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  1. Super Hunky

    35.5 Stu tires number #1 cut..x17 inch

    Just an Fyi..Sand Master #1's are pretty equal to Sand Blaster #2"s..
  2. Super Hunky

    Glamis this morning

    Love the hard sand after a rain..
  3. Super Hunky

    Original owners - How long have you had your buggy?

    10 yrs..Now LRS has the original Ls7 and I have an RHS 502 in it. Frame is original though has been modified and updated over the years by Pete aka Peterbuilt..
  4. Super Hunky

    Beach store remodel?

    Was by there a month ago and nothing has changed.
  5. Super Hunky

    Breaking news

  6. Super Hunky

    Recycling Is A Scam

    We should recycle liberals and make bio-fuel out of them.. That would be about the only useful way to solve our Global Warming and other Life on Earth ending problems that are caused by the wasteful excesses of the Gun Toting, Desert Destroying Human Species..
  7. Super Hunky

    2006 SU Mini Rail Reduced Again - Ebay Auction

    Very cool !!
  8. Back in the day about six of us had XR 75's. In San Felipe one Happy day we were actually short tracking them in the Miramar Bar for about 15mins. The Mexicans thought it was cool but after a while said that's enough and sent us across the street to another bar..Good Times..
  9. https://www.mystatesman.com/news/local/police-caldwell-county-man-uses-rattlesnake-neighbor-dispute/NUFO8d5JNM4ggWDdliKS2I/
  10. Super Hunky

    Anybody on here follow "Q"anon

    Started following it way back near the beginning. Usually listen to Ninja Warrior or Patriots Soapbox on YouTube. I sleep well at night knowing that the adults are back in charge and the Cabal is being taken apart piece by piece. I rarely watch TV and don't listen to talk radio much anymore. It's nice to not listen to all the controversy and just know that it's all BS. Lots more time to think about important stuff like getting my buggy going for the beginning of the season. Any questions, just look at all the new construction down at Gitmo..Lots of new space to store these Idiots..
  11. Super Hunky

    Storage Wars---- did anyone see this?

    Total BS..These guys and another one wanted to do a show at my facility a few years back. The law requires that the unit be sold at an advertised public auction. First we would have to hold our normal auction then the show would approach the winning bidders and see if any of them wanted to participate in the show. If yes the show would then prepare the unit i.e. hide the antique Harley inside or whatever goodies they wanted. Then they stage the show auction with their normal participants. The actual successful bidder is usually standing around trying to get shown on tv.
  12. Super Hunky

    Questions about heavy duty trucks and emissions

    Steve a guy told me recently that he wanted to keep his hopped up Cummins registered in Calif so he got a PO Box in Descanso (I believe it was) then started mailing things to himself randomly leaving off the p.o. box number. When he was satisfied that he always got his mail he registered his Dodge using the Descanso address without the p.o. box number. Problem solved because supposedly Calif doesn't require smog checks in designated agriculture areas. May not help your situation but if true it is an interesting idea.
  13. There should be a special assessment on all Democrats to pay for all their nonsense.. I think just confiscate 75% of their wealth for starters. With 50% set aside for new and existing off-road areas..

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