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  1. Wallnutz

    930 midboard boots, what seems to be reliable?

    The bottom one is a Bates boot, that’s the one you want to use. Did you get the first boots from Tatum? I got new boots from them at the beginning of the season and they are the Bates.
  2. Wallnutz

    Need air compressor advice!!! Which to use with a genny?

    Craig, I have the older model of this one. I can use the impact to take off a tire and by the time I am ready to put it back on it’s already refilled. It also has filled totally flat pusher rear tire in just a couple minutes. My Honda 3000 works it just fine.
  3. Wallnutz

    Tips on how to remove Mendiola 2d fom north star 4.6

    Looks like you have it at a bad angle in your pictures. Jack it up level and just man handle it side to side and up and down Sometimes you just have to be real forceful with them.
  4. Wallnutz

    47 code Onan 5500

    Anybody deal with a 47 code on an Onan 5500? Looks like it’s an ignition code. When we look it up it could be a few different things. Trying to get it in to get looked at , but could take a couple weeks to get it looked at. If it could be something simple would like to get it fixed myself.
  5. Wallnutz

    Cliven Bundy Cattle Stand Off

    I think we need to start our own protest against the BLM, kind of like the lefts protest against ICE.
  6. Wallnutz

    Shroud in front of air filter question

    Lol, my air filter lives in the middle of this. It’s a K&N, I never have sand in my intake. I put a little grease around the mounting flange and a little film on the inside of the tube for a tell tale sign if sand is passing through.
  7. Wallnutz

    Apex 8.80 x 15 front tires

    I’m in where in Phx are you?
  8. Wallnutz


    isn't there one at Boardmanville?
  9. Wallnutz

    Need Paint Business

    call Mikes Tint Shop out of Riverside, he is a duner and I know they have done some Sheriff stuff before.
  10. Wallnutz

    Head on?

    He had a build thread on here. I would never out anybody, just for the fact I wouldn't want that to happen to me. It didn't look like that big of a hit, but we weren't that close.
  11. Wallnutz

    Head on?

    So on Saturday we were on our way to the hill from the flagpole when we happened across what appeared to be a head on crash. There were a lot of people milling around so it looked like there were no injuries, so we kept going. It looked like a members car involved, but don't want to name them in case there is something more to it. But we would like to know what happened and how? It looked like there was enough room to avoid it. Maybe it was nothing, like they parked that way to take a break. Hope everyone was ok, we didn't see a mad rush of BLM heading that way.
  12. Wallnutz

    Sears Craftsman Can Eat It

    Wow, don't understand the marketing there. Kobalt tools are twice the quality of Craftsman these days.
  13. Wallnutz

    Sears Craftsman Can Eat It

    I don't think HD or Lowes would put Craftsman up against their own line of tools. Husky or Kobalt.
  14. Wallnutz

    Ghost Camps

    So just heard from some friends the amount of ghost camps is crazy. They said way more then ever before. There was a few scuffles last night from people moving trailers and running over cones and parking on them. I bet there will be fist fights before Wednesday. They are going to ruin for the rest of us.
  15. Wallnutz

    Inexpensive light bar?

    Robbie Gordons Outlaw lights are pretty nice for about half the price of the big brand names.

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