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  1. Flip-Flop


    I like the look of the scoop. However, if you run behind someone that throws a good roost or it's windy, you're going to end up with a lot of sand on your motor. If you don't need the air flow on your motor to help keep it cool, I would turn the scoop around to let air exit.
  2. Flip-Flop

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    I think we're on the same page. I just wanted you and other buyers to know that there are many sellers, like myself, that will not allow much to be done to their car unless there is some real skin in the game, $$$. Now if I was selling a SxS, that would be different.
  3. Flip-Flop

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    I was not directing my comment at any particular shop, especially yours. Your shop has done work for me in the past and I have always been extremely satisfied with the results. Your shop is very capable, but some are not. Agree that pulling the tires off to inspect brakes is a simple task. However, putting them back on and torqueing the lug nuts properly is not. I'm sure we have all seen or heard of lug nut studs being stripped or broken and wheels being damaged, I know I have. I was just trying to point out that as a seller I would be watching my car like a hawk, 30 feet away or not, if I did not know the shop.
  4. Flip-Flop

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    If I was selling my car I would not grant permission to a potential buyer to have a shop change fluid or any other type of inspection that would require removal and re-installation of a part unless the potential buyer has already given me a deposit with all or part of that deposit not refundable. Just too many things can go wrong. I would never let a potential buyer take my car to a shop without me transporting it there and me being there to constantly look over the mechanic's shoulder. Again, just too many things can go wrong. For example, you take the car to a shop and the buyer bails part way through the check list. You're stuck with the shop bill, not to mention your time and money to transport the car there. The list goes on. Buyers can inspect my car in my garage as much as I feel is necessary. If a buyer wants to go beyond that, I'll decide the terms.
  5. Flip-Flop

    Ok, So things have changed.

    Welcome to GD.com, a great place for information as indicated from the comments so far. Just bring your own filter. It appears we had a similar introduction into the sand dune world. I also started in Pismo Beach the summer of 1972 with a Myers Manx 40 horse VW while stationed at Moffett Field in the US Navy. I lost count of the number of sand rails I've had since then, not enough fingers and toes. However, I think I now own my last sand car. My last VW- swing axle beam car with a 2276 cost me around $4,000 several years ago. However, I still see some sand rails very similar to that, in that price range, today. I think limiting your investment while getting back into the sport is a logical one. However, the long travel/more power force is a strong one. We've always got room in our camp and I'd also be willing to give you a ride in my car. Good luck.
  6. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    Thanks. Do you have any more info that you can share? For example how heavy is your car, driving style; do you jump it, wheelie, pound the whoops, do the desert or sand only, etc. ? What happened when it broke, were you just cruising along, hit a witch's eye or ???
  7. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    Has anyone seen a King Kong break similar to the Combo pictured here? Not break or come apart at the weld. I know that has already been discussed in this and other threads. But actually break or crack the solid metal.
  8. Flip-Flop

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Great news. Hang in there!
  9. Flip-Flop

    Need some ideas and options. Factory training at my shop.

    Not sure how long temporary is, but if it’s more long term have someone build the walls out of 2x4 and drywall. The could be built so they are freestanding, don’t need to be anchored to the floor, and be moved around and/or stored if necessary. If you’re looking to rent something for a short period, I know someone that does trade shows. If they can’t help they may be able to point you to someone who can. PM me if you want to discuss more and I’ll call you tomorrow.
  10. Flip-Flop

    winch for loading

    Instead of just mounting my winch to the floor of my enclosed, I mounted it to a plate that is welded to a length of 2” square trailer hitch tubing. I then mounted a trailer hitch receiver to the frame of my enclosed and cut a square hole in the floor above it. I remove the plastic cover from the hole in the floor, drop the mounted winch in the hole and I’m ready to go. I can also use the mounted winch on any trailer hitch receiver, PU, Moho, etc.
  11. Flip-Flop

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    I don’t use tie-downs...... Just a little KY to get it in.
  12. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    I wouldn’t know a single root pass on a weld if it hit me in the face. However, my grandson is taking welding classes in college, so some day he may able to show me one. I learned something from our discussion in this thread and I’m sure others have as well. It’s always beneficial to have a good explanation and data to substantiate the reasons for a claim and I think you have done that. Thanks.
  13. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    I got different numbers. If I understood your previous post each one has 2 weld circles. So you would find the circumference of each weld circle and then add them together. Not sure if the inner weld circle on the combo and King Kong have the same diameter at 1.5”, maybe a typo? Not sure if that’s right, but if that is correct here are my results. Combo - 1.5 x 3.14 = 4.71 plus 2 x 3.14 = 6.28 for a total weld area of 10.99 inches. King Kong - 1.5 x 3.14 = 4.71 plus 2.5 x 3.14 = 7.85 for a total weld area of 12.56 inches. 2” Hollow - 2.75 x 3.14 = 8.64 plus 3.65 x 3.14 = 11.46 for a total weld area of 20.1 inches. That would give the 2” Hollow 1.6 times the King Kong and 1.83 times the Combo in a welded surface area. Also the King Kong has 1.14 times the Combo in a welded surface area.
  14. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    That’s not correct. The circumference of a circle equals the diameter times 3.14 (Pi). Not the circumference times 3.14 as you stated. The circumference is the perimeter of a circle, so now I can see how you got a much bigger number when you multiply the circumference times Pi (3.14). So if you can post the inside and the outside weld diameter for the Combo, King Kong, and 2” hollows, I would by happy to do the math.
  15. Flip-Flop

    2" Hollows

    I’m still trying to see how you get 4.3 times the weld area on a 2” hollow compared to a King Kong. If you could post the weld area diameter for the Combo, King Kong and 2” hollow, I would be happy to do the math.

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