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  1. Awesome car and it even looks more awesome in person. Congrats on the new ride, Yvette.
  2. I have the bastard step child PBS sequential 4 speed. I had Rancho go through it when I bought it from a board member 5 seasons ago. It’s been great. A little learning curve when going from second to third, but a very solid transaxle. I use the clutch most of the time.
  3. All checked in Sir! In Wash 22. P.S. The Northbound train just checked in.
  4. I do the same thing with my sand rail. However, at my age I have to remember to do it soon after the last ride because the door gets smaller after every .
  5. After I flipped my last sand rail several years ago we tried and tried to get it out of the dunes on 3 wheels at night, long story, but failed and left it overnight with the GPS coordinates. Called my insurance guy first thing the next morning and he said it will be gone or stripped. It was still there and nothing missing. I felt pretty lucky.
  6. Finishing up some last minute stuff so I can head out to "Mother G" on Tuesday or Wednesday. Let the new season begin!
  7. I have PRP. Had Simpson before that. Both 5 point, both very comfortable. The PRPs adjust easier, maybe because they are newer, and match my new PRP seats.
  8. What's the wheelbase and overall length?
  9. I had CBM build my last LS motor and would have them build my next. They have given me great support after the build and they have cool stickers that you can put on your trailer.
  10. I think Simpson also makes them. I have Crow wrist restraints and think they are a very good safety investment. Some people think they are difficult to drive with. However, I think once properly adjusted you don't even notice they are on. I can steer, reach all of my switches, and still keep my left hand inside the car. I also wear one on my right hand and steer, shift, and use turning breaks without any issues.
  11. Just saw him at the Sand Show this year and can't believe he's gone. A true Icon in the off road industry. RIP Gil. My condolences to the George Family.
  12. Do your homework and more times than not you'll be rewarded. Have fun when you get it back in the sand.

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