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  1. I'm sure it's a lot, but now I'm old and have CRS so no point in trying to figure it out. But I am somewhere between 1.5 and 2 Million flight miles on American Airlines. They keep track of it, that's how I know that one.
  2. How many seasons do YOU get out of your motor before you rebuild it? And what does a rebuild cost the public? I know you make several trips per season and run your car very hard each dune ride. So I'm guessing us non super human guys would get 2-3 times or more seasons before a rebuild.
  3. Just curious. Did you see his car at the drags 12 years ago, or was it recently?
  4. I’m old and wear a helmet. No rattles for me. But my panels are also covered with vinyl material.
  5. I just might have found a new name for myself on the board.
  6. Just sold this pair, but will have another pair available for sale in a week or two. Thanks GD.com. Identical paddle tires to the above, but condition is not as good, so I'll be asking a little less.
  7. Congrats on selling your boat. I also sold our Great Loop boat in Mississippi and mailed the closing docs yesterday. Two best days of boating, buying her and selling her.
  8. Going to a barbeque with about 50 old work friends. Most I haven't seen since I retired 16 years ago.
  9. Just like the old "T" trailer we used back in the day. The VW beam would slide right up on the tongue. 👍 Nice build, Don.
  10. Does having that BIG of a trailer cause the slide out on the MOHO not work properly?
  11. I think the one without the socks is illegal. The others are probably just undocumented.
  12. I decided I want more bite, so I'm going to a #2 paddle on the same tire, STU 35.5 x 17 Sand Master. After 5 seasons with no service, only fluid changes, the PBS sequential is fine. I plan to service the CVs in a couple of weeks and I expect them to be fine as well. I've never had the weighed, but I estimate about 2,100 lbs. The brochure says just under 2,000, but with the PBS and 934s it's going to be higher. It's an SU Sand Pro 2 Mid Engine.

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