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  1. I’m looking for a little cheaper stacker my 26’ universal does the job great but would like to get my overall length down a bit
  2. I don’t think the back door is wide enough but I will call to verify thanks for the info
  3. Hanging out in St Anthony watched horse power wars was able to mob my ranger crew out to Devils Dune with a generator and treager for some lunch while we watched
  4. Like to play win the GN and build buildings
  5. Well I know what I’m doing next Saturday lost 3rd gear in my S4D so getting it pulled and will be heading to trans shop on Sunday
  6. Yep sitting at St Anthony right now
  7. Knock on wood 🪵 I try not to get in that position last trip to Dumont was a $hit show with a couple Moho and stacker combo’s

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