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  1. Still looking to buy just seeing if anything is available
  2. I agree I was going to post that I wanted to buy a trailer not going to pay for that. Starting to think they were try to figure out how to charge for classifieds and the site crashed . I love this site but it’s a good place to spend some free time
  3. 7 k axles 235/85/16 tires E orG rated tires
  4. Definitely sounds like a broken manifold tend to make that noise had a 04 same issue
  5. Nuw wave oven
  6. Sweet thanks for offering me a spot in your new Shop . LOL Why haven’t we seen pics of your shop yet
  7. Need to cover rear seat area , engine enclosure ish , and new dash I live in Elko NV but will travel to vagas or ca any recommendations and contacts would be appreciated thanks
  8. You can move to Nevada out in the sticks that $hit don’t happen around here
  9. I owned the car previously used to be the orange #20 car SCU S4 415 w/3.3 whipple sweet car it’s been in Utah for the last 7-8 years hasn’t really left Are circle
  10. I know who is getting a 4 seater
  11. My name is Gerald born and raised in Oregon been going to the dune since I was 5 years old left that $hit hole behind in 93 moved to Elko NV became a heavy equipment mechanic then became self employed as a General Contractor travel to Dumont during the winter and frequent sand mt Nv and sand mt Utah and ST Anthony During the rest of the year
  12. I finally bought another sand car going thru all the bushings and hiems and deep clean

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