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  1. Twin Turbo Tommy

    LS headers and GM hot cam

    LS headers ..I bought them from Kartek... they are raw and they have the supertrapp exhaust discs on them ..Also has the O2 bungs on the bottom with plugs they are in great condition $500 also have a pair of LQ9 aluminum truck heads 317 with cathedral port and the GM hot cam valve springs installed along with the cam . The GM hot cam kit was only used 2 trips when I decided to go with the Trick Flow heads they are in excellent condition $300 call or text 619-213-0346
  2. I hate talking politics but it seems everything Trump tries to do is blocked by some Liberal judge ..which I don't understand . because I thought judges are suppose to up hold the law and not make policy...
  3. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Freshen up LS2

  4. Twin Turbo Tommy

    MEFI 4b

    Well I guess my reaction to the locked tune was more of the thought .."what if I want to take my car else where so someone closer who know tuning can retune my car when I do upgrades". I know my place when it comes to tuning these motors Ill leave it to the professionals...im assuming that's why we pay the hefty price to get them tuned ...because these guys know what they are doing.....the last thing im gonna do is change something that I have no clue about..and if im being honest sure its pretty cool to look at but ill be damn if I change any thing that I have no idea about..its just common sense to me..even if the car seems off im not touching nothing ... oh and FTG ...ill be happy to buy you a couple rounds of that craft beer . thank you again for your help and info ...just say when ..that being said sure you bought that brewers beer ..but what if you bought his equipment used to make that tasty custom brew ?
  5. Twin Turbo Tommy

    MEFI 4b

    Not sure why you would lock them?..Its not like my car has any big secret tune on it..Plus Im not borrowing the computer from them... I bought it..I own it ...so if anyone is to put a lock on it ..it should be the own of the computer
  6. Twin Turbo Tommy

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    and here I thought Brown was bad
  7. Twin Turbo Tommy

    MEFI 4b

    Thank you
  8. Twin Turbo Tommy

    MEFI 4b

    One of the summer upgrades Im doing is having my lq9 built to a 408 stroker and Im gonna have a Whipple Supercharger installed as well ..my question is will my motor be able to be tuned with my MEFI 4b computer or do I need to get something else?
  9. Twin Turbo Tommy

    LS1 motor ***SOLD***

    Im selling my LS1 aluminum block. I bought this motor just to get me through the year from another member on the board cuz my LQ9 took a crap on me...Its a very reliable strong motor I don't know the specs all I know is it ran strong..It comes with aftermarket West Coast heads 102mm throttle body and the MEFI 4b computer ..Its pretty much a plug and play motor ..you will need headers and adapter plate and fly wheel. Its still in my car if you would like to hear it run but it wont be for very much longer... $4,500 call or text 619-213-0346
  10. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Combo spindle to 5 lug

  11. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Combo spindle to 5 lug

    I have a set of the Jamar Pro X 5 lung spindle mounts that ill make you a killer deal on comes with disc brakes and everything will need.. They have never been used
  12. Twin Turbo Tommy

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    Oh dude you are gonna love it ..Im not sure what you tow but my 2017 f250 pulls my 37' 5th wheel with a sandcar and fully loaded with no effort at all .. ..
  13. Twin Turbo Tommy


    http://www.mrm-racing.se/forum/index.php Check these guys out very helpful and lots of info for the Autronics SM4.. They were very helpful when I had my Autronics which ran on a j35A6
  14. Twin Turbo Tommy

    California Laws 2019

  15. Twin Turbo Tommy

    How to handle breakages deep in the dunes?

    I'm not sure if its been mentioned yet ..but if you buy just one extra accessory for your sxs..buy a two radio with it preprogramed .if you are ever stuck out there I'm sure that if you were to get on the radio someone will answer and come get you or call someone for you..cell phones don't always work .The two way radio will pay for itself on the first break down..also it fun to give the guys you are on a ride with crap over the radio ..but keep the small talk for when you stop.

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