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  1. And the front seats are in
  2. Thunderboats this weekend!
  3. Couch and dinette were installed today. Captains chairs will be here in the morning
  4. Bumping this up to see if there are any other options now. I am looking for a thin flush or french mount led strip to go in a wing around 40" wide
  5. I looked through all of my waranty papers and saw it was not covered. I did not even waste my time calling them. I just did my own repairs.
  6. No major hurdles this weekend. I did not like the look of the 3 vertical down tubes in the rear without anything tying them together so I made a plate with perforated steel filler to break up the down tubes. I plan to box the bottom of them in.
  7. I replaced one of the Day and night shades to a standard shade. The old one had a broken string inside. I could have probably repaired it but I wanted to do a standard shade anyway. I also looked at some flooring options but with an upcoming trip I did not have time for a project like that. So we had the carpet deep cleaned while everything was out. Upholstery shop will be here Wednesday to install everything just in time for us to leave Thursday.
  8. Very cool. I often wonder if my son will seek out his biological parents in the future when he is older.
  9. I miss that thing some days
  10. That would look cleaner for sure. Not sure if there is enough room but I will check. I put the "beauty bars" on the rear to try and sink the motor in the frame more.

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