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  1. ehall

    Effin Amazon

    I screwed up and ordered some oil filters from Amazon. Turned out they had to be shipped from China. Haha. 12 weeks or something like that. When I got them they were junk. Lol.
  2. I cranked my speakers way up when she was reving it in the first video. What a sound. Brought all the guys over to take a look.
  3. Pretty close to a factory Honda offroad race team
  4. ehall

    SX / Motorcross

    When he's on he is fun to watch.
  5. You can take the 300 rd to Clints well for lunch at the cafe.
  6. I use an Ipad in my new jeep and can't say I recommend it. It works but I have to jack around with it a lot more than I ever did the Baja 540c that was in my old jeep.
  7. So much talent and bike control. Fun to watch.
  8. Who didn't love him in striptease? Rip
  9. Earplugs. You will be surprised how well you sleep o ce you get used to them.
  10. Is gas running out of the carb overflow tube? Would indicate a sticky needle maybe.
  11. Forgot to add that tj has 6" lift with 35's and jku has 3" lift with 35's.

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