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  1. punkur67

    Honda 3.5

    Better be a Chromoly chassis if you plan on running anything bigger than a VW motortoo
  2. punkur67

    Today's Highway star

    Parked in Valet next to me this morning.
  3. punkur67

    It's Saturday 5/18/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Kids birthday party today. Going to La Jolla for dinner and the comedy store for my anniversary tonight. Going to hit a round of golf in the morning if the weather holds up.
  4. punkur67

    The debate over abortion

    Definitely well said about abortion being birth control for some. We really want to adopt another child but we probably will not because it was so emotionally and financially stressful. We will most likely foster with no expectation of adoption when our son is a little older. After seeing the rotten humans trying to foster we figured we could give a child a good home for the short time they are in the foster system. And maybe one day we could adopt one. Its really sad to see children treated like pawns and paychecks. They are kids who deserve nothing but love and a good home.
  5. punkur67

    The debate over abortion

    I totally agree about the adoption process. Adopting our son was a painful process emotionally and financially. You are at the mercy of the government, social workers, adoption agencies, and lawyers. And they all seem to only want your money. The child and their welfare is the only priority in the adoption process, NOT the money. We went to a foster to adopt class and my wife and I were the only people not there for the money from the state. It was sad and disgusting to watch other people trying to figure out how to maximize their profits by adopting children with the most health issues.
  6. punkur67

    The debate over abortion

    This is an interesting subject for me. My wife and I had a deep conversation about this when we first met. My wife has had leukemia since before I met her and takes an oral form of chemo daily to keep her illness at bay. We talked about the many risks to her and an unborn child and made the decision that if she were to ever get pregnant that we should terminate the pregnancy. We have always been careful and never had even a scare in 11 years. BUT if we did we already made a decision based on the health of the potential child. This was not some knee jerk decision we made to be selfish. The doctors said there would be a very high risk for prolonged problems with the child. We also spoke to my wife's oncologist about a planned way to have a child with less risk. They offered the option to take her off the chemo for a few months to develop a healthy egg and either extract eggs for a surrogate or try to get pregnant. She would the be off her chemo for over a year and possibly put her health at risk. We then discussed in depth the pros and cons. Our final decision was made not to do this because the doctors said she may need to resume chemo in the middle of the pregnancy if her life was threatened and it would be harmful if not fatal to the unborn child. My point to my wife was IF we had a successful pregnancy but our child was deformed or had major health issues I could not handle the guilt that we selflessly perused a high risk pregnancy. We both agreed and decided against this option. On the flip side of this coin people abuse this freedom too. As many of you know my wife and I adopted our son. His birth mother had 10 pregnancies. She gave birth to 5 and aborted 5. We were extremely fortunate that she decided to give birth to our son and not abort him. Like everything in this world there is not just black and white but the law must read this way. I am pro choice for my personal reasons above and for issues like rape. But you cant say it's ok for my wife and I to be pro choice and not OK for the woman who gave us our son.
  7. punkur67

    Honda 3.5

    I am worried that my 2D would not last with the torque of a V8 and my driving style. I was looking in to a 500-550hp Subaru but a Honda V6 "seems" like it would be cheaper to build and/or repair than the Subi.
  8. punkur67

    Honda 3.5

    I have been considering replacing my 2.5 Subaru for a Honda Turbo. I have talked to @jtmoney714 about build options. I would like 500-550 HP. Interesting info here
  9. punkur67

    Paddle clearance

  10. punkur67

    Paddle clearance

    Definitely not good. That WILL rub and eventually shred that sidewall.
  11. punkur67

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    I worked with a guy named Sam Sung. We had all kinds of nick names that were other electronics manufacturers.
  12. punkur67

    GPS reccomendation

    I don't have the horsepower to push that much weight around

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