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  1. I also have a mid engine and it's always spitting fluid as well. I started with a cool looking stainless steel pigtail vent tube. But fluid & sand would accumulate in the skid plate. For one season I ran a line at least a foot above the trans and it still spit. I then went back to the stainless steel vent tube. Un-wound the pig tail, drilled a hole through the skid plate and put the vent tube through the skid plate with a mesh filter on the underside. It still spits fluid, but no more mess. I think a mid engine car is going to spit a little more fluid than a rear engine car because the vent is in the very back. So when going uphill under power the fluid will go to the back and spit out. I just check the fill hole and if fluid doesn't come out, I fill until it does.
  2. Looks like a 2 seat build. Is this a change from most of your builds in the past?
  3. I use the power post as a wire/cable terminal block point of connection with a single cable going from there to the positive battery terminal. I have seen several cars with wires going directly to the positive battery terminal with a battery shutoff switch installed on a cable to the same post. In most cases the battery shutoff switch will not remove power to these wires which can cause a dead battery and/or radiator corrosion/leaking. I also prefer the battery shutoff switch on the negative battery terminal side between a single cable the goes to the car frame for maintenance safety reasons. Installed this way with the battery shutoff switch in the off position the only potential for a battery short, arc, personal injury and damage is between the two battery terminals themselves. If the battery shutoff switch is installed on the positive side, you will still have what I just described plus any point along the path from the battery positive terminal to the battery shutoff switch and the car frame, etc. as a potential for a battery short, arc, personal injury and damage.
  4. Mounting up a new pair of STU 10.50 x 17 Razor Backs, then a or two.
  5. Oh my.………….my kind of party, I'll bring the beer.
  6. Agreed. These guys that sell used cars without any plugs in the tires or scratches in the panels. What's up with that?
  7. Me too. Good deal, either way.
  8. What about adding STP to your motor. Gotta be at least an extra 50 hp. Maybe even a hundred when you mention guys like Andy Granatelli, Mario Andretti and have an STP sticker on your car.
  9. Awesome car. I will be looking for it on Vets weekend.
  10. Sand Tires Unlimited 10.50 x 17 Razor Back Front Tires. One has a patch/plug. I have used these for the past 5 seasons with Alumiseal and coolant without any issues. Have left the car in the trailer for several months at GDS and both tires had plenty of air when I returned. $150 for the pair.
  11. I do plan to be there with my group in the wash 22/23 neighborhood and could help as well.
  12. I'm 50 + 20, almost 70. I mountain bike twice a week at Whiting Ranch. It's about a 9 mile loop with some good up hill climbs. I also do some long bike rides at the Beach when the mood strikes. That was the situation until a few months ago when my buddy convinced me to buy a pedal assist mountain bike like his. I didn't want to have a heart attack going up Mustard, so the pedal assist made sense. Now I ride two loops twice a week. Sometimes I'll turn off the pedal assist for awhile, nothing like pedaling a 53 pound bike uphill to get your heart pumping. The point being I can turn on and off the pedal assist to get the workout I want for that day. And the big bonus is, it's a great downhill bike keeping it fun! I'm recently single, so I still ride my regular bike along the beach. I might meet a nice lady and well you know . . . . . need to be on my macho bike, not my wimpy pedal assist bike. Never have been the one for diets or special meals. Always thought they were a waste of money. Just keep a scale in my bathroom and weigh myself daily in the morning. Know if I need to cut back or can go for the double double. Some days I eat sensibly and some days I don't, my choice. Same way with alcohol. Also my choice. If I want to lose weight I just suck it up and eat/drink less until I lose the weight I want, checking the scale everyday. I like to keep things simple. Is it dune season yet?

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