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  1. Looking to buy a pair of STU 10.50 x 17 Razor Back front tires. Good condition and 3 to 4 years old.
  2. Best part of the show today was a Tatum Sand Truck with an actual tail gate that you could sit on and drink a cold one!
  3. Yes, in the down tube. Giant did a very nice job of integrating the battery and motor into this bike. And it's a great riding bike for both cross country and downhill.
  4. I'm with you Don. At almost 70, mountain biking was becoming a real chore. Thought I might blow up or have a heart attack while climbing Mustard at Whiting Ranch. My new electric pedal assist has made mountain biking FUN again.
  5. Check Daniel's Tires. I don't know if they have a store in the IE, but they have one in Brawley and I found that convenient. Had to limp the Moho into that store once and get tires. Prices seem reasonable. They also service big trucks, so DP Mohos are not an issue.
  6. Do some comparison shopping on some sand rail stuff. Shouldn't take too long since most of show will be about SxS. May suggest to the SxS manufacturers to start a campaign of offering major discounts on NEW belts if all the pieces to their old belt are brought in, helping to keep the dunes cleaner. Stop by ASA booth for my season pass and tell them how much I appreciate what they do. Maybe suggest that they try and get Wash Road paved. Just kidding.
  7. Two weeks prior the wife and I were on vacation in Cape Cod attending a family reunion. Our return was on the same American Airlines Boston to L.A. morning flight. I kept thinking about that as I watched the horrible events unfold on TV all day long. She is from NY and her family had connections to a few that were lost in the towers. We will never forget!
  8. Interesting, today's poll is at almost 25% to pave Wash Road. A slight change from 2 weeks ago.
  9. I have an Odyssey 925 going on 5 years now. No issues, plenty of power to start my LS motor, etc.
  10. Planning to go Friday and maybe Sunday. Have a short list since I'm a sand rail guy. Maybe look at a SXS or two.
  11. With a few modifications, it would be interesting to see how these perform in Glamis.

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