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  1. punkur67

    Battery Charger recommendation

    I have the Optima Digital 400 in my trailer and have been happy with it https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/battery-charger?gclid=CjwKCAjw7MzkBRAGEiwAkOXexCersxoaMNhnB-QL07tgRe2iTN2HDWmdRI3QuggRt9CskCQBO9A67RoC7TcQAvD_BwE
  2. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Theres a bolt inside that open tube end that bolts the engine cage to the frame
  3. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Thanks. But I'm looking for the piece bolted to the frame. Most people just weld a washer to the end of a piece of tube. Then bolt it to the frame. I saw billet ones somewhere and wanted to use those
  4. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    Does anyone know where to buy the billet version of these tube ends? I found them on a website but I cant find them for the life of me. I know I can make them out of tube but the billet ones are nice
  5. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    If I say yes then you be trying to roll it. Haha
  6. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    I dont have a roll bender so my buddy rolled the tubes for me. I did the rest of the bends at home
  7. punkur67

    Chenoweth SV-16 repairs and upgrades

    We will be adding an x brace in 5he back and probably a v bar (anti intrusion bar) to the windshield area.
  8. My dad picked up a Chenoweth SV-16 back in December. We had plans to tear it down and make some upgrades this summer. He put it on the lid on our last trip and bent the roof. So we decided to start the summer project early. List of changes and upgrades include: -New seats (Done) -Electric power steering (Done) -Front disk brakes (Done) -Radiused roof to repair and update the look (In the process now) - New engine cage -Add bypasses to the rear -New radiator in better location -New fuel cell lower and farther forward for better weight distribution -New tin to enclose the car with windshield -Rewire the car -Relocate the battery Possible upgrades include -Intercom system -Boxed rear arms
  9. punkur67

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    Just the last thing to replace. I rebuilt the other 7 shocks and had no issues. Just had one that would not seal.
  10. punkur67

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I fought one of my shocks. I rebuilt it twice and it kept leaking. I finally swapped the shaft and fixed it. I could not see any damage on the shaft but it was the problem.
  11. punkur67

    Garrett gtx 2871r

    Is this the Garrett version? Any pics?
  12. punkur67

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    3rd windshield in the last year and a half. Everyone on my job has had the same luck. Lots of rocks around the 15/91 interchange
  13. punkur67

    Mushy clutch pedal questions

    Try a new master cylinder. I bet thats the problem. My buddy had the same issue this past new years with a relatively new master. When he pressed the pedal most of the fluid was free bleeding back through the check valve inside. You could see the fluid pushing in the resivor with the cap off. We put a new master in that I had in the trailer and it was all good again.
  14. punkur67

    How much is enough?

    I saw a crazy custom RZR at the drags with 4.0 king bypasses on it. Looked comical how big they were. They also looked like 16" or 18" travel shocks but only had about 2 inches of shaft showing at ride height. No way they were completely stroking those shocks
  15. punkur67

    It's Saturday 3/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Worked on the radiused roof on my dads chenoweth yesterday. Took our son to the zoo today.

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