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  1. Twin Turbo Tommy

    California Laws 2019

  2. Twin Turbo Tommy

    How to handle breakages deep in the dunes?

    I'm not sure if its been mentioned yet ..but if you buy just one extra accessory for your sxs..buy a two radio with it preprogramed .if you are ever stuck out there I'm sure that if you were to get on the radio someone will answer and come get you or call someone for you..cell phones don't always work .The two way radio will pay for itself on the first break down..also it fun to give the guys you are on a ride with crap over the radio ..but keep the small talk for when you stop.
  3. Twin Turbo Tommy

    CA taxing yore text messages

    X2 brother
  4. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Fuel pump issue

    I had same problem with my aeromotive 1000....chasing a electrical problem turned out even though I would clean the inline gas filter it still would cut out ,.;..I replaced the filter with a new one and problem solved..
  5. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Stereo Intercom

    I believe RacerX has a amp that goes with the intercom
  6. Twin Turbo Tommy

    HRT Truggy

    It shreds the dunes and is very fast
  7. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Tacoma Truck Fatality at Sand Drags

    I would have to agree with what you are saying here.. However they didn't let him take the truck...The truck was put on a trailer in the dark about 3 hours after the accident by the Rangers..My guess is that its gonna be used as evidence.
  8. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Your groups carnage, Thanksgiving 2018

    What he said..Camped with him ....It was a great trip good times I was there 3 days less than he was ...just chased a fuel cut off problem replaced fuel filter no more problem car ran great...oh ..took me almost 4 days to get my satellite lined up but finally got it
  9. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Tacoma Truck Fatality at Sand Drags

    This happened right in front of our camp..if its true that the one of the 2 airlifted died..then there were 2 deaths in this wreak...1st one was killed instantly when the truck hit their parked side by side ..there were 3 involved
  10. Twin Turbo Tommy

    LS2 Aluminum Block with Comp Cam and $3400 obo

    Jason ..would you be willing to sell that with out the heads and cam ?..
  11. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Tires for your Tune

  12. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Tires for your Tune

  13. Twin Turbo Tommy


    Hmmmmm interesting.....considering its also his first and only post ever here..
  14. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Tires for your Tune

    After spending the entire day at CBM (the majority of it in traffic) Finally got my car tuned the motor is a LQ9 nothing special 6.0L I did add the Trick Flow head kit which included heads rollers and a cam and push rods,, it boasts 550hp ..well we all know that is an exaggerated number anyways ..also I upgraded the injectors I have to say Im quite pleased with the results its putting 504hp to the crank and 414hp to the wheels with 375lbs torque not to shabby for a junkyard special I have the sheet but cant seem to transfer it from my phone
  15. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Making a car turn better.... (Tire pressure changes).

    Im sure air pressures and cutting brakes help but for me it was all in the way you set yourself up before you turn..with my old car it was real easy for it to turn because it was much lighter than my new car..for me in my new car I had to learn going into a turn I had to go in deep and plant the front end get it to begin to turn once it starts tuning then on the gas to finish the turn ..Each turn is different and im still learning..the reason I had to plant the front end is cuz when I was on the gas the front end would lift and took the weight off of it so it wouldn't turn planting the front end will put the weight on it Hope that makes sense

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