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  1. You got room for a shipping container at your house. Temporary solution unless you have an hoa
  2. Lots of trails for the rzr on the Az side.
  3. Is that near Martinez lake?
  4. ehall

    New laptop

    Thanks jd. The wife got her boss to buy her one so she can work from home. Problem solved.
  5. ehall

    New laptop

    How about this?
  6. ehall

    New laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop today. What specs should I be looking for? Not a gamer Must be able to handle google earth and all my gps stuff. Windows 10
  7. Pants wouldn't button anymore and I was going to have to redo the suspension on my dirtbike.
  8. I blame all our great vendors. Lol
  9. I stopped eating all the garbage on the break table at work( doughnuts, cookies,pie) . Lost 18 pounds in 2 months doing nothing else different.
  10. That would be sweet. Removing the tank is not a fun job.
  11. It never leaked but I was glad I wasn't riding with him.
  12. Lol. My 6 year old grandson was watching a movie with us. A lady put a record on the record player, put the needle on and played some .music. He looked at us confused and asked what's that?
  13. That's makes a lot more sense.
  14. Forgot to mention this. We had pulled over just before dark right where Shea rd turns to dirt. A la paz county sheriff stops and checks on us. Super cool guy that was very professional. He was interested in our trip and gave us some info on other riding areas. M. Johnson was his name. A credit to his department.

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