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  1. Alright cool, thanks bob and GD.com glad I could help
  2. House ac stop working this week gotta temp system for now
  3. I always thought these were Mobil heat pumps cold out the vents hot out the tubes
  4. So you just hang the blower on a wall in the house or is there ducting option?
  5. Nice dual sports my, bros cars was a heavy gal got around all over in the sand with 35s like Mr.Wood said skinny pedal is your friend. I will say knowing where your going with heavy cars in the sand without paddles helps, bring friends with jeeps they usually live using their 4 wheel drives and winches
  6. Looks similar to Superstition Mt. area east of San Diego we take rails with dirt tires and slide all over the smaller dunes low air pressure get you around pretty good
  7. Padres win five in a row too soon?

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