of here before this shit hole state really takes a nose dive

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