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  1. Riverside curfew tonight. 7pm till 6am. Oh goody.....
  2. The locals are probably just as guilty, yet they will blame out of town folks, because there are more of them. Look at all the trash the group picks up in Golden Valley AZ. It's not folks driving from Flagstaff or Phoenix dumping their crap in Golden Valley. Look in the mirror folks.
  3. You need to call State Farm and ask for "Jake".......
  4. So an individual runs/rolls a stop sign, is observed by the law doing so, and a citation is issued. So the law is a dirt bag for doing his job ? I guess I don't get it. Wasn't there legislation recently passed,last year or this year, that California stops were now legal ?
  5. Don't worry about your eyesight. Plenty of blind folks driving around out there.
  6. Some body dumped there chitter on the way out .......
  7. Only one woman. She hated men (divorced). Would mow her front yard a 9pm at night; sometimes the back yard at 10pm. Okay, I've heard worse noise than that. Where it all went in the toilet with her, was her washing down the gutter in front of her house which sent all the grass clippings/street debris in front of my driveway. For years.....and years. Asked her nicely several times to clean it up. No dice. Shoveled it and threw it in her driveway several times. Even used her green container to put it into; I was told I was trespassing to go up to her gate and get her container. So, she was a b*tch and I told her that every time I saw her. She moved years ago. She left and the neighborhood is pleasant again.
  8. As a young lad of 13-14, I was privileged to attend many UCLA home games at Pauley, as Coach Woodens daughter and my mother were close friends. After each home game, the Woodens would go out for dinner/desert at their favorite eatery (the name has slipped my mind). We were often invited to come along. One night, as I was eating my hot fudge sundae, Coach Wooden got up from his chair at the table and came and sat down next to me. He asked about my family, and I told him I was playing basketball in junior high. He pulled out the game program from that nights game, and stated that this particular player for the other team had scored 40 some points for his team. He told his players he wanted this particular player to do all the other teams shooting, because his team mates would most likely stand around and watch him do all the scoring. True to what he said, I think the next highest scorer had maybe 10 points for the other team. Of course UCLA beat them. At the end of this 15 minute encounter, he autographed that program and shook my hand. Yes, I still have that program and many others. Imagine being a 13 year old kid, and John Wooden just sat down next to you while you were eating ice cream and wanted to talk to you about the game and shake your hand ! Probably my fondest moment of my childhood.
  9. Any canal road (old, new, current) would be IID; doubtful BLM would do anything. IID would have to call the Sheriff for trespass I suppose. IID probably don't care.
  10. 20 millionth Ford visiting Riverside CA at my family Ford dealership, Johnson Motor Company. The very first Ford V8 at the same Riverside CA family dealership with all dealer principals attending, Johnson Motor Company.
  11. Jons Flag shop in Riverside will probably have it.
  12. So the guy who is stranded fires his flare gun and needs help and nobody pays any attention. Didn't think you could fire those unless an emergency; yes they gave you white flares to practice with. Oh well, it's Glamis, you're screwed anyway. Here comes the bashing for me criticizing their fun.....
  13. Jim at VIP did mine in 2017. 6k, but there was a lot of wood rot and roof rebuilding to be done. 2005 21' Fleetwood Pioneer travel trailer.
  14. old flatty


    If in a high theft area or store, they only stock the sets. Too easy to pocket the small stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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