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  1. punkur67

    How are conditions ?

    We usually try to park around 6. Might see you around there...
  2. punkur67

    How are conditions ?

    You have a group?
  3. punkur67

    How are conditions ?

    We are going suberbowl weekend too
  4. punkur67

    beard seats

    Nothing compliments a mullet like swirled valour
  5. punkur67

    WTB Extreme 14.50 x 15" comp cut

    Still looking.....
  6. punkur67

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    Look in the installation paperwork. There are different amperage ratings on some of the switches
  7. punkur67

    New 4 seat build

    Using a switchpro takes a bunch of work out of wiring
  8. punkur67

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    Oh no! Not this discussion again. Haha
  9. punkur67

    winch for loading

    I got the same one for Christmas. I have not used it yet though
  10. punkur67

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    Nice! I'm kinda partial to Raptors though
  11. punkur67

    Handheld radio question

    We have a several of these in our group and they work great. Most of the bikes and quads in our group have them.
  12. punkur67

    Chinese Lanterns

    Not at the drag strip..... at least thats what I say when I buy mine. 😁 I always laugh when people use $12 a gallon race fuel to get a fire started expecting some nuclear explosion.
  13. punkur67

    Chinese Lanterns

    I've tried to explain this countless times to people
  14. For sale is a GPI heavy duty 20 GPM fuel pump with filter, hose, and fuel nozzle. This pump is 115v single phase and will run on a honda 2000. I am setting up a fuel station and no longer need this. Pump works great. Inlet pipe is set up for a 15 gallon drum but can be easily changed to accommodate a taller or shorter drum. $300 DRUM NOT INCLUDED

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