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  1. I have one on the Subaru inside my scoop that is run from a switch on the dash. I turn mine on as soon as the car is started. I did not want my with ignition on cause I did not want to draw all the amps while trying to start.
  2. I believe the same group has a website too. Mullets-only.com
  3. Camping at santee lakes with the family. Pretty warm so we are bouncing back and forth to the motorhome to stay cool.
  4. You get your motor fixed yet?
  5. Its probably just not as desirable as a 20'+ trailer so it may take longer to sell. Sport trailers are nice. I have one and love it
  6. So much for me keeping up with you guys now! If Scott gets a car too I will be straggling in the back
  7. We put our old man Triton down back in February. He was 12 and I picked him out at 5 days old. My wife and I were a mess. It's very hard to say goodbye to our pet friends.
  8. I already sent a PM to get the nipples so I can glue them on my current tires so they look new again.
  9. I did bedliner on a couple cars, vinyl on a couple, and tweed on one. And as @Cookie said, headsets
  10. Interested in the front tires if willing to seperate
  11. Sorry for all of your losses.
  12. We did the 30 days too and made it about 10 days. I was so sore and uncomfortable we bought a new mattress and leaned the sleep number against the wall for the remaining 20 days cause sleep number refused to pick it up before the 30 day trail. You figure a $7k bed would be AMAZING. Not even close!
  13. Made some progress this weekend. finished up the engine cage. It was a pain to figure out how to keep it removable but also be stout. Also finished up the radiator mount and some other small stuff.

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