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  1. Happy Birthday Erik. Enjoy your day at the DMV, etc.
  2. Awesome dune car and I know it has been well maintained. GLWTS.
  3. Already here. Looks like great weather for the clean up.
  4. Call the Fox service center in El Cajon. They were very helpful when I called.
  5. Great stuff! Always like to look at your pictures. The flag and sun shot was awesome.
  6. The Windy app says it’s blowing at 13 mph on the top of Gecko Campground right now. I think it feels like a bit more than that.
  7. Couple of pics for you. Mine is close to the clutch pedal, so easy to locate. But not too close that it interferes with the clutch pedal. I thinks that's the trick.
  8. That sucks. Hope you get it fixed without too much trouble and expense. Wash road is bad enough with all the rocks and pot holes. Now they're putting chemicals on it to screw up all of our paint jobs.
  9. Congratulations. Well done.
  10. Both good points. Has anyone tried a sealer like Blue Devil or Bar’s Leak for a leaky rear main seal? Or is it all just snake oil?
  11. Stuck in Glamis. Was in wash 22 between Christmas and New Year’s. Tried to go back to OC but the Moho made a left turn on Gecko Road. 😎
  12. Thanks for your input but I didn’t remove the rear cover. I just replaced the rear main seal. I figured the cover was still aligned with the crankshaft so I didn’t unbolt it.

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