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  1. Did some reloading for mine and my dads Ar10s to shoot a ladder and come up with a good recipe. Went to monster jam on Saturday. Shot the rifles today and figured out a recipe that works well with both of our guns and figured out a failure to eject issue on my AR10 and resolved it. Been fighting it for about 6 months. Then prepped 250 rounds of brass to load up for our hog hunt. Shot a nice .325" 3 shot group. Fourth round was a flyer but still measured .713". Also won $400 in a superbowl football pool. Cant beat that!
  2. Changed my diet after the new year and am down 22 pounds so far. Not doing any sort of new years resolution. Just tired of being a fat turd
  3. Today I ended up not getting any chores done. Had to take our boxer to the vet. They found an old pacifier in her stomach. She goes in tomorrow to get it removed. Took our son to the park and to sea world and wrapping up with dinner with my parents tonight.
  4. Did a day trip to Glamis today. Had 17 vehicles go from the washes to duners diner and back. I wanted to chew some more dunes up rathher than go to the diner. But I was in Glamis so I cant complain. Chores and hanging out with the family tomorrow
  5. Same here. Been using them for probably 10 years now and never had a single cv bolt loosten up since.
  6. Yes sir. Been in your shop a couple times too. Just had it up there last month to get rid of the ORBS "magic box".
  7. Thanks John. A little out of the way but I will let you know if I need to
  8. Any recommendations on where to rent a flat trailer to haul the buggy out for day trips? I need one 16'-20' long X 8'-6" wide with drive over fenders.
  9. Sent you a PM about the headers a few days ago

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