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  1. Like to give a shout out to PHILIPS PLASTICS in phx. Good old fashioned customer service. Installed 3 new fittings in my freshwater tank after removing all layers of my temporary patching attempts and only charged $80 bucks. Awesome hours too. Open 7 days a week.
  2. Not sure of the legal status of this but they are getting it done.
  3. ehall


    Anyone watch Locked Up? On season 2, great show filmed in Spain. Subtitles but after a couple episodes you don't even notice. Bonus gratuitous titty shots in every episode.
  4. I have had way fewer problems since I started running max pressure
  5. Rented a house next to two hot lesbians. They ran around the house topless all the time with the curtains open. Lots of fun watching them do the dishes. Lol
  6. spot on. we can already see it changing.
  7. Just got the quote. Haven't done anything yet.
  8. That's the quote I got. Lol. You were awful nice telling me I was full of it. Haha. I am an electrician not a floor expert.
  9. Hey Ed! So our Liquid Granite epoxy runs $3.99/sqft so at 1350sqft you’re looking at $5386.50. That includes all materials and labor, tax, and we coat the stem wall up to the baseboard on every floor too. Our epoxy is twice as thick as competitors, we use twice as much chip (even compared to their full coverage), and the clear is twice as thick as well. It's also UV resistant, scratch, stain, chemical, and solvent resistant. As for prep, we don't do an acid wash, we actually diamond grind the entire floor to properly etch it and ensure that the epoxy bites into the concrete, providing the strongest bond possible. We warranty the floor against lifting and delaminating for 5 years and product is truly one of a kind, especially when you see samples in person.
  10. I got a quote for $3,99 sq ft. Sounds like a fair price. Legit pro that does it right.

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