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  1. I bought my old car back while I’m on my quest for another Funco ( IMG_1150.MOV
  2. This chit is definitely real I’m not a vaxxer and won’t be but my wife got it and ended up in the university of Utah hospital in a medical induced coma for 23day 35 days total in the hospital and has been home now for three weeks and is still on oxygen.I got it as well with little to no symptoms
  3. Try Martin I can get them pretty quick but I’m pretty close to the factory in salt lake we are the same for amarr
  4. Atl east lumber has dropped almost 60% garage doors are thru the roof though
  5. Took the to Home Depot to pick out this years new Halloween decor and went to breakfast we took the Grand National to enjoy the drive now cleaning out the garage to have are end of summer corn hole tournament in a couple weeks
  6. Are foundations would be a lot different because of are frost depth is 36”
  7. Pretty familiar with this subject but not so much on the appreciation side of things been doing foundation for them for the last 16 years like you said some are really nice some not so much here in NV they have to be built for zones wind/snow load /temperatures generally the only difference between mobile and modular were electrical and plumbing where done by license people.lots of difference in manufacturers some leave frame on some take off and set on stud walls
  8. My wife got to come home yesterday from the hospital 35 days spend some time with her and the dogs
  9. Regular wood glue with the screws

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