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  1. Not glamis but south of the eight near the town of Ocotillo. This was last Sunday didnt get hit till about 12 wife and kids had a great time
  2. Nancys overlooking the big kids play
  3. Ah now this makes perfect sense
  4. It’s Friday more than reasonable thought I’d contribute to this epic thread specially to the thread villain
  5. Who’s responsible for 2022 dirt bikes not being able to be green stickered? we need to recall who ever thought that was a good idea. Went to go buy my son a new bike sales man said 2022 are sold as track bikes now WFT
  6. I love the same run but 7 am is very aggressive if ya go to bed at 3-4am sir
  7. Hear ya go for yoore friend
  8. Had an 08 dmax same set up as ABC 285s I just cranked the torsion keys for a slight lift in the front I don’t think I ran a spacer on that truck. Had an edge programmer to get the Speedo re calibrated an mild tune.08 would pull a house off the foundation and you could select what gear you wanted to do it in. Miss the 08 Also had a 98 454 Chevy dawg 2wd 6” fab tec upper coil spacer, lift block in the back ect… that truck chit a lower ball joint while making a u turn one time what a nightmare. If you have aftermarket rims (usually 4 of the 6) you have to break down the all the tires if you want to rotate properly that sucked. Like ABC said above 35” max Mabe torsion keys up front spacer in the back seems like Dually sit pretty high in the rear stock. heres a few pic of few my duallys Iv hd oh the 98 was air bagged before I lifted it miss that truck lowered
  9. This thread is turned is to a good ol fashion shirtless pillow fight
  10. Bunch of Nancys looking at other Nancys looking at the sun go down from what iv seen. But that late in the day who knows what I really saw
  11. I’m modernizing the elevators all work must be done after hours, can’t disturb the court rooms while there in session. So I gotta work 6pm-4am
  12. Yep thought I saw something flare up towards the south Mabe something re entering atmosphere? I’m on top of the El Cajon court house the dot was in this pic somewhere
  13. Think I saw it hauling ass from north to south just an orange dot

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