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  1. Hell Ya . You're going to love it. I swapped from from subaru to ls in my hustler. Front end will be light and I went to 33 inch paddles
  2. Fixed the funco ,wiped it down, now trying to decide , do I bring the hauler to regatta or do I just day trip? When I goto to dumont they don't care about big haulers, but if i day trip I would have to leave at 2 am to make the regatta.
  3. A jig probably would have been helpful but you can adjust it without. Here's the thing I can do 370z 6 speed and gtr . The mendeola is a 2 shaft trans but it is not easy to go through but I did put 500hp to it this weekend and it held all of it .
  4. I could easily see that happening too,when i was setting up 1 to 2nd gear shift i'm pretty sure I adjusted it 5 to 6 times before I was happy. But 3rd to 4th I used a mirror to double check the engagement of the slider.
  5. No but the metal looked stronger , I checked the line up to make sure full gear engaged when going into reverse.
  6. Yes . The parts were 384.00 and the time around 10 hours
  7. Update. Talked to Will at weddle,told him what happened and the parts I needed , he said you need to update those parts and put in the stronger reverse. Sounds good send the parts . I received the parts and then the fun starts reassembly. The gear stack wasn't to bad to do,shift fork adjustment that went good, and now putting the gear stack in the case is a trick by itself. It took 3 tries to make sure the the bearing bolts lined up , but I got it finished the trans up and installed it. I will admit the average person should not try this ,there is a lot to it and you need some tools most will not have. Went to dumont shifts like butter , looking forward to President's day and the Funco regatta.
  8. what is the off set
  9. I'm a Nissan Master the diesel titan was discontinued for a reason. If you want a titan get a gas model,if you want a diesel goto the big 3
  10. There is this one buggy works chassis. Found on craigslist here is the number 1 760 834 1034
  11. I was typing when you posted that.
  12. I would talk to ALPER he might be able to get in that price range as long you don't go crazy with the engine.
  13. There was a ton of sand when I pulled it out, I have free brake clean by the gallon at work . I will clean everything out and we have a new sealant for the cvt transmissions that is oil resistant so I might use that. The sealant is pink.
  14. That's fair . It's not about the money ,i was looking for s4d Alper talked me off the ledge and there no s4s for a real price , so I thought i will fix this one and look for the summer. I like to learn so I can help the person who doesn't have extra money for parts and labor.

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