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  1. I would find out who put the stereo in this car, it rocked at the sand show and was mostly hidden.
  2. Simple, drive after dark. A majority of the DOT guys are home after 5. A regular highway patrol is only going to stop you for being a dick.
  3. I think it’s pretty cool! More power to him. Don’t think the parents should win parent of the year award, but... The stupid part is now a bunch of newbies are going to try it in their stock 4 seaters and come up way short.
  4. That was fighting? Guess I have been doing it wrong...
  5. Probably doing Four Peaks Friday night, we will just go to the top and check out the fire.
  6. My son sells the fake turf and their company offers DIY classes almost every Saturday. CJ @TWD turf wholesale direct (602)568-7208
  7. Go big or go home! Dumb ass! Don’t f@#k a fat back!
  8. Yep, our friends Ford crew cab was stolen. When they found it south of Gila Bend it had been painted flat black lights and all, even the windows. They also found a dead pair of night vision goggles near by. Funny thing the insurance company didn’t want to total it, said it just needed new paint. I went with him to the impound lot, there wasn’t a straight panel on it, and the good tires and wheels were replaced with what looked liked used spares.
  9. Little Transition Tuesday. Neil from rideout photography grabbed some great photos.
  10. We used to ride from the power lines and Scottsdale Rd out to Castle Rock and go up 7 mile wash or Camp Creek. One night on the way back down some assclown dumped cut up sections of a palm tree in a low spot in the road, caused a 6 quad pile up. Total yard sale, only one bike was rideable to go back and get a truck to start hauling us out. Great Times👍
  11. The bottom one is a Bates boot, that’s the one you want to use. Did you get the first boots from Tatum? I got new boots from them at the beginning of the season and they are the Bates.
  12. Craig, I have the older model of this one. I can use the impact to take off a tire and by the time I am ready to put it back on it’s already refilled. It also has filled totally flat pusher rear tire in just a couple minutes. My Honda 3000 works it just fine.
  13. Looks like you have it at a bad angle in your pictures. Jack it up level and just man handle it side to side and up and down Sometimes you just have to be real forceful with them.
  14. Best cooking investment for the RV I have made. Cook bacon and eggs, dump the grease out wipe with a paper towel . Boom ready to use again. We have cooked hamburgers on it when it was to windy to keep the bbq lit. Very universal.
  15. Anybody deal with a 47 code on an Onan 5500? Looks like it’s an ignition code. When we look it up it could be a few different things. Trying to get it in to get looked at , but could take a couple weeks to get it looked at. If it could be something simple would like to get it fixed myself.

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