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  1. These little heaters work great. I have used mine in my tent to warm it up in the morning before I crawl out.
  2. Saw it yesterday. Really enjoyed the movie. Anyone else see it yet?
  3. Saw the movie yesterday. Really enjoyed it and the racing scenes were awesome. Lots of history.
  4. I will be going thru this soon. Tried every trick and gimmick to no avail. Can they weld it in place? It is on the fresh water dump valve.
  5. Lol. Me either. When I text him he said I was #15 in line. It was "on sale" I had to have it even though I dont need it.
  6. ehall

    SX / Motorcross

    Enjoyed watching the monster cup. Good racing.
  7. Great pics. We have a place in Happy Jack so we spend a lot of time on those roads.
  8. I have the ARB twin air mounted under the passenger seat in my jeep. Works great for a compressor. Not quite as fast as my CO2 bottle.
  9. ehall

    WTB Radio

    Some friendly advice. Some friends have recently bought those cheap beafung radios that are supposed to be the same as the ones sold at PCI, rugged etc. They are not the same. They are garbage and have to be screwed with all the time. Buy once, cry once. You get what you pay for.
  10. If you want to share more info you could probably get some of those tickets sold here.
  11. Backway to CK. Tim's truck got tired and needed a nap on the trail.
  12. Hey Tim long time no see. I will look for the pictures from the last time we went up together. Haha.

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