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  1. punkur67

    New 4 seat build

    Using a switchpro takes a bunch of work out of wiring
  2. punkur67

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    Oh no! Not this discussion again. Haha
  3. punkur67

    winch for loading

    I got the same one for Christmas. I have not used it yet though
  4. punkur67

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    Nice! I'm kinda partial to Raptors though
  5. punkur67

    Handheld radio question

    We have a several of these in our group and they work great. Most of the bikes and quads in our group have them.
  6. punkur67

    Chinese Lanterns

    Not at the drag strip..... at least thats what I say when I buy mine. 😁 I always laugh when people use $12 a gallon race fuel to get a fire started expecting some nuclear explosion.
  7. punkur67

    Chinese Lanterns

    I've tried to explain this countless times to people
  8. For sale is a GPI heavy duty 20 GPM fuel pump with filter, hose, and fuel nozzle. This pump is 115v single phase and will run on a honda 2000. I am setting up a fuel station and no longer need this. Pump works great. Inlet pipe is set up for a 15 gallon drum but can be easily changed to accommodate a taller or shorter drum. $300 DRUM NOT INCLUDED
  9. punkur67

    Chinese Lanterns

    Not really BS. Probably a bit dramatic though. We saw one land on the roof of a rig next to our camp and catch the roof on fire. They were able to get it out by throwing beer and sand on the roof. We will not light them after seeing that.
  10. punkur67

    WTB Extreme 14.50 x 15" comp cut

    Looking for a pair or Extreme 14.50 x 15" comp cut in good condition. My side walls are getting pretty worn and I want a newer set
  11. punkur67

    WTB Extreme 14.50 x 15" comp cut

    Looking for a pair or Extreme 14.50 x 15" comp cut in good condition. My side walls are getting pretty worn and I want a newer set
  12. I am in a tight spot at work and I need a custom multi colored sticker made today. I need a label for a piece of equipment at work approximately 4" x 8". I already have the design but the guy who was going to deliver just contacted me and said he can not have it in till next week. Does anyone make custom stickers/labels on the site?
  13. For sale. Two 14.50 desert tracks on aluminum wheels. A couple of the lug holes have minor damage. SOLD Single 13.00 STU paddle #1 cut on a Champion beadlock. $175 Pair of spindle mount wheels. Tires are pretty trashed. $150 Rear CNC brakes. One Caliper has a mark from a wheel making contact but no impact on function. $450 Gear one front hubs. One is missing a cap and has damaged threads that can be repaired. SOLD
  14. My dad is picking up a Chenoweth SV-16 tomorrow to upgrade his old beam car. Does anyone have and pictures of info on these cars. I have heard about them but there is not much information out there. They have A-arms front and rear, dual coilovers in the rear and single in the front, inboard brakes in the rear, custom rear cast aluminium hubs (would like info on these), bolt in ball joints up front. Plan is to do some minor prep to get out for new years and run it for the rest of the season how it sits. Then next summer tear it down to clean it up, remount the radiator, change the fuel tank, do some tin work, and decide to keep the V-6 or swap over to his Subaru that is mocked up in his old car.
  15. My buddy bought temporary spare doughnut tires and mounted them on skinny latest rage wheels. I cant see you getting any smaller than that
  16. punkur67

    Miller spoolmate 100 and tire dollies

    For sale New Miller spoolmate 100. $200 Four tire dollies with built in Jacks. SOLD
  17. punkur67

    Miller spoolmate 100 and tire dollies

  18. punkur67

    Any pictures or info on Chenoweth SV-16 cars

    Figured out these run outboard hubs during our prep for new years. This car is the same width as my dads old car with 3x3 arms but has 27-1/2" axles! We added front brakes, bigger tires, and cms wheels to add weight up front. The car is a little stiff in the rear but overall a big improvement over the old beam car. We also redid all the fuel lines. Someone hacked the fuel system and it was a fire waiting to happen. The pressure side of the pump had a plain fuel line hose clamped to the regulator with cracks everywhere. The adapter out of the fuel pump was the wrong thread just teflon taped and cranked in about 3/4 of a turn. And the return line was vacuum hose clamped on. We replaced everything with an fittings and hoses and added a tank vent. All good now. We replaced the master cylinder shafts to the short ones to push the pedals farther away from the seat. Pretty sure whoever mounted them was about 4' tall. We replaced the steering wheel, bushings, and put a new wheel on. The electric power steering was not working. Pretty sure the controller is wasted from being left in the weather. Cvs were replaced with new boots and fresh grease. Hub bearings will be replaced this summer. We plan the strip the car down this summer to do hub bearings, some tin work, rewire, change the fuel tank location, remount the radiator, new coolant lines, rear firewall, clean everything up, repaint, and replace any items that are worn out. I am probably going to fab new rear lower arms also to get rid of the bushings that seem to need constant replacement. We only got one ride this trip and the motor went in to limp mode the second ride. We checked some stuff out and found a damaged TPS, coolant temperature sensor, and bad connection in the harness. We replaced the bad sensors and the crank position sensor. Still stuck in limp mode so we have some more digging to do before our next trip.
  19. punkur67


    They just started making it in black too
  20. punkur67

    Radio Etiquette

    Spot on!
  21. punkur67

    Honda headers. 250.00

    Sent you a PM. Are these still available?
  22. punkur67

    33” Blasters #2 or Pro #1 15”

    I have a set of Douglas beadlocks with 14.50 x 15" #1 cut tires. I need to check the backspace

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