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  1. Not exactly but those might work too.
  2. Took my dad and brother golfing for Father's Day today. Whole family is taking my grandfather to lunch tomorrow for Father's Day and his 91st birthday.
  3. It should read everything your factory computer does. When you connect to the vehicle it will highlight every available parameter
  4. This is what use Nu-Calgon 4171-75 Evap Foam No Rinse Evaporator Coil Cleaner, 18 oz. (3 PACK): Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific https://www.amazon.com/Nu-Calgon-4171-75-Rinse-Evaporator-Cleaner/dp/B079MFV925
  5. We only use Milwaukee at work and we beat the crap out of tools. We do commercial HVAC and plumbing. our company bought other brands in the past but they were short lived with us when they all died quickly. Just like the weld hood thread, I bought tools tested by heavy duty abuse and not weekend warriors. I own all Milwaukee M18 and M12 stuff and love it. Another selling point for me was Milwaukee is no question the trend setter for cordless tools. They have way more tools than the other companies and are usually the first out with the new stuff that later gets copied.
  6. I have had great success with the Torque pro but it is the only one I have used. It would be cool to see other options that others have used here
  7. Camping at chula vista rv park with friends and the family.
  8. I have a pig hunt in Texas in August and An Elk Hunt in New Mexico in October or November
  9. Cranes are not that expensive for a job like this. Especially when the sheds are free.
  10. I think with everything, proper prep is key here. I always check the wheel and tire for any sharp surfaces that can puncture the tube. I have put tire patches inside the tire just to protect the tube many times. I also put baby powder on the tube and inside the tire so the tube does not get pinched or twisted during inflation.
  11. I use the same one as this, just another brand. These work great on your paddles
  12. until

    Same weekend as Thunderboats in San Diego. Not going to make it this year....
  13. One thing I really miss from the old setup was being able to click the page number from the thread list. Where currently we need to open a thread and then click the last page.
  14. Ummm. Those are not beer cans sir! Haha
  15. I have run tubes for years in multiple sets of paddles due to sidewall leaks on my 14.50 Extremes. Just make sure to run tubes with threaded valve stems. I usually use the Mickey Thompson Drag Racing Tubes, they have solid stems and are heavy duty.
  16. Went to Agua Caliente casino last night to watch Rodney carington. He is funny as hell. Working on chores around the house the rest of the weekend.
  17. We just returned our $6000 sleep number bed. We absolutely hated it too. I have got a better night sleep in the bed of my truck with a sleeping bag. My wife loves our new bed, I'm not a big fan but it's way better than our sleep number.
  18. The vinyl is falling apart on our 2014 Coachmen. I have a few friends who had the same thing happen to their coaches. Also the 68" sofa sleeper frame is broken cause it was made out of cheap ass wood with a poor design. I was going to rebuild the sofa frame out of steel and have everything re upholstered. Or I looked at getting a new dinette and couch online but there are not many options. I found Recpro and Thomas Payne. Are there any other companies that you have purchased rv furniture from? Have you guys had the same problems? This pic is from a year ago before the vinyl started falling apart.
  19. Very cool. Please post details of your fab as you go.
  20. punkur67

    06 DD

    What kind of trades?
  21. We live in the Ryland homes too

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