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  1. What shop in Hollister? I do large solar projects in that area have seen a few shops In traveling around town, just curious. Hope it goes well..
  2. Check out Eldorado Stone, they make building blocks similar to modular cabinets for outdoor kitchens. Easy to install. They make kits also.
  3. Anyone have a current address for Desert Dynamics?
  4. What model # AEM for a LSX in a Crumco Baja Bug?
  5. Noo problem. Send pics as your builds come along..
  6. Bad ass welder. I like your buggies..
  7. Nice pics. What’s the machine with the zoomed? I’m having a V8 Street legal Baja being built now..
  8. Cool buggy. WI that will be different. What’s up with that Baja Bug I’ve seen associated with you?
  9. Yes I do. What’s up Josh?
  10. Does anyone have new location and contact info for Desert Dynamics. Thanks in advance David
  11. Very nice... Thank you.. Bucket list for sure..

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