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  1. ehall

    Mojave Trail Run

    You are welcome to go with us may 3-6. Don't woory about the river crossing. If the water is deep we will go around. Seen alot of videos of stock trucks on the trail.
  2. ehall

    Mojave Trail Run

    What radio channel or frequency does your group use?
  3. ehall

    Mojave Trail Run

    Glad to hear it is awesome. None of has done it before.
  4. ehall

    Mojave Trail Run

    3 or 4 of us in jeeps. leaving AVI casino Friday morning.
  5. ehall

    Mojave Trail Run

    We are going May 3-6. Where did you camp?
  6. ehall

    Found snake in my house

    Haha. Bunch of pansies on here. Snakes and scorpions are just a part of living in the desert. Dont go to Glamis , snakes and scorpions are there too.
  7. ehall

    Anyone know what this is?

    Thanks for the education.
  8. ehall

    Need the Straight Scoop on Camp Razor

    I ran into a guy in the desert that won the giveaway rzr. They actually do give one away.
  9. ehall

    On Board Air Compressors

    I have the arb twin mounted under the passenger seat of my jeep. Probably the best quality 12v compressor out there.
  10. ehall

    Looking for a Jeep

    Yes I do. 18k ready to go.
  11. ehall

    Smokey Lost The Race

    Who didn't love him in striptease? Rip
  12. ehall

    Heater constantly turns on and off

    Earplugs. You will be surprised how well you sleep o ce you get used to them.
  13. Is gas running out of the carb overflow tube? Would indicate a sticky needle maybe.
  14. ehall

    Mama Bought herself a Jeep

    Forgot to add that tj has 6" lift with 35's and jku has 3" lift with 35's.
  15. ehall

    Mama Bought herself a Jeep

    I have the bilsteins on my tj and the fox remote resevoirs on my jku. Both work great.

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