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  1. So the guy who is stranded fires his flare gun and needs help and nobody pays any attention. Didn't think you could fire those unless an emergency; yes they gave you white flares to practice with. Oh well, it's Glamis, you're screwed anyway. Here comes the bashing for me criticizing their fun.....
  2. Jim at VIP did mine in 2017. 6k, but there was a lot of wood rot and roof rebuilding to be done. 2005 21' Fleetwood Pioneer travel trailer.
  3. old flatty


    If in a high theft area or store, they only stock the sets. Too easy to pocket the small stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. Made me go look after my complimentary first oil change 2 weeks ago.... Motorcraft oil filter installed.
  5. Dang That DS invoice looks like a property tax bill with all the hits....
  6. Scosia suffered the same fate...won it all too early...but with Joe Madden.
  7. The Dodgers win on talent, not because of Dave Roberts. Worst manager I've seen at managing situations. Come on Joe Maddon !!!!!
  8. Great Like all things in life One person has to screw it up for the rest of us.
  9. Book the kid and the parents Dano... Confiscate any rides they own. Throw the book at them !
  10. Just like Glamis... When you cram the same amount of people into a smaller area, guess what happens.
  11. Usually your bank will run your wad of cash thru their machine to check it for you if you ask them too. I've done this a couple times with large bundles of cash. Buyer comes into the bank with you by the way.....
  12. Just slow down. Let some other idiot get the ticket.
  13. price reduced would like to sell this truck will have to smog again for transfer at the end of this month if not sold $4500 or best offer

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