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  1. Our small group will there in July. I have a reservation at Idaho Dunes RV from 7/13 to 7/20, site #52. Come by for a cold one and say hello. BTW does anyone know if you can ride double on a quad in the Idaho dunes?
  2. Summer plans are to head to Idaho after the 4th of July weekend. I have a reservation at Idaho Dunes RV from 7/13 to 7/20. Maybe hit Sand Hollow and/or Coral Pink on the way to Idaho. After Idaho head west to Oregon. Spend some time along the Oregon coast in the dunes. No reservation for Oregon Dunes at this time. Maybe I’ll just wing there. May also hit Pismo, on the way home, if it’s still open.
  3. My son got a good deal on a trailer that held 4 personal water craft. Now converting the trailer to a 21 foot flat bed. Removed the tongue activated hydraulic brakes and went electric. Doing a lot of reinforcement with rems from IMS and then will diamond plate the 21 foot flat bed and use as a car/toy hauler or whatever.
  4. I have a hand pump. It works great. Screw the pump on to a quart or gallon container and pump away. You’re welcome to borrow it.
  5. Got mine. Made a reservation for a week in July at Idaho Dunes RV. Doing my part to stimulate the economy and have some fun.
  6. Looked like ALMOST everyone had a good time. Hopefully no one was injured in the blue car.
  7. Modifying my shift handle. My arms are to short to comfortably down shift my PBS sequential, forward. The shift handle was straight up so I decided to angle it back. Made some cardboard mock ups to see what angle worked best. Cut the round rod off the top of the shifter and cut a new angled notch. Threaded some new rod and will have my grandson weld it up.
  8. One more thing to think about. If you end up going with a single master cylinder and it fails, and you have turning brakes, you can pull both handles at the same time and stop in a somewhat straight line. My first sand rail didn’t have a foot pedal for the brakes, only rear turning brakes and that’s how I would stop it. It was only a 110 hp Corvair that I had in the mid 70’s. Every sand rail I have had after that has had a foot pedal for brakes.
  9. Happy Birthday Wes!
  10. BOAT Break Out Another Thousand Congrats. I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Make sure you don’t break any of Maria’s rules.
  11. Well done, Rockwood. Congratulations.
  12. Why does this happen at the end of the dune season and not the beginning or middle?
  13. The CDC is recommending to wash your hands, or use a hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes to keep the Coronavirus away. I decided to do it from the inside out by drinking as much beer as possible during these troubling times. It makes me feel happy and also saves me money by not buying hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes.
  14. Congrats Jen & Rob. Many are wanting to end the Glamis season but it’s still so nice out here.
  15. Why don’t you just buy a longer enclosed? I did what you’re contemplating many years ago. Backed one car in, raise it up and then pull the other one in. It worked fine, but very time consuming to load and unload. Another benefit to a longer enclosed is that you will be able to drive both cars in easily every night and sleep better knowing they’re out of the weather and hidden from thieves.

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