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  1. Super Hunky

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Interesting..I just scanned thru this entire thread and it's all intelligent conversation..Not a Troll in Sight..Good Job Guys..
  2. Super Hunky

    Racer 4 seat rc4 sand car

    Cool Car..More pics Please..
  3. Super Hunky

    Baja Bug Build. (Personal Build)

    Very Cool..Steady Progress is Good..
  4. Super Hunky

    930 CV fix finially a real fix to a 930CV joint

    If this would have been around last year it would have tipped the scales for a buddy looking to buy a car. Found a smoking deal on a well kept car with two flaws ...930's and combo spindles..Converting the 930 mid boards to take 934 cv's would have made the difference..Guys buying and selling V8 cars should keep this in mind..
  5. Super Hunky


    Low rise tunnel rams are around that are no taller than a stock manifold for around 500$
  6. Super Hunky

    My new to me Desert Dynamics!

    Looks Good..Great Dez Car and a Good Duner..just give it some Hp and a Trans and you are Set..Congrats..
  7. Super Hunky

    Glamis this morning

    Love the hard sand after a rain..
  8. Super Hunky

    Original owners - How long have you had your buggy?

    10 yrs..Now LRS has the original Ls7 and I have an RHS 502 in it. Frame is original though has been modified and updated over the years by Pete aka Peterbuilt..
  9. Super Hunky

    Beach store remodel?

    Was by there a month ago and nothing has changed.
  10. Super Hunky

    Breaking news

  11. Super Hunky

    Recycling Is A Scam

    We should recycle liberals and make bio-fuel out of them.. That would be about the only useful way to solve our Global Warming and other Life on Earth ending problems that are caused by the wasteful excesses of the Gun Toting, Desert Destroying Human Species..
  12. Back in the day about six of us had XR 75's. In San Felipe one Happy day we were actually short tracking them in the Miramar Bar for about 15mins. The Mexicans thought it was cool but after a while said that's enough and sent us across the street to another bar..Good Times..
  13. https://www.mystatesman.com/news/local/police-caldwell-county-man-uses-rattlesnake-neighbor-dispute/NUFO8d5JNM4ggWDdliKS2I/

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