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  1. JT Strong Arm No shake at all when the trailer is un-hooked from the truck.
  2. I've not weighed it on a commercial Cat scale. During those days Warrior was known to fudge the weights. The original sticker inside says 12089. Then I was sent a "revised" weight at 9900 lbs. I can only guess the actual is around 13000 based on others measurements using a commercial scale. Total GVRW is tagged at 16000.
  3. Had a few nibbles on this. As usual the questions is what's the length of storage. It's 16 feet to the first cabinet and 21' 6" to the refrigerator. For a 'small' trailer that's 40' long there's a lot of space. Desert season is almost here!
  4. SOLD! It's time to go a bit smaller. We've enjoyed this trailer for a long time. Glamis/Ocotillo in winter, Needles/Utah/Mammoth in summer. We're feeling since we now only have the 2 seat RZR1K don't need this long. This trailer has 16 feet to the first Kitchen Cabinet. Has 5K lbs tie downs in all the right spots. Insane amount of interior storage. Massive 'basement' storage. Many updates over the years. Everything in working order. This past month replaced the front jacks with dual motor jacks and had Roof Maintenance done at VIP (With Jim) . I've done service and exercise generator, 628 Hrs. (never an issue). Reversible Fantastic Fan with thermostat in Bedroom vent. Replaced Stock mattress (bedroom) and rear futon with real mattress. All Bulbs replaced inside with LED lighting. Replaced TV in Living with 27" LED. with Solid MORyde TV mount. LCD TV in bedroom also. Dome DTV Satellite done by Squatcher in '07 Replace Analog thermostat relay with digital. New replacement Awing under weather Cover. Fresh Costco 6V bats.. Leg stabilizers on front. Tillable 200 Watt Solar panel array. New tires on rear. Built in Factory Freedom 2000 Watt Inverter. Graphics in Good shape on south side. Excellent condition on North side. Had the Frame update and Dexter Flex kit done at RV Dr. (when Jim was still there) Also Replaced 40 Gal "toy" fuel tank with aluminized tank. Ready to Roll With all the updates $23,900
  5. One of my questions was where to get permits online. The gal said here... Clickey
  6. I stopped by the BLM 'table' asked a few questions... The shock on peoples faces that weren't aware of the increase, and the frown after they handed over the cash and were handed what seemd like a fake sticker. Every comment was "Really?". I didn't hold one in my hand but it looked like possibly a paper sticker. I'm sure it's not. Since it's made to stick on the OUTSIDE of a window. This is the first year since permits came out that I didn't buy a annual pass. I'm going to do weekly this year. The last couple years I only made it out to G once or twice a year.
  7. Thats good to hear, I wanted to handle it myself but have no time. Just picked up my '07 CR from RV Dr. It's worth the update. Floor is actually sold feeling now. Didn't realize it flexed as much as it used to. Got a shock when the discovered the "toy" fuel tank was cracked at the internal baffle weld. Some extra $$ I didn't plan on.
  8. So... I was thinking about this on my morning walk. The year before the initial fee went into place I was feeling Glamis was definitely getting out of hand. People were heading out without "off road" vehicles for the "party". They'd burn what ever was flammable, lots of abandoned cars and trucks out there. For me, back in the day, we'd RIDE the quad or ATC to Comp Hill for the "Mad Max" style show, but we were about the ride, and camping. Word got out... This was about the time we started hearing from good ol' Daniel Peterson and The Center for Bio Diversity. Used their flawed "science" get the "fee" and the closures. The party folks dropped out. They were not there for the dunes, they were there for the "lawless" party. We've had at least a good 6+ years of relative calm. Our "friend" Daniel moved on to be a typical politician (never convicted of a Felony, though left office in disgrace). He also acted like the agenda he'd pushed for in closing areas and the fees didn't apply to him. I recall a story of he and his group getting a ticket for being in the "fee area" Got a ticket, then threw a fit cause he didn't feel it applied to HIS KIND. According to the BLM Stats, visitors are down since the fees were put in place. For the most part this got rid of the people that WEREN'T there to RIDE and were the drag on Law Enforcement. Since then it's been very enjoyable to be in the dunes. It feels again like the people going are there to RIDE, camp, enjoy the outdoors. Now the "law enforcement" has become more about collecting the "camping tax" and "revenue generating" by ticketing campers for silly things (like a glass container){mayonnaise jar}, and passing out "free" frisbees. I've had the rangers pull up, about 50 yards out, and just sit and watch our camp, scanning for ANY violation they could justify an encounter. That must be where the "free" frisbee's come in. They can justify the contact by the giveaway. Now they want to double the fee... So am I off base to think doing so will reduce the visitors even more. To come up $200 will eliminate a lot of folks. I know for me, $200 bucks still a lot of money. And forget $70 for a weekend of "dry" camping... Back in the day we'd have the truck, me and my buddy's ATC's, an 18 pack of CL's, pack of hotdogs (and a can of chili) There's no way we'd afford $70 to "camp". I've got to wonder, in the BLM's thinking, this will reduce visitors even more. Only people going out will be the "old timers" that earn a decent living. I feel as an"old timer" we take care of ourselves. Don't need the "services" the BLM thinks they are there to provide. I can only think NEEDED services is some LEO presence. Some assistance for injures (hopefully rare). We have an honor system, if you broke down, there'd usually be someone, other than BLM, to help out. My conclusion: BLM raises the fees so only rich old dudes can afford to come out. The majority of the "old dudes" have a self contained RV. They will ride the dunes where they're told. To me, this an attempt to keep the enviro nuts happy with the low visitor count? Come on, with the lower visitor count this isn't about raising revenue. So actually, by raising this "fee" it is to eliminate (what "THEY" consider) bad behavior.
  9. I went with a dome, because our last dish would flop in the wind. I'd like HD. Question is: is the Traveler HD mount more solid? Usually the reason we're watching the tube is cause it's blowing! What would it take to swap a R4 with Traveler (or similar) DirectTV HD dish?
  10. Interesting this thread popped up at this time. I've been wanting to upgrade the little 14" CRT TV. Last time in the trailer I noticed that most stations broadcast their shows in 16:9 format, even though is still SD (standard definition). We're watching the Angel Game in Letter box, and loose an EXTRA inch top and bottom. As a bonus all the score stuff is smaller. AND my eyes ARN'T getting any better! So a quick search I see Costco has a 27" LCD that is the EXACT size of the opening. Looking again for a way to mount it, I saw all kinds of mount options. Then saw the new Mor-Ryde mounts. Measuring up, this looked to be the simplest way to "upgrade" the spot. Here's a couple of the install shots. The base... Easily lag bolts to the bottom shelf once the rotating 'box' is out. TV slides back and locks into the STOCK space without mods TV rotates toward the front and back for viewing from kitchen or rear bed. Mount also tilts down because sometimes LED TV's need a strait on view for clarity. To finish up, pulled the pin lock underneath. it was the exact size hole for a 12V outlet.
  11. Just had to chime in on this one... We had property in San Felipe the last 10 years. We'd be down there about every other month. We just got finished selling it. It took 2 years of looking for a buyer. The reason we sold is due to the economy here, couldn't afford a second home anymore. Most of the American buyers were looking for a place to hide. Either from the wife, or the IRS. We ended up selling to a Mexican National. As hard as it is for some to believe the Mexican middle class has grown by 30% in the last 5 years In the last 10 years we watched Mexicali go from a dirt pit, with dirt roads, traffic lights that barely worked, beggars that'd try and wash your window with dirty water at every stop light. To, as of last week, a town with little unemployment. New neighborhoods going up. Companies that were once American industries going in. Where a dirt bull ring was, is now a Starbucks. So going from Calexico to Mexicali these days, Calexico looks like the 3rd world country. One article I read last week... Because of NAFTA, there can be no trade restrictions between the USA and Mexico. So the Media has been used to instill fear to keep trade from becoming, well, what it's become. It's not working because US Industry is moving south of the border faster than ever. Anyone who owns a company in California knows what a PITA its become. We still enjoy Mexico, once we understood it, it's differences, it's really a decent place. Once you understand the culture, things are slower, lines take a little longer. Just remember it's NOT America try and take a deep breath and enjoy it.
  12. It's going to take a long time to "clean up" all the crap people have left over the decades. It saddens me now to see all this crap, but when I was in my 20's it was cool to go to comp at night and watch (and or contribute to) the mayhem. At the time I, and many others never thought of the consequences. Glamis was a far off place that only gear heads went. We'd tent camp, or just a sleeping back in the back of the truck was awesome. for me back then, dinner was a 12 pack of CL's and a couple hotdogs. Point being: It's going to be tough to change the youth culture out there. So, what if a tiny % of the funds collected for the permits go to a 'beach cleaner'... I know it's been mentioned before. something like this. The times I've been to Europe they motor this things around all over the place. After a weekend the beaches look like what Comp does now. I've even seen them mounted to the front of small boats to clean the harbors there too. Let's clean it up, I do my part every time I'm out. My goal is at lest 2 trash bag of stuff. I have to say, in my experience over the last 10 years, Glamis is SUPER clean from what it once was. I remember so many burnt out cars, piles of garbage, cans blowing around. There are more and more folks that ARE stepping up!
  13. I own a condo on El Dorado Ranch... PM I can give you some details!!

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