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  1. Thought I saw your car at the swing set yesterday but wasn’t sure. Our group was up on the hill a little bit practicing our social distancing.
  2. I’m at the Gecko campground on the hill that overlooks Gecko road and I’m seeing rigs still coming down Gecko road.
  3. Not a good idea. The wind has been blowing a lot the past few days and there are no tracks in the dunes for people to follow.
  4. I would highly recommend getting wrist restraints with whatever belt you decide to buy. Mine are Crow.
  5. Flip-Flop


    Amongst all of chaos in the world, here is a picture from Mother “G” today.
  6. Was in storage today. A sad sight. Sorry for their loss.
  7. I’ve seen this car rip the dunes. GLWTS.
  8. Are you sure it wasn’t because of the way you drive.
  9. I couldn’t find them earlier. Probably had already left.

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