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  1. ehall

    KTM 790R

    Like it better than your 1290 for offroad?
  2. ehall

    KTM 790R

    Nice bike Mike.
  3. He probably missed the very first payment.
  4. Great thread. Proves to me I couldn't afford a 300sq ft shack in Cali. Crazy prices. Got to be some giant house payments.
  5. Rental bought in 2002 for $75, sold 2019 $155 Live in house bought in 2010 at $77 Small community 30 miles west of PHX.
  6. we put them out in the sun and they spontaneously combust. Haha. Nope they are like cockroaches and can't be killed.
  7. OHV sticker is for less than 2500 lbs
  8. Colorado wasn't reciprocal with Az.
  9. Sad day for sure. Always enjoyed watching her.
  10. 27th day this summer of 110+ temps. You guys might rethink moving here and pick a more moderate climate.
  11. Check out Williamson valley .
  12. Where you at? You don't have to say if you are afraid more cali people will follow you. Haha. Enjoy az.
  13. I live West of Buckeye near the town of Palo Verde. We are almost neighbors. Haha
  14. Check out Fountain Hills if you need to be closer to phx. Beautiful quiet community.

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