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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with the FUNCO family today. Thank you for all the advice over the years. Glad I got to talk to you at the Sand show. RIP.
  2. I worked for Autonation in the past they are known for doing this. They went to the filter companies and received a better deal directly for oil,air, and cabin filters. They also have moved into batteries. This was always a topic among techs when cars are under warranty still, for the simple fact if something went wrong who is responsible. This was a topic in a audit the dealership was in for the reason Autonation tries to put a disclaimer on the Ro stating they are using aftermarket parts. If you go to a Autonation facility make sure read the Ro and ask for factory parts.
  3. Loaded the car up went to Dumont for the day ,came home showered hopped in the wife's car and off to the kids competition . And then came Sunday , cleaned garage, and then decided to unload the car something felt weird. Sure enough turned the steering wheel and watched the steering rack move up and down on one side. Backed off the trailer ,took a look found bushing completely gone .
  4. Technically I run Nissan type s fluid which is synthetic fluid for transmissions in rear wheel drive. But I work for nissan so far I've had no problems
  5. No but I did wire my fitech system myself. Which included wiring the ecm,fans,fuel pump and etc. and i also tuned my rail. Their are a few ASE master techs here including myself. I'm also a Nissan master. I went an googled the AEM system looks like they want to play in Can system world which is fine. Text me if you get stuck 1 702 339 7212 name is Karl.
  6. You need to find my post on doing a swap. I went from subi/091 to ls2/mendi and from 930 to 934 cv's and axles.
  7. Congrats. Were just getting started on our pool. So far all I have seen is painted squares on the ground.
  8. Price on 33x15 #2 cut and 10.75X15 I can pick them up
  9. I made a post that has the original flyer when Funco made these. There are not a lot of them . Everything suspension other than the coilovers is gen3.
  10. it's fantastic. I really need longer gears or bigger tires but other than that the whole car is great. The front end could use some weight when you go into a bowl and gas it the front end lifts.
  11. I know but when the gopro was dead i really wanted to get something for everyone . I ended going by myself but it was still fun.
  12. Went on saturday to dumont for a little test session. The first power steering pressure line blew, had fittings with me so I fixed the line but the fluid covered the exhaust. Both videos are on comp hill, the first I learned starting at the bottom in first gear found they are short and quick. The second video is better , learned power to weight ratio doesn't apply with horsepower. The videos are from my phone the gopro didn't charge. So I will probably add some weight to the front end. 57159573_369430033653069_4673409844044298964_n.mp4 56964900_362636171017108_2303911220523225779_n.mp4

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