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  1. old flatty

    Butterflies everywhere......

    "Painted Ladies" are migrating north. And they have plenty of flowers to feast on. They're passing thru Riverside right now.
  2. old flatty

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft

    So he gets sentenced to 200 hours community service: suspended He pays a $500 fine and court costs. And he donates $50K to prostitutes anonymous. Case closed.
  3. old flatty

    Want the wall built?

    So why aren't the republicans running heavy TV ads that show all the dems with walls and fences around their homes/houses/estates, and running the videos of them stating, for the record, that border security and a wall are needed. Pelosi, Clinton, Obummer, and many other leading dems are all on tape stating this. Why aren't the republicans taking advantage of this during all this wall discussion ?????? Once again, the republicans shoot themselves in the foot. Oh wait a minute....they don't like Trump either.....
  4. I've yet to see an accurate and detailed map big enough to read that shows all the land involved.
  5. Roberts is the true wild card. He won't go along party lines and he's proven that. That's not a bad thing, it's just you can't predict what he will do as you can with all the other judges.
  6. Just remember that this is a give and take bill. We get some protected status on currently used off road areas. They get a TON of more wilderness added to existing wilderness. Feinswine never gives anything away........
  7. old flatty

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    90%-95% of those complaining here went to a public school, correct ? My wife is retired now....33 years as a teacher, elementary school, all at the same school. How many of you liked your job to stay for 33 years ? She only retired because it wasn't fun any more and it became a dual immersion program school. Her base was 8870.00 a month, plus 665.30 a month longetivity (April 2015) Out of her monthly deductions, 777.73 a month is deducted towards retirement. Her take home pay was 6976.00 for that month. I might ad that when she was hired, she had the option of taking all pay in 9 months, or spread over 12 months. She chose 9; you do the math to figure what it would be over 12. This district doesn't due the 9 month anymore. Not all teachers are Democraps, especially in this household. Too late for us, but thank God for Janus.
  8. old flatty

    Radio Etiquette

    Gees, how'd we ever get along without radios 30 years ago ? You just turned and looked to make sure your buddy was coming behind you. Yak yak was when you stopped on top of a dune to rest/cool down for equipment. Too many yuppies with all their toys and doo dads today.
  9. old flatty

    How to handle breakages deep in the dunes?

    Back in the 60s a Jeep club member blew his clutch in the bottom of a bowl. The other Jeeps all hooked up but couldn't get enough speed to go round and round and up and out of the bowl. The decision was made to replace the clutch in the dunes at the bottom of that bowl. They took the whole front group, hood and fenders off (CJ5), then unbolted the engine and lifted it out and on the ground. They replaced the clutch disc and reinstalled the engine and put it back together and drove it out. Some one in the club had a 8mm movie of it and a few years ago I got to watch that movie. Pretty impressive repair.
  10. can't be my guys I don't pay them that much....
  11. old flatty

    The "Fragile Desert" Myth

    Having tromped around the Camp Young are for the last 45 years you do find some amazing signs that remain. Tank tracks and other items lying on the surface can be found by applying boot leather to the ground.
  12. old flatty


    So I guess it's safe to say that the high $$$ guys with their go fast HP cars would never show up and perform on off weekends of the late spring/summer months, right ? I mean, they are only built to show off and go fast. So if there isn't a crowd around to watch THEM, then it's no fun for THEM I suppose.
  13. old flatty


    a sanctioned Sand Drag event would be perfect oh wait....only 100 yards and no major crowds guess both of the egos involved would have to suffer then
  14. old flatty

    Fatality at wash 16

  15. old flatty

    if it was a chevy this would not have happened

    Always check your six. I would think the guy could have seen him coming.

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