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  1. Just like Glamis... When you cram the same amount of people into a smaller area, guess what happens.
  2. Usually your bank will run your wad of cash thru their machine to check it for you if you ask them too. I've done this a couple times with large bundles of cash. Buyer comes into the bank with you by the way.....
  3. Just slow down. Let some other idiot get the ticket.
  4. price reduced would like to sell this truck will have to smog again for transfer at the end of this month if not sold $4500 or best offer
  5. Like when the alarm goes off as you leave....I keep walking.
  6. price reduced $5000
  7. old flatty


    sold delete please
  8. They did the same kind of hack job on Jeep CJ5 back then too. Said it rolled over to easy and without warning. CJ5 discontinued in 1983.
  9. I've never cared for Harrleson in anything... But I will tip my hat to him for last night. In my view, his performance of Archie was well done, and I believe he had to work his butt off to accomplish that.
  10. They are re-enacting this again....this year....dropping Jelly beans with parachutes attached I understand. C-53 from CAF left Riverside last week and is heading to England for D-Day activities. Spoke to friend who is one of the crew chiefs before they took off.
  11. For all those with ex wives and GF to think about......
  12. It's a fine balancing act for the Democraps. If you make things way too expensive, folks will quit buying. If folks quit buying, they'll lose the tax money. Oops. Guns, gas, vehicles, cigarettes, soda pop, etc etc. Why would any oil company want to invest in a new refinery in CA when they can get away with higher prices for their product ? Increased production would mean lower cost of fuel. Why would they want that ?
  13. I showed at least 3 documents last August when I renewed my license. They tell you what to bring in advance.

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