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  1. Sounds like someone had a bad experience. Promises, Promises, maybe??? More info!!! YES PLEASE EXPLAIN !!!!!
  2. [attachmentid=133586][attachmentid=133587][attachmentid=133588]I have a mid travel car for sale. 13 inches travel front and rear fox shocks (coil overs in rear), 3 X 3's, 930 cvs, bus box, prp seats (fronts on sliders), 48" bench, crow belts, 2275 VW motor,disc brakes in rear, car is all new never been out. ready to go. $16,000 Dave 909-557-4730
  3. looking good make sure to post pictures when shes all done.
  4. WOW!! The builder had no time for you.When you drop the car off on late Sunday night and want it back for Tuesday.When I had a car to get finished and I told you that before you dropped it off.You need to tell the whole story rather than say things that you want people to hear.Sure is funny I've got 40 cars out there and I don't hear any one else complaining.
  5. MIke Sounds good look forward to talking to you again. witch trans are you thinking ? I also changed the car like yours a little (new hood and dash). Thanks Dave 909-795-8938
  6. WHATS UP loser1 ? yes that is my new car He is going 4.8 V8 / mega sand trans Dave
  7. Call me when you get a chance 909-795-8938 Dave
  8. I think just the dual-carb linkage (Dellortos) and mid-engine shifter linkage. I'm hoping to find a deal on a cable shift setup. 1153682[/snapback] Doug I have a J-mar shifter linkage (chrome ) I can donate I just bought a little vw shop I can maybe take care of some of the other stuff that you need also. does she need some off road lights, tail lights,switches,consol,brakes, just little things that don't get thought about sometimes. anyways I would love to help of I can. let me know. Dave Sandrail Specialties / Unique Supply inc.
  9. CHENOWTH EXODUS I called Chenowth yesterday they are out about 4 weeks on Exodus, They have A-Arm Explorer frames in stock. Have you thought about the Buggy Works frame? I can get either one or I can build you one of my cars. PM me and I can give you some prices. Dave
  10. let me see what i can do(time wise). are you a round durring the day (week days)? THANKS Dave
  11. JD where do you live? i just might come get it all!!! THANKS Dave
  12. right on man everybodies different good luck

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