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  1. Car is going up to Outfront tomorrow and going to let John do his magic.
  2. I am assuming its C&G performance aka Gary's automotive based on user name.
  3. The permatex plastic tank repair has a mesh that you put in the epoxy. I had a big crack down the side of my fresh tank in the enclosed and it has held up great
  4. Any other info? What did it take to convert?
  5. What are the dimensions of the bed? that would make a cool golf cart trailer
  6. I like that too. They probably store better than the snowmobile tracks
  7. I keep old snowmobile tracks in the motorhome. They work good to help you out
  8. I got an email when these were released. Definitely a great option for the motorhome!
  9. Hopefully John has what I need. I am going to try the coil and plug wires too. Maybe I will get lucky and that's all it is and i will have more time to sort out the ignitors
  10. Just looked the harness over completely and not seeing an ignitor. Sounds like its molded in to the black box based on John's comment above. You can see wires running in to the black shinny epoxy or something like epoxy.
  11. Heres the box and computer. Looks like the cover is removable
  12. Do you have any more info on the motor build? What size? Aftermarket internals?

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