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  1. It's only a matter of time before he will be back again
  2. I would try to support a board sponsor whenever possible. At least give them the courtesy of competing for your business with a bid or estimate.
  3. Dubai not likely since it would have to be paper trailed to go through customs. But I can't help but wonder about this guy who was suppose to drive out from MI for a car that was not done. Can't help but wonder what he went back with.
  4. With a board that has 20,000 plus members I would think that there must be someone who has a passion for off roading and works as a PI that would be willing to help or get involved. Crimes like this take footwork and door knocking. It's a time consuming process that most any big city PD's just doesn't have the time or manpower.
  5. Realistically it is the only way anything will get done at this point. While this is personal and devastating to many, to the PD it is just another case number. As with most large departments, no doubt they are overworked and understaffed. There is just no time for them to do any real detective work or to knock on doors. It would be interesting to see what the guy in MI has to say or just what he got for his money.
  6. Has it ever been determined the last time and location the flame car was seen? So is Revenge closed down, completely out of business or still working? Did the owners of the flame car determine if their car has even been advertised? We heard from a business neighbor of Revenge. Has there been any feedback from Justin's neighbors at his home that saw the flame car since it wasn't in the shop?
  7. Since the missing trailer and flame car has not been at Renenge's shop I would imagine that Justin has records of ongoing adds in local publications for the car he was selling. If the neighboring business hasn't seen the car or trailer in a long time, Justin's neighbors must know of the trailer and cars presence at his house. Seems pretty easy to find a time line and location for the flame car and trailer.
  8. Sounds like a safety item to me. Fabtech should be recalling the item. Refusing to correct their error should be made public.
  9. Landlord/tenant laws are very specific in most every state, with strict protocol that must be followed for eviction or lock out. There seems to be a lot of missing facts here. Lockouts and forced eviction just don't happen over night.
  10. Matt86M, Great post, Lousy Till You Need Them. Cops, love them or hate them. Until you wear a badge and have to deal with the dregs of society day in and day out it's hard to imagine what a beat cop goes through. To have to deal with murders, rapists, tweaked out druggies in an aids infected society and child abusers. To have to develop eyes in the back of your head, never knowing when a domestic abuse couple who is about to kill each other both turn on you when you respond to a 911 call....... Not to mention doing your job, making an arrest and subjecting yourself to civil litigation because you maybe put the cuffs on to tight. Then to see any number of liberal judges put the pucks right back out on the street again. Then to have the ones that do get convicted get a sentence at best is only a slap on the wrist. then any jail time typically cut in half. All this time knowing that the schooling they get in prison is only hate and more strategic ways to commit a crime and become even more violent........ I am not a cop, but have worked closely with a number of different agencies in a civilian capacity. Personally I could not wear a badge. I could not keep my composer day after day. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the fallen officer.
  11. All excellent points. I would add one suggestion. Just before leaving, also look them in the eyes and tell them that you want the job.
  12. It seems with most any product or merchant it is wise to inquire into any guarantee's and/or return policy before a purchase. The more merchants are abused with items being used then returned, the tighter the policies become. More and more we have to read the fine print for our own protection.
  13. Having heard this before and shopping for a plasma TV, I paid close attention to the return policy when I first entered the store. I also asked the customer service guy behind the counter exactly what the policy is. Anything that is considered "vacation" items, gps units, cameras, laptop computers, etc. Basically anything one might buy to take on vacation only to return after the vacation is subject to this restocking fee. Speaking of returns to Best Buy, my last purchase was a portable DVD writer. Took it home only to realize it was not what I wanted. Never even opened the box. I did get a full refund, but only after they opened the box, had the girl at the counter inspect it, have a manager inspect it and discuss it......... I felt like they thought I purchased it only to exchange the guts in it and return something different. I did NOT buy my plasma from them and after my last return experience, even though in my case I got a full refund, I will never purchase from Best Buy again. Attached is a link to the stores return policy. Best Buy Return Policy
  14. I would go with either Progressive Trailer in AZ or Universal in CA.

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