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  1. 🤔 been thinking about a pro r something else I won’t get to use
  2. Still on the search there are some starting to pop up but not the right one yet
  3. Considering selling my GN 38k original mi straight no rust paint has a little checking and swirls but still looks great also have original wheels and tires 24k possible trades looking for a stacker just don’t use it much
  4. I do. I've been looking for a stacker had one lined up and I did' pull the trigger
  5. Anything new need something I can load a funco on the lift but nothing over 26’ box
  6. Probably going have to give it a bit ride out the economic down turn for a while
  7. Not a bad trailer would do the job a little to much for 11 years old I can have a new one built for that much without all the options I don’t need
  8. Will take a look will be there Thursday am

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