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  1. They are re-enacting this again....this year....dropping Jelly beans with parachutes attached I understand. C-53 from CAF left Riverside last week and is heading to England for D-Day activities. Spoke to friend who is one of the crew chiefs before they took off.
  2. old flatty

    Red Flag Laws are a Giant Red Flag

    For all those with ex wives and GF to think about......
  3. old flatty

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    It's a fine balancing act for the Democraps. If you make things way too expensive, folks will quit buying. If folks quit buying, they'll lose the tax money. Oops. Guns, gas, vehicles, cigarettes, soda pop, etc etc. Why would any oil company want to invest in a new refinery in CA when they can get away with higher prices for their product ? Increased production would mean lower cost of fuel. Why would they want that ?
  4. I showed at least 3 documents last August when I renewed my license. They tell you what to bring in advance.
  5. old flatty

    Good gun day in Cali..mag ban is ruled unconstitutional. 

    And just like that....it's over. Same judge who giveth, has now taken away. https://www.ivpressonline.com/news/nation/judge-again-halts-high-capacity-magazine-sales-in-california/article_6589d361-8d02-5b93-81af-a82577c19f61.html
  6. I can tell you from experience that sitting around with your buddies, with every one of them saying what they would do if this, that or the other thing ever happened to them, this is what they would do...... That's all tough talk guys....when it goes down, you need to be calm, cool and collected. My first time with me pointing my S-W Model 66 in a bad guys face......when he was finally cuffed and stuffed, I went to holster my weapon; that's when I noticed that the hammer was cocked back.....and I couldn't recall doing that during my encounter. I don't recall if I was trying to make my point to the bad guy or what; what bothered me is I did not remember doing that. Model 66 is a double action wheel gun: it wasn't necessary to pull the hammer back. After two more arrests on bad guys, I finally decided that I shouldn't be the one protecting the family business anymore; I had a wife and young child; catching bad guys in the act of burglarizing my business just wasn't worth it anymore.
  7. old flatty

    whats your favorite expression?

    I used to care.....but I take a pill for that now. When you get all done, you still got nothing.
  8. old flatty

    Fix for 15'' Trailer tires

    Not really.I had two trailer tires blow out /tread separation at 60 mph. It happened while I was passing slower traffic. I can only imagine that feeling at higher speeds like AZ and Utah. I'll only go about 65 thru AZ and UT even though it's legal to go faster. Pass me at legal 80, I don't care. I don't have that desire to die earlier than planned.
  9. Congress of course. Trumps my Prez ! They control the purse strings. Who was Prez when AZ no thank you to MLK ? AZ folded pretty quickly; and most people still go to work that day as well.
  10. The feds will have Missouri crawling on their knees in no time..... The feds will withhold (blackmail) all federal funds into the state. So ultimately, the bill means nothing..... Don't bite off the hand that feeds you.
  11. old flatty

    Butterflies everywhere......

    "Painted Ladies" are migrating north. And they have plenty of flowers to feast on. They're passing thru Riverside right now.
  12. old flatty

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft

    So he gets sentenced to 200 hours community service: suspended He pays a $500 fine and court costs. And he donates $50K to prostitutes anonymous. Case closed.
  13. old flatty

    Want the wall built?

    So why aren't the republicans running heavy TV ads that show all the dems with walls and fences around their homes/houses/estates, and running the videos of them stating, for the record, that border security and a wall are needed. Pelosi, Clinton, Obummer, and many other leading dems are all on tape stating this. Why aren't the republicans taking advantage of this during all this wall discussion ?????? Once again, the republicans shoot themselves in the foot. Oh wait a minute....they don't like Trump either.....
  14. I've yet to see an accurate and detailed map big enough to read that shows all the land involved.
  15. Roberts is the true wild card. He won't go along party lines and he's proven that. That's not a bad thing, it's just you can't predict what he will do as you can with all the other judges.

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