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  1. I run the Lee brand but have been told its re bottled swepco (light yellow color). In the race car we always ran the sweet brand (dark red color).
  2. I was just searching for pics of nye franks stuff to post, you beat me to it. Very innovative stuff.
  3. From what you posted the axle hits the microstub cup but not the trans cup. If thats the case the axle is not to long, if it was to long it would bind up and hit on both sides when the suspension gets to the shortest point (usually when cups are level). What you are seeing is just caused by gravity and normal. It never hurts to pull it apart and double check it but it sounds like the axles are the correct length
  4. ****SOLD**** HJC CSY youth S/M helmet. Wired by PCI. Comes with tinted and clear visor. $125. Located in Fullerton, CA. Rick (949)295-7909
  5. I went from BD fuegos hid to xl80's and a amber onyx6 bar a few years ago, updates the look and work better than the old setup.
  6. That is also not gps on the screen it is the rear view camera. The class 10 car I help with has the full motec setup and it is badass. The speed limiter gets setup to the speed zones on the race course, push the button car won't go over that speed. The motec stuff is very hi-tech.
  7. I run the r2c replacement in mine. Never have had any dust with r2c or donaldson.
  8. -3 AN tube nuts. Most any performance shop that carries AN fittings should have them. You also can't just replace it, the brakeline has a flare on the end need to cut off flare put new tube nut and sleeve on then flare brakeline with a flaring tool.
  9. It's not really that risky, there's something in the trans I don't what it is exactly possibly a spring. But you feel it compress as you are going over into reverse, and it's not like you are aggressively downshifting to 1st where you would go to far to the left.
  10. I had Foltz rebuild mine a few seasons ago, Dave and Daniel are great they always did the racecar trans when I was racing too. I got 8 seasons before 2nd gear wore out, the R&P showed some wear he said should be good for another year or two but decided to replace it so I hopefully don't have to pull the trans for 8 years or so. I run a cooler with a filter, have never seen any metal in the filter.
  11. Sweet bud that's gonna be a nice upgrade. You know where I'm at if you need any help.
  12. Californiatrailmap.com I have this and am really happy with it.
  13. I ditched my IMI and went with a Tilton super starter.

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